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Author of "Savior, we thank Thee for the night"

Anne Warren Weston

1812 - 1890 Person Name: Anne W. Weston Author of "Is it not good to mourn for those"

B. Weston

Author of "Believe On Him Today"

Caroline Weston

Author of "To freedom's cause, the cause of truth"

E. Weston

Composer of "[Lead, kindly Light, amid th'encircling gloom]" in Gospel Melodies

F. S. Weston

Author of "Trusting"

H. G. Weston

Author of "Save all my children, Lord"

J. B. Weston

1821 - 1921 Editor of "" in The Gospel Hymnal

J. F. Weston

Author of "I'll go to that beautiful land"

J. P. Weston

Composer of "[When in my sorrow, he found me]" in The Old Story in Song Number Two


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