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By Thy Thirst at Jacob's Well

Meter: with refrainAppears in 1 hymnalMeter: with refrainFirst Line: By Thy thirst at Jacob's wellRefrain First Line: Libera nos, DomineText Sources: Irish Messenger

Biblical trees of the church

Author: Wm. G. SchellMeter: with refrainAppears in 3 hymnalsMeter: with refrainFirst Line: The church of the morning brightRefrain First Line: Hell never can destroy the churchLyrics: 1 The church of the morning bright, Like crystal so clear her light, Triumphant, she knew no fears; In finest white linen dressed; Pure holiness she possessed, Two hundred and sev’nty years. Refrain: Hell never can destroy the church, Built by the Savior’s hands; Upon the Rock, the solid Rock, Christ Jesus, still she stands; Despite of persecution’s flood, And gates of hell forsooth; She’s still the kingdom of the Lord, The pillar of the truth. 2 The sun went down ere his time, The moon also ceased to shine, Left Zion in bitter tears; No star then appeared in sight, Oh, long dreary papal night! Twelve hundred and sixty years. [Refrain] 3 A rising the sun of day, Disperses the night away While popery quakes with fears; Shone dimly the gospel ray, There followed a cloudy day— Three hundred and fifty years. [Refrain] 4 We welcome the evening light; The gospel so clear and bright Breaks forth as in days of yore; The mists are all cleared away, All hail the supernal day! The sun shall go down no more. [Refrain] Select Hymns, 1911 (Timeless Truths)Used With Tune: [The church of the morning bright]

Mighty Is the Power of the Cross

Author: Chris Tomlin; Shawn Craig; Jesse ReevesMeter: with refrainAppears in 1 hymnalMeter: with refrainFirst Line: What can take a dying man

Men and Children Everywhere

Author: John J. MomentMeter: with refrainAppears in 20 hymnalsMeter: with refrainFirst Line: Men and children everywhereRefrain First Line: Holy, holy, To our God all glory beLyrics: 1. Men and children everywhere, With sweet music fill the air! Nations, come, your voices raise To the Lord in hymns of praise! Join the angel song, All the worlds to Him belong! Refrain Holy, holy, To our God all glory be! 2. Morning, evening, bless His name, Skies with crimson clouds aflame, Rainbow arch, His covenant sign, Countless stars by night that shine! Through His far domain, Love is King where He doth reign! [Refrain] 3. Storm and flood and ocean’s roar, Breakers crashing on the shore, Waterfalls that never sleep, Towering mountain, canyon deep, Tell ye forth His might, Lord of life and truth and right! [Refrain]Topics: Adoration and PraiseUsed With Tune: ROCK OF AGES

Fount of Love, Our Savior God

Author: Frank W. Price; Ernest Y. L. YangMeter: with refrainAppears in 5 hymnalsMeter: with refrainFirst Line: Fount of love, our Savior GodRefrain First Line: Fount of love, our Savior God

Can a little child like me

Author: Mary Mapes Dodge, 1831 - 1905Meter: with refrainAppears in 100 hymnalsMeter: with refrainFirst Line: Can a little child like meRefrain First Line: Father, we thank Thee!Used With Tune: THANKSGIVING

My Anchor Holds

Author: W. C. Martin, 19th CenturyMeter: with refrainAppears in 114 hymnalsMeter: with refrainFirst Line: Though the angry surges rollRefrain First Line: And it hold, my anchor holdsTopics: God Refuge and Rock; God our RefugeScripture: Hebrews 6:19Used With Tune: MY ANCHOR HOLDS

Sin Can Never Enter There

Author: Charles W. NaylorMeter: with refrainAppears in 32 hymnalsMeter: with refrainFirst Line: Heaven is a holy placeUsed With Tune: [Heaven is a holy place]

Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide

Author: Marcus M. WellsMeter: with refrainAppears in 604 hymnalsMeter: with refrainFirst Line: Holy Spirit, faithful GuideRefrain First Line: Whispering softly, “Wanderer, come!"Lyrics: 1 Holy Spirit, faithful Guide, Ever near the Christian’s side; Gently lead us by the hand, Pilgrims in a desert land; Weary souls fore’er rejoice, While they hear that sweetest voice, Refrain: Whispering softly, “Wanderer, come! Follow Me, I’ll guide thee home.” 2 Ever present, truest Friend, Ever near Thine aid to lend, Leave us not to doubt and fear, Groping on in darkness drear; When the storms are raging sore, Hearts grow faint, and hopes give o’er. [Refrain] 3 When our days of toil shall cease, Waiting still for sweet release, Nothing left but heaven and prayer, Trusting that our names are there; Wading deep the dismal flood, Pleading naught but Jesus’ blood, [Refrain] Amen.Topics: The Holy SpiritScripture: John 16:13Used With Tune: FAITHFUL GUIDE