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Thanks Be to God Our Savior

Author: David J. DiephouseHymnal: Psalms for All Seasons #107D (2012)Meter: Title: Psalms for All SeasonsFirst Line: "Thanks be to God our Savior"Topics: Blessing; Gratitude; Life Stages Children; Love; Mercy; Poverty; Prayer; Return from Exile; Salvation; Ten Commandments 3rd Commandment (do not take the name of the Lord in vain); The Needy; Victory; Year A, Ordinary Time after Pentecost, October 30-November 5; Year B, Lent, 4th Sunday; Year B, Ordinary Time after Pentecost, June 19-25 (if after Trinity Sunday); God's Promise of Redemption; God's People (flock, sheep); Church Year Easter; Elements of Worship Baptism; Elements of Worship Lord's Supper; Elements of Worship Praise and Adoration; Elements of Worship Testimony; Fear; God as Deliverer; God's Sorrow; God's Sovereignty; God's Wonders; God's Deeds; God's Faithfulness; God's Goodness; God's Love; Year C, Ordinary Time after Pentecost, July 31-August 6Scripture: Psalm 107Languages: EnglishTune Title: DJ DEEP HOUSE

Thanks Be to God Our Savior

Author: David J. DiephouseHymnal: Psalter Hymnal (Gray) #107 (1987)Meter: Title: Psalter Hymnal (Gray)Topics: Epiphany & Ministry of Christ; Thanksgiving & Gratitude; Sickness & Health; Poverty; Love God's Love to Us; Lord's Supper; Epiphany & Ministry of Christ; Sickness & Health; Love God's Love to Us; WisdomScripture: Psalm 107Languages: EnglishTune Title: GENEVAN 107