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Meter:8.8.6 d

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How Happy Is the Pilgrim's Lot

Author: John Wesley Meter: 8.8.6 D Appears in 181 hymnals Lyrics: 1. How happy is the pilgrim’s lot! How free from every anxious thought, From worldly hope and fear! Confined to neither court nor cell, His soul disdains on earth to dwell, He only sojourns here. 2. This happiness in part is mine, Already saved from self design, From every creature love; Blest with the scorn of finite good, My soul is lightened of its load, And seeks the things above. 3. The things eternal I pursue, A happiness beyond the view Of those that basely pant For things by nature felt and seen; Their honors, wealth, and pleasures mean I neither have nor want. 4. I have no sharer of my heart, To rob my Savior of a part, And desecrate the whole; Only betrothed to Christ am I, And wait His coming from the sky, To wed my happy soul. 5. I have no babes to hold me here; But children more securely dear For mine I humbly claim, Better than daughters or than sons, Temples divine of living stones, Inscribed with Jesus’ name. 6. No foot of land do I possess, No cottage in this wilderness, A poor wayfaring man, I lodge awhile in tents below; Or gladly wander to and fro, Till I my Canaan gain. 7. Nothing on earth I call my own; A stranger, to the world unknown, I all their goods despise; I trample on their whole delight, And seek a country out of sight, A country in the skies. 8. There is my house and portion fair, My treasure and my heart are there. And my abiding home; For me my elder brethren stay, And angels beckon me away, And Jesus bids me come. 9. I come, Thy servant, Lord, replies, I come to meet Thee in the skies, And claim my heavenly rest; Now let the pilgrim’s journey end, Now, O my Savior, brother, friend. Receive me to Thy breast! Used With Tune: HABAKKUK Text Sources: Hymns for Those That Seek and Those That Have Redemption in the Blood of Jesus, 1747

Lord God, by whom all change is wrought

Author: Thomas Hornblower Gill, 1819-1906 Meter: 8.8.6 D Appears in 16 hymnals Topics: God In Creation and Providence Used With Tune: KINGSTON
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O Righteous, in the Lord Rejoice

Meter: 8.8.6 D Appears in 8 hymnals First Line: O righteous in the Lord rejoice Lyrics: 1 O righteous, in the Lord rejoice; how pleasant that with joyful voice God's saints his name should praise. With harp and hymn of gladness sing, your gift of sweetest music bring, to him a new song raise. 2 Let all the earth the Lord God fear; let all who dwell both far and near in awe before him stand! For, lo, he spoke and it was done, and all, with sov'reign pow'r begun, stood firm at his command. 3 The Lord God from his throne on high looks down with clear and searching eye on all that dwell below. And he that fashioned heart and mind looks ever down on humankind the works of all to know. 4 His eye is on all those who fear; to those who hope, the Lord is near according to his word. Death cannot touch those in his hand, nor trouble conquer in the land; we wait upon the Lord. Topics: Church As Covenant People; Fear of God; God; God Incomprehensibility; God Praises of; God Sovereignty of ; The Nation Scripture: Psalm 33 Used With Tune: FRANCES Text Sources: The Psalter, 1912; alt.

A Little That The Righteous Hold.

Meter: 8.8.6 D Appears in 5 hymnals First Line: A little that the righteous hold Topics: Punishment Of The Wicked; Rewards Of The Righteous; Righteous And Wicked Contrasted; Vanity Of Riches Scripture: Psalm 37 Used With Tune: RAMOTH

God, Hear My Prayer

Meter: 8.8.6 D Appears in 1 hymnal First Line: God, hear my prayer, my voice attend Text Sources: The Book of Psalms for Singing, 1973; alt.
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O Happy Land, Whose Sons in Youth

Meter: 8.8.6 D Appears in 11 hymnals Lyrics: 1 O happy land, whose sons in youth, In sturdy strength and noble truth, Like plants in vigor spring; Whose daughters fair, a queenly race, Are like the cornerstones that grace The palace of a king, The palace of a king. 2 O happy land, when flock and field Their rich, abundant increase yield, And blessings multiply; When plenty all thy people share, And no invading foe is there, And no distressful cry, And no distressful cry. 3 O happy people, favored land, To whom the Lord with liberal hand Has thus His goodness shown; Yea, surely is that people blest By whom Jehovah is confessed To be their God alone, To be their God alone. Topics: Harvest; Civil Liberty; Our Nation; Prosperity; Thanksgiving Day; Youth Scripture: Psalm 144 Used With Tune: SHORTLE

Spirit of wisdom, turn our eyes

Author: Frederick William Faber 1814-63 Meter: 8.8.6 D Appears in 6 hymnals Topics: The Holy Spirit His Person, Mission and Work; The Lord Jesus Christ Pilgrimage, Guidance, Perseverance Used With Tune: PEMBROKE

Jesus Of Nazareth, Look Down

Author: Charles Wesley Meter: 8.8.6 D Appears in 1 hymnal Text Sources: Hymns and Sacred Poems, Vol. 2, 1749

Jesus, Who From Thy Father's Throne

Author: William Birchley Meter: 8.8.6 D Appears in 2 hymnals

Not far beyond the sea nor high

Author: George Bradford Caird, 1917-1984 Meter: 8.8.6 D Appears in 15 hymnals Topics: The Holy Scriptures Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:1-17 Used With Tune: MANNA


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