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God's eternity and man's frailty

Hymnal: Bible Songs #181 (1901) Topics: Anger of God Righteous; Anger of God Fearful; Anger of God Deprecated First Line: Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place Scripture: Psalm 90:1-5 Tune Title: [Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place]
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Jesus Crowned and Triumphant

Hymnal: The Psalter #45 (1912) Topics: Anger of God Fearful; Anger of God Righteous First Line: Now the King in Thy strength shall be joyful, O Lord Lyrics: 1 Now the King in Thy strength shall be joyful, O Lord, Thy salvation shall make Him rejoice; For the wish of His heart Thou didst freely accord, The request of His suppliant voice. 2 All the blessings of goodness Thou freely didst give; With the purest of gold he is crowned; When He asked of Thee life Thou hast made Him to live While the ages shall circle around. 3 Thro' salvation from Thee hat His fame spread abroad, Thou didst glory and honor impart; Thou hast made Him most blessed forever, O God, And Thy presence hat gladdened His heart. 4 For the King in the strength of Jehovah Most High Did unwavering confidence place; On the Name of Jehovah He still will rely, And shall stand evermore in His grace. 5 By the hand of Thy might and Thy anger destroyed, All Thy foes and their offspring shall fall; By the evil they planned and the craft they employed They shall never against Thee prevail. 6 Thou wilt speedily make them turn backward in flight, When Thy arrows are aimed to destroy. O Jehovah, be Thou far exalted in might, And Thy pow'r shall our praises employ. Scripture: Psalm 21 Languages: English Tune Title: LATAKIA
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The Church Under Discipline

Hymnal: The Psalter #216 (1912) Topics: Anger of God Fearful; Anger of God Invoked First Line: In Thy heritage the heathen Lyrics: 1 In Thy heritage the heathen Now, O God, triumphant stand; They defile Thy holy temple, They destroy Thy chosen land; Ruthless, they have slain Thy servants, They have caused Thy saints to mourn, In the sight of all about us We endure reproach and scorn. 2 O how long against Thy people Shall Thy anger burn, O Lord? On Thy enemies, the heathen, Be Thy indignation poured; Smite the kingdoms that defy Thee, Calling not upon Thy Name. They have long devoured Thy people And have swept Thy land with flame. 3 O remember not against us Evil by our fathers wrought; Haste to help us in Thy mercy, Near to ruin we are brought; Help us, God of our salvation, For the glory of Thy Name; For Thy Name's sake come and save us, Take away our sin and shame. 4 Let Thy foes no longer scorn Thee, Now avenge Thy servants slain; Loose the pris'ner, save the dying, All Thy enemies restrain; Then Thy flock, Thy chosen people, Unto Thee Thy thanks shall raise, And to ev'ry generation, We will sing Thy glorious praise. Scripture: Psalm 79 Languages: English Tune Title: SALONICA
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The cry of the chastened

Hymnal: Bible Songs #10 (1901) Topics: Anger of God Deprecated First Line: Lord, in anger do not chasten Scripture: Psalm 6 Tune Title: [Lord, in anger do not chasten]
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Divine Chastisement

Hymnal: The Psalter #12 (1912) Topics: Anger of God Deprecated First Line: Lord, rebuke me not in anger Lyrics: 1 Lord, rebuke me not in anger; Chastened sore I waste away; Pity my distress and hear me; Lord, how long wilt Thou delay? 2 Come, O Lord, my soul deliver, In Thy loving-kindness save. Shall the dead Thy Name remember? Who shall praise Thee in the grave? 3 Pity, Lord, my sad condition; I am weary and distressed; Many adversaries vex me, Weeping, I can find no rest. 4 Now the foes that seek to harm me, Quickly put to shame, shall flee, For the Lord hath heard my weeping, And He will regard my plea. Scripture: Psalm 6 Languages: English Tune Title: ZENO
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The Church in Trial

Hymnal: The Psalter #205 (1912) Meter: Topics: Anger of God Deprecated; Anger of God Fearful First Line: O wherefore hast Thou cast us off Lyrics: 1 O wherefore hast thou cast us off, O God, our God of old? Why art Thou angry with Thy sheep, The sheep of Thy own fold, The sheep of Thy own fold? 2 Remember Thy inheritance, Thy Church, redeemed by grace; Remember Zion's mount profaned, Thy ancient dwelling-place, Thy ancient dwelling-place. 3 In ruin long Thy temple lies; Arise, o God of grace; And see the ruin foes have wrought Within Thy holy place, Within Thy holy place. 4 Amid Thy courts are lifted high The standards of the foe, And impious hands with axe and fire Have laid Thy temple low, Have laid Thy temple low. 5 They have profaned the holy place Where Thou hast set thy Name, The sanctuaries of our God Are given to the flame, Are given to the flame. 6 We see no signs of power divine, No prophet speaks for Thee, And none can tell, and none can know, How long these woes shall be, How long these woes shall be. 7 How long, O God, shall blasphemy And shame reproach our land? Why dost Thou not destroy Thy foes With Thy almighty hand, With Thy almighty hand? 8 O God, Thou art our King of old, Salvation Thou hast wrought; In safety through the mighty sea Our father Thou hast brought, Our fathers Thou hast brought. 9 With mighty arm Thou didst destroy The pride of boastful man, And for Thy people made a path Where mighty waters ran, Where mighty waters ran. 10 the day is Thine, and Thine the night, And Thine the shining sun; At Thy command earth's bounds are set And changing seasons run, And changing seasons run. 11 Mark how Thy enemies, O Lord, Against Thee proudly speak; Preserve Thy saints from wicked men, Be mindful of the meek, Be mindful of the meek. 12 Fulfill, o Lord, Thy covenant, Our strong protector be, For in the earth are dark abodes Of crime and cruelty, Of crime and cruelty. 13 Let not Thy saints be put to shame, No longer in Thy sight Permit Thy foes to vaunt themselves; Lord, vindicate the right, Lord, vindicate the right. Scripture: Psalm 74 Languages: English Tune Title: COWPER
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Sin and Divine Patience

Hymnal: The Psalter #291 (1912) Meter: Topics: Anger of God Righteous First Line: Their God and Saviour they forgot Lyrics: 1 Their God and Saviour they forgot, Their helper and their stay, But Moses plead the promised grace And turned God's wrath away. 2 Yea, they despised the pleasant land, The promised land of God, And tempted Him to make them fall And scatter them abroad. 3 They sacrificed to heathen gods, And God their sin repaid; Then holy wrath avenged the wrong, And so the plague was stayed. 4 The Lord approved the righteous act Of him who sin abhorred, And honored him for evermore With just and great reward. 5 By wicked strife they angered God, His wrath they did provoke; And, stirred by their rebellious cries, Their leader rashly spoke. 6 Ensnared, they served the heathen gods, And by them ere beguiled; The blood of children sacrificed The very land defiled. 7 Against His own inheritance Jehovah's wrath arose, His chosen people He condemned To serve their heathen foes. 8 Though from their harsh oppressors' hand Ofttimes He set them free, Rebellious still, they were brought low In their iniquity. 9 When unto God they cried, he heard And turned again His face, In boundless love remembering The covenant of His grace. 10 He even touched their captors' hearts, And made their very foes Compassionate and pitiful To feel his people's woes. 11 Save us, O Lord, our gracious God, From alien lands reclaim That we may triumph in Thy praise And bless Thy holy Name. 12 Blessed be the Lord our covenant God, All praise to Him accord; Let all the people say, Amen. Praise ye, praise ye the Lord. Scripture: Psalm 106 Languages: English Tune Title: NOTTINGHAM
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Christ's Present Joy and Future Victory

Hymnal: Bible Songs #38 (1901) Topics: Anger of God Fearful; Anger of God Righteous First Line: Now the king in thy strength shall be joyful Scripture: Psalm 21 Tune Title: [Now the king in thy strength shall be joyful]
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Zion's Glory and Safety

Hymnal: The Psalter #207 (1912) Topics: Anger of God Fearful First Line: God is know among His people Lyrics: 1 God is known among His people; Ev'ry mouth His praises fill From of old he has established His abode on Zion's hill. There He broke the sword and arrow, Bade the noise of war be still. 2 Excellent and glorious art Thou, With Thy trophies from the fray; Thou hast slain the the valiant-hearted Wrapt in sleep of death are they; When Thy anger once is risen, Who can stand in that dread day? 3 When from heav'n Thy sentence sounded, All the earth in fear was still, While to save the meek and lowly God in judgement wrought His will; E'en the wrath of man shall praise Thee, Thy design it shall fulfill. 4 Vow and pay ye to Jehovah, Him your God forever own; All men, bring your gifts before him; Worship Him and Him alone; Mighty kings obey and fear Him, Princes bow before His throne. Scripture: Psalm 76 Languages: English Tune Title: TEMPLE BORO
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The Church's Appeal in Tribulation

Hymnal: Bible Songs #162 (1901) Topics: Anger of God Invoked; Anger of God Fearful First Line: O God, the heathen hosts Scripture: Psalm 79 Tune Title: [O God, the heathen hosts]


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