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Samuel Abdul Fadi

Person Name: Samuel Abdul Fadi صموئيل عبدالفادي Author of "ربي أنت للتعابى" صموئيل عبد الفادي

Anwar Abdulmalik

Person Name: Anwar Abdulmalik أنور عبدالملك Author of "ما دمت في سفينتي" أنور عبدالملك

Maria Smith Abdy

1818 - 1867 Person Name: Mrs. Abdy Author of "The gospel, the only compensation" in Freedom's Lyre

Seigi Abe

1891 - 1974 Composer of "MABUNE" in Hymns from the Four Winds

Yuji Abe

Author of "Jesus, My Friend, Is Great" in Baptist Hymnal 1991

Ludwig Abeille

1761 - 1838 Person Name: Abeillie Composer of "[Ich bin getauft auf deinen Namen]" in Evangelisches Gesangbuch mit vierstimmigen Melodien

A. E. Abel

Author of "O, Fear Not the Future"

Asa Abel

1796 - 1879 Author of "Come, my dear brethren, for a while" Abel, Asa. (Cheshire County, New Hampshire, November 19, 1796--November 9, 1879, New York State). Free Methodist. Pastor in the Methodist Episcopal Church for eighteen years, serving as a presiding elder and being elected as a delegate to the General Conference four times. In 1861 he transferred to the Free Methodist Church, serving as district chairman of several districts in the Genesee Conference and as a delegate to the Free Methodist General Conference three times. He retired in 1873. His hymn "I love the holy Son of God" was published in the Free Methodist Hymnal, 1915. --Anastasia Van Burkalow, DNAH Archives

C. P. Abel

Author of "We come with grateful hearts"

Otto Abel

Composer of "[We're steadfastly protected by Your power]" in Christian Science Hymnal


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