All blest are men upright of way

All blest are men upright of way

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1 All blest are men upright of way,
Walk in Jehovah's law who do.
2 Who keep his records, blest are they,
With all their heart, who seek him too.
3 And that work no iniquity,
But in his ways do walk indeed.
4 Thou charged hast attentively
Unto thy precepts to give heed.

5 O that my ways thou would'st direct
To keep thy statutes heedfully.
6 When I all thy commands respect,
Then be ashamed shall not I.
7 When thy just judgments I shall know
With hearts uprightness I'll thee praise.
8 Me utterly forsake not thou.
I will observe thy statute-ways.

[2] B

9 By what may youth redress his way?
Thy word by heeding thereunto.
10 I sought thee with whole heart, me stray
Therefore let not thy precepts fro.
11 Thy word I hid within my heart,
That sin I might not against thee.
12 O thou Jehovah blessed art,
Thy statutes therefore teach thou me.

13 I with my lips did forth display
The judgments of thy mouth, ev'n all
14 I in thy testimonies way
Rejoyce more than in riches all.
15 I'll in thy precepts meditate,
And have respect unto thy ways.
16 Me in thy laws I'll recreate,
And not forget what thy word says.

[3] C

17 Confer this grace thy servant to,
That I may live thy word to keep,
18 Unveil mine eyes that I may see
Out of thy law the wonders deep.
19 On earth I am a sojourner;
Hide not thy laws therefore me fro.
20 My soul is broken with desire
In seasons all thy judgments to.

21 Thou hast rebuk'd the proud, the same
Are curst who from thy statutes swerve.
22 Roll off from me reproach and shame
For I thy records do observe.
23 Ev'n princes sat, and 'gainst me spake,
But on thy laws thy servant mus'd.
24 Thy records for my joy I take,
And them men of my counsel us'd.

[4] D

25 Down to the dust my soul cleaves fast,
O quicken me after thy word,
26 I shew'd my ways, thou heard me hast,
Thy statutes learning me afford.
27 Make me to know thy precepts way;
So I'll muse on thy wondrous ways:
28 My soul with grief doth melt away
According to thy word me raise.

29 The way of lying from me take,
And thy law grant me graciously.
30 The way of truth my choice I make,
Thy laws before me laid have 1.
31 Thy records I do closely heed:
O Lord, on me shame do not cast.
32 I'll run thy precepts way with speed,
When thou my heart enlarged hast.

[5] E

33 Enform me Lord, in thy laws ways,
And I will keep it to the end.
34 Light give me and I'll keep thy law,
Yea, it with all my heart attend.
35 In thy laws path make me to go,
Because that I delight therein
36 My heart unto thy records bow,
And bow it not to coveting.

37 From vain fights turn away mine eyes,
And in thy way revive thou me.
38 Unto thy servant ratify
Thy word, who stands in awe of thee.
39 The slander which I fear remove:
Because thy judgments good they be.
40 Lo for thy laws I longing love:
O in thy justice quicken me.

[6] F

41 Find me, Lord, let thy mercies all,
After thy words salvation too.
42 So I my scorners answer shall,
Because thy word I trust unto
43 Truth's words my mouth quite take not fro
Because ( on thy judgments stay.
44 And I continually shall so,
Thy laws keep to perpetual aye.

45 Yea I will walk at liberty
Because I do thy precepts seek.
46 Nor will before kings blush when I
Shall of thy testimonies speak.
47 Also my self in thy commands
Which I have lov'd, delight I will.
48 And to thy precepts dear my hands
Lift up, and mind thy precepts still.

[7] G

49 Good to thy servant make thy word,
On which to hope thou didst me give,
50 In grief this did me joy afford,
Because thy word doth make me live.
51 The proud have much derided me,
Yet have I not thy law declin'd
52 Thy judgments Lord of old that be,
I did recall and comfort find.

53 Me caught hath dreadful trembling.
For wicked men thy laws forsake.
54 I in my house of my wandering,
My songs did of thy statutes make.
55 O Lord, thy name I mind by night,
And kept with care thy laws have I.
56 This had I, for 1 kept arignt
Thy precepts very heedfully.

[8] H

57 He ev'n the Lord is my choice part,
I said that I will keep thy word.
58 Thy favour beg'd with all my heart,
Thy promis'd mercies me afford.

59 When as I thought upon my ways
I turn'd my feet thy records to
60 I hasted and made no delays,
To keep with heed thy statutes so.
61 The bands of wicked men robb'd me,
Yet did I not forget thy laws.
62 I'll rise at midnight to praise thee,
Thy righteous judgments are the caufs.
63 Companion to them all am I
That fear thee, and thy laws keep too,
64 Tj' earth's full cf thy benignity;
O Lord, thy statutes let me know.

[9] J

65 Jehovah with thy servant thou
After thy word right well hast done.
66 Good taste and knowledge teach me now.
For I believe thy precepts on.
67 I stray'd e'er thou didst me chastise:
But I thy word observ'd have now.
68 Thou art good, good thou dost likewise
Thy statutes cause thou me to know,

69 The proud against me lies do raise,
Thy laws I'll keep with my heart's might.
70 The heart of them is fat as grease;
But in thy laws I do delight.
71 It's good for me I was chastis'd,
That so thy statutes learn I should.
72 Laws of thy mouth I more have priz'd,
Than siver thousands of and gold.

[10] K

73 Knowledge me give, to keep thy law:
Thy hands me formed have and made.
74 Who fear thee, me shall see and joy:
For hope I in thy word have had.
75 Thy judgments Lord are just I know
And faithfully thou chastendst me.
76 As thou hail spoke thy servant to,
Now let thy grace my comfort be.

77 Send me thy grace that live may I,
For as my joy thy law I chuse.
78 Shame proud ones that me wrongfully
Do harm, who on thy precepts muse,
79 Let them that fear thee turn to me,
And such as have thy records known.
80 Sound in thy laws my heart let be,
That so I shame may suffer mone.

[11] L

81 Look for thy word I do, likewise
My soul doth faint for help from thee.
82 And for thy word have fail'd mine eyes:
I said when wilt thou comfort me?
83 I like a smoke-dry'd bottle am,
Yet do I not thy laws forego.
84 What are thy servants days? O when
Wilt judgment on thy troublers do?

85 The proud have digged pits for me
Which do not to thy precepts suit.
86 All thy laws faithful are: Help me
Whom wrongfully they persecute.
87 On earth they almost did me waste,
But I thy laws did not forsake.
88 The law of thy mouth to hold fast
Me in thy mercy lively make.

[12] M

89 Made fast thy word in heaven is
O Lord for ever to endure
90 From age to age thy faithfulness:
Thou form'd the earth, and it stands sure.
91 They stand as thou didst set them right,
For all are servants thee unto
92 Had not thy law been my delight,
Then had I perish'd in my wo .

93 Thy precepts ne'er forget will I,
Because by them thou quicknedst me.
94 Thine own am I, save me, for why?
I sought thy precepts studiously.
95 The wicked watch, me to destroy,
But I thy testimonies mind.
96 Of ail perfection end I see,
But very large thy law I find.

[13] N

97 Now O how much thy law I prize?
It is my study all the day.
98 Thou than my foes mad'st me more wise,
By thy law, for it's with me aye.
99 More than my teachers all I know,
Because thy laws my study are.
100 I know more than the ancients do,
Because I keep thy laws with care.

101 From each ill path my feet I stay,
That so I may thy word observe.
102 Because thou hast me taught the way,
I did not from thy judgments swerve.
103 Thy words are to my taste how sweet!
More to my mouth than honey they.
104 I from thy precepts wisdom get,
I therefore hate each lying way.

[14] O

105 Of my feet is the lamp thy word,
And to my path the shining light.
106 I sware, and to perform accord,
That I will keep thy judgments right.
107 I am afflicted very sore.
Lord, quicken me after thy word.
108 My mouth's free off'ring own therefore,
And me thy judgments teach O Lord,

109 My soul is in my hand alway,
But I have not thy law forgot.
110 Vile men for me a snare did lay,
Yet from thy precepts stray'd I not.
111 Thy records I inherit do
For aye, for my heart's joy they be.
112 My heart to do thy laws I bow,
To th' end ev'n to eternity.

[15] P

113 Pursue vain thoughts with hate I do,
But dearly love thy law do I.
114 My covert and my shield art thou,
I on thy word wait hopefully.
115 Depart from me vile men that I
May keep my God's commandments just.
116 By thy word stay me, live shall I:
Nor shame me for my hopeful trust.

117 I shall be safe if thou me stay,
And still with joy thy laws I'll eye.
118 Thou tread'st down from thy laws who stray,
For their deceit is vanity.
119 Earth's lewd like dross thou put'st away,
Thy laws I dearly love therefore.
120 My flesh doth quake for fear of thee,
And I do dread thy judgments sore.

[16] Q

121 Quite to oppressors leave not me.
I judgment do and righteousness.
122 For good thy servant's surety be,
Let not the proud ones me oppress.
123 Mine eyes for thy salvation fail,
As also for thy righteous word.
124 In mercy with thy servant deal,
And thy laws learning me afford.

125 I am thy servant make me wise,
Thy testimonies for to know.
126 Time for thee Lord to work it is;
For men thy law do overthrow.
127 Therefore do I thy precepts love
Above gold, yea the finest gold.
128 All false ways hate I, for above
All things thy laws most right I hold.

[17] R

129 Right wondrous, Lord, thy records be
Therefore my soul keeps them with care,
130 Light thy words entrance gives to me,
Them prudent makes that simple are.
131 With open mouth I panted for
Thy laws, I longed for the same;
132 Look on me, and such grace confer
As thou on them that love thy name.

133 Guide by thy words my steps, and let
No wickedness bear rule in me.
134 From men's oppression free me set,
And keeper of thy laws I'll be.
135 Thy face let on thy servant shine,
And me to learn thy statutes cause.
136 For water floods flow from mine eyes
Because men do not keep thy laws.

[18] S

137 Sincerely just art thou O Lord,
Thy judgments upright are also.
138 The precepts which thou dost record
Are right; yet very faithful too.
139 My zeal consumed me, for why?
Mine enemies thy word forget,
140 Thy word is pure exceedingly,
Therefore thy servant loveth it.

141 Small am I and despis'd therefore'
Let thy commands forget not I.
142 Thy justice is for evermore
The same, thy law is verity.
143 On me seiz'd anguish and distress,
Yet thy commands delight me give
144 Aye lasts thy records righteousness;
Make thou me wise, and I shall live.

[19] T

145 To thee with all my heart I cry
Lord hear me, keep thy laws I will
146 I cry'd to thee, save me that I
May keep thy testimonies still.
147 The dawning I prevent and cry:
I for thy word do hopeful wait.
148 Mine eyes prevent the watch, that I
Upon thy word may meditate.

149 My voice Lord of thy mercy hear,
After thy judgments quicken me.
150 Who follow mischief they draw near,
And from thy law far off they be.
151 But O Jehovah near art thou
And all thy precepts verity.
152 I long since of thy records knew:
Thou sett'st them for eternity.

[20] V

153 View mine affliction, and me free:
For I thy law do not forget.
154 Plead thou my cause, and ransom me:
For thy word's sake alive me set.
155 From vile men in salvation far,
Since they do for thy laws ne'er strive:
156 Thy tender mercies Lord great are;
After thy judgments me revive.

157 Great my pursuing enemies:
Yet nothing from thy laws I swerve.
158 I sinners saw, was griev'd likewise,
For they thy word do not obfsrve.
159 See Lord, thy precepts love do I:
Grant of thy grace that live I may.
160 Thy word, from first, is verity,
And all thy judgments right for aye.

[21] W

161 Without cause princes do me wound,
But of thy word my heart's in awe,
162 As one that plenteous spoii hath found,
So I rejoice do in thy law.
163 I lying hate and do abhor,
But dearly love thy law do I.
164 Sev'n times a day I praise thee, for
The judgments of thy equity.

165 Who love thy law, great peace have they,
And such shall find no stumbling stone.
166 Lord, I for thy salvation stay;
And thy commandments I have done.

167 My soul thy testaments doth keep,
And them abundantly love I.
168 Thy records and thy laws I keep,
For all my ways before thee lie.

[22] Y

160 Yield Lord my cry t' approach thy face
X As thou haft spoke, me prudent make
170 To thee let my request for grace
Approach: free me for thy word's sake.
171 My lips shall utter praise when thou
Thy statutes hast made known to me.
172 And forth thy word my tongue shall show,
For all thy precepts righteous be.

173 To help me let thy hand be near,
For thy commandment chose have I.
174 I long for thy salvation dear,
Lord, and my joys in thy law lie.
175 Let my soul live to shew thy praise,
And let thy judgments give me aid.
176 Because I have not left thy laws
Thy servant seek like lost sheep stray'd.

Source: The Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New-Testament: faithfully translated into English metre: for the use, edification, and comfort of the saints...especially in New-England (25th ed) #PCXIXa

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