Edna Randolph Worrell

Short Name: Edna Randolph Worrell
Full Name: Worrell, Edna Randolph
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A friend I have called Jesus, Whose love is strong and trueEdna R. Worrel (Author)73
Are you a hero for JesusEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
Christmas is a jewel brightEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
Clinging, my Savior, clinging to theeEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
Come, O come to the blessed SaviorEdna R. Worrell (Author)20
Don't stop praying, the Lord is nighE. R. W. (Author)16
E'er the day is over we our thanks would sayEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
Forget not all the Lord has doneEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
Gentle Jesus is a ShepherdEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
Have you burdens, Do not mindEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
He's calling to youEdna R. Worrell (Author)3
How can we serve the MasterEdna Randolph Worrell (Author)2
I would I had more love for GodEdna Randolph Worrell (Author)1
Jesus is my Shepherd kindEdna Randolph Worrell (Author)2
Just one path in life is made completeEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
Life is full of musicEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
Life is what we make itEdna R. Worrell (Author)3
Little children, do you knowEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
Look to the world, ’tis a temple fairEdna Randolph Worrell (Author)3
Lord, for just the needs I have todayEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
"My way, not thine," I once in anguish criedEdna Randolph Worrell (Author)1
O lift your heads, O ye gatesEdna Randolph Worrell (Author)2
O the world to me in its beautyEdna Randolph Worrell (Author)2
O the lovely world at EasterEdna Randolph Worrell (Author)2
Praise the Lord of Life, ye people!Edna Randolph Worrell (Author)2
Ringing in the sunlight bells of Sabbath soundEdna Randolph Worrell (Author)2
Sabbath bells are pealing soft and clearEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
Sin comes marching down life's pathwayEdna Randolph Worrell (Author)3
Star of Bethlehem, shining brightEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
The dawn of victoryEdna Randolph Worrell (Author)3
The Lord is my Light, my Star of mornEdna Randolph Worrell (Author)3
The winning fight is always to the rightEdna R. Worrell (Author)3
There are times when one is lonelyEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
There's a love that passeth knowledgeEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
We're sailing, we're sailingEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
What makes my heart so happy everEdna R. Worrell (Author)3
When the day's golden raysEdna R. Worrell (Author)2
When the Lord was crucifiedEdna R. Worrell (Author)4

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