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Now from the heavens descending

Author: James Quinn, SJ (1919-2010) Meter: Appears in 6 hymnals Topics: Advent; Church Year Advent; Death and Bereavement; Future hope; Heaven; Jesus coming again; Jesus Names and images for; Sin; Sorrow Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:24-28 Used With Tune: STAND UP

Come, praise the name of Jesus

Author: Christopher Idle (born 1938) Meter: D Appears in 2 hymnals Topics: God's Church Commitment and Character; Epiphany 5, Revelation The Wisdom of God; Lent 4, The King and the Kingdom Transfiguration; Pentecost 6 Made New in Christ; Pentecost 8 The Fruit of the Spirit; Pentecost 18 The Offering of Life Scripture: 2 Peter 1 Used With Tune: STAND UP

The heavens proclaim God's glory

Author: Martin Leckebusch (b. 1962) Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Topics: The Word of God; Creation and the Environment; Creation; Obedience; Penitence; Scripture Scripture: Psalm 19 Used With Tune: STAND UP

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