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Published for the Author

Publisher of "" in The Republican Hymn Book

John Church

Publisher of "" in The Silver Spray


A. D. T.

Chorus Trans. from Welsh of "Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim" in Welsh and English Hymns and Anthems

A. D. Z.

Translator of "Shalom Chaverim" in Sing and Rejoice!

Josephine Errington

Author of "All spotless heart, no breath of sin" in The Pius X Hymnal

Xavier Schnyder

1786 - 1868Composer of "HORTON" in Joy and Praise

Philip Phillips & Co.

Publisher of "" in Musical Leaves for Sabbath Schools


Author of "Arosaf ddydd a nôs" in Cân a MawlSee Williams, William, 1717-1791

Bethany Press

Publisher of "" in Christian Youth Chapbook