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Flowing this moment for thee

Author: Fanny J. CrosbyHymnal: Gathered Jewels #33 (1886)Hymnal Title: Gathered JewelsFirst Line: O weary one, thirstyRefrain First Line: O come and be happy

Flowing this Moment for Thee

Author: Frank GouldHymnal: Wondrous Love #31 (1885)Hymnal Title: Wondrous LoveFirst Line: O weary one, thirsty and faintRefrain First Line: Oh, come and be happy with meLyrics: 1 O weary one, thirsty and faint, Say, why wilt thou languish and die? The world has no balm for thy poor broken heart, Thy need it can never supply. Refrain: Oh, come and be happy with me Come, drink of the water so free. The water of life Thy Redeemer will give, Is flowing this moment for thee. 2 O weary one, where wilt thou go? Oppressed with thy sorrow and care; Why turn from the light that is shining so bright? When Jesus, thy Savior is there. [Refrain] 3 O weary one, why dost thou wait? So near to the kingdom of grace, What hinders thee now from believing thy Lord, And earnestly seeking his face? [Refrain] 4 O weary one, tarry not here, For what wilt thou gain by delay? God’s mercy extended, invites you to come; Then grieve not the spirit away. [Refrain]Tune Title: [O weary one, thirsty and faint]