John Ylvisaker

Short Name: John Ylvisaker
Full Name: Ylvisaker, John, 1937-2017
Birth Year: 1937
Death Year: 2017 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by John Ylvisaker (40)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
[A Centurion From Capernaum]John Ylvisaker (Author)English2
[A Party For John]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)English2
A woman of Samaria came to where the well of Jacob liesJohn Ylvisaker (Adapter & Author)Spanish2
[Another Mile]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)English2
[Build By Faith]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)English2
By the waters of Babylon (Ylvisaker)John Ylvisaker (Author)2
En la familia santa del SeñorJohn Ylvisaker, 1937- (Author)Spanish2
Foolish man builds on the sinking sandJohn C. Ylvisaker (Adapter)English2
Friends of the covenant renewed each mornJohn C. Ylvisaker (Author)English2
[God's Gonna Trouble the Water]John Ylvisaker (Author)English2
I was there to hear your borning cryJohn Ylvisaker (Author)English, Spanish14
Incidental words are a powerful forceJohn Ylvisaker (Adapter)English2
John saw the number of all those redeemed (Juan vió el número, de los redimidos)John Ylvisaker, b. 1937 (Author (sts. 2-3))English1
[Keep on Keepin' On]John Ylvisaker (Author)English2
Law kills, the spirit gives life!John C. Ylvisaker (Adapter)English2
[Matthew, Matthew]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)English2
[O Jerusalem, Enchanter]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)English2
One day to the LordJohn Ylvisaker (Author)English2
One day when the sons of ZebedeeJohn C. Ylvisaker (Author)English2
People who walk in darkness have soughtJohn Ylvisaker (Author)English2
[Po' Man Laz'rus]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)English2
Praise to God in heav'n above, Alleluia!John Ylvisaker (Paraphraser)English2
Saint Stephen was commissioned John Ylvisaker (Author)2
[Son of Joseph]John Ylvisaker (Author)English2
[The City of the Living God]John C. Yvlisaker (Author)English2
[The Clever Accountant]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)English2
[The Evening Is Here]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)English2
The night was dark and filled with gloom. (Come and see!)John Ylvisaker (Author)English3
The true light that enlightens manJohn Ylvisaker (Author)4
[This Has Been a Test]John Ylvisaker (Author)English2
[To Him Who by the Pow'r]John Ylvisaker (Author)English2
[Two By Two]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)English2
[Two Little Fishes] (Ylvisaker)John Ylvisaker (Author)English2
We were baptized in Christ JesusJohn C. Ylvisaker, b. 1937 (Author)English6
We'll present our bodies a living sacrificeJohn Ylvisaker (Author)English2
Well, the Lord gave a party and invited the neighborsJohn C. Ylvisaker (Author)2
[When the End is Drawing Near]John Ylvisaker (Author)English2
[Where Your Treasure Is]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)English2
[You Can Tell the World]John C. Ylvisaker (Author)English2
You're my light and my salvationJohn Ylvisaker (Author)English2

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