How blest the upright in the way

How blest the upright in the way

Published in 4 hymnals

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1 How bless'd the upright in the way!
Who in JEHOVAH's law will go:
2 Who keep his records bless'd are they,
With all their heart who seek him too:
3 And who work not iniquity,
But in his ways strict walkers are.
4 Thou hast commanded us to keep
Thy precepts with our utmost care.

5 O that my ways estabiish'd were
To keep thy statutes heedfully!
6 When I all thy commands regard,
Then be ashamed shall not I.
7 When thy just judgments I mall learn,
Thee with an upright heart I'll praise.
8 Me utterly forsake not Thou;
And I'll thy statutes keep always.

[2 Part]
9 By what may youth make pure their way?
Thy word by strict attending to.
10 With all my heart I sought for Thee:
From thy commands ne'er let me go!
11 I hid thy word within my heart,
Lest I should give offence to Thee.
12 O Thou, JEHOVAH, biessed art;
Thy statutes therefore teach Thou me!

13 I all the judgments of thy mouth
Did with my faithful lips declare.
14 My joys more in thy records way,
Than in all earthly riches are.
15 I'll on thy precepts meditate,
And on thy ways mine eyes will set:
16 Thy statutes shall be my delight;
And I thy word will not forget.

[3 Part]
17 O to thy servant give this grace,
that I may live thy word to keep;
18 Unveil mine eyes, that I may see
Within thy law the wonders deep.
19 I am a stranger in the earth;
O never hide thy laws from me.
20 My soul is broken with desire,
Thy judgments at all times to see.

21 Thou hast rebuk'd the proud accurs'd,
Who from thy sacred statutes swerv'd.
22 Reproach and shame roll off from me;
For I thy records have observ'd.
23 The great against me sit and speak,
But I thy laws my study make:
24 Thy records are my great delight,
And them my councellors I take.

[4 Part]
25 Down to the dust my soul cleaves fast;
After thy word revive me now:
26 I told my ways, and Thou didst hear;
Thy statutes teach Thou me to know.
27 Thy precepts way O learn Thou me;
Thy wonders then will I declare:
28 My soul with grief dissolves away;
O by thy word my strength repair!

29 The way of lies from me remove;
Grant me thy law's enlight'ning aid:
30 For I have chose the way of truth;
Thy judgments I before me laid.
31 I to thy testimonies cleave;
O LORD shame on me never cast:
32 I'll run thy precepts way with joy,
When Thou my heart enlarged hast.

[5 Part]
33 O teach me, LORD, thy statutes way;
And I will from it ne'r depart:
34 Instruct me; and I'll keep thy law,
And it observe with all my heart.
35 In thy laws path make me to go;
Because therein my pleasure lies:
36 O to thy records bow my heart,
And leave it not to avarice.

37 From all vain objects turn mine eyes;
Me in thy way revive and chear.
38 O to thy servant keep thy word,
Who is devoted to thy fear.
39 The slander which I fear remove;
Good are the judgments Thou dost give.
40 See how I for thy precepts long;
Me in thy righteousness revive.

[6 Part]
41 LORD, let thy mercies come to me;
After thy word, salvation show:
42 So I my sland'rers shall refute;
Because thy word I trusted to.
43 The word of truth keep in my mouth,
For on thy judgments I depend.
44 So I with care will keep thy law,
With constancy, ev'n to the end.

45 Yea I will walk at liberty;
Because I thy commandments seek;
46 And I before the greatest kings
Will boldly of thy records speak.
47 In thy commands which I have lov'd
My self I'll greatly recreate
48 To thy lov'd precepts lift my hands,
And on thy statutes meditate.

[7 Part]
49 Good to thy servant make thy word,
By which Thou mad'st me rest on Thee:
50 My comfort in distress is this,-
Thy faithful word hath quick'ned me.
51 Tho' proud ones greatly me deride,
I have not from thy law declin'd.
52 Thy judgments, LORD, which were of old,
1 have review'd, and comfort find.

53 I'm struck with horror, to behold
How impious men thy law forsake:
54 But in my house of pilgrimage,
Thy statutes are the songs I make.
55 By night remembred I thy name,
O LORD, and kept thy laws have I:
56 This comfort I rcceiv'd because
I kept thy precepts heedfully.

[8 Part]
57 The LORD my chosen portion is:
I said that I will keep thy word.
58 I sought thy face with all my heart:
After thy word, me grace afford.
59 I view'd my ways and turn'd my feet,
Into thy testimonies way;
60 I hast'ned thy commands to keep,
And made not any more delay.

61 Tho' bands of wicked men me spoil,
Thy laws I think on with delight.
62 I'll rise at midnight Thee to praise,
Because thy judgments all are right.
63 Companion to them all am I,
Who keep thy laws, and rev'rence Thee:
64 O LORD, thy mercy fills the earth,
Thy statutes kindly teach Thou me.

[9 Part]
65 O LORD, Thou with thy servant WELL
According to thy word hast done:
66 Good taste and judgment teach Thou me.
For I thy laws have rested on.
67 Before I was chastiz'd, I stray'd;
But now to keep thy word I learn.
68 Both good Thou art, and good Thou dost;
Thy statutes cause me to discern.

69 The proud against me forge their lies;
Thy laws I'll keep with heart upright:
70 Their heart is grown as fat as grease;
But In thy law is my delight.
71 That I might well thy statutes learn,
'Tis good that Thou didst me chastise.
72 Laws of thy mouth I far above
Thousands of gold and silver prize.

[10 Part]
73 Thy hands have made and fashion'd me;
Wisdom to learn thy laws afford:
74 Who fear Thee shall see me with joy,
Because I've hoped in thy word.
75 Thy judgments, LORD, are right I know,
And in thy truth Thou chastnest me;
76 After thy word, thy servant to,
Now let thy grace my comfort be!

77 Thy kindness show, that I may live!
Thy law with pleasure I peruse.
78 Shame proud ones who me causeless wrong,
While on thy precepts I will muse.
79 Let such as fear thee, and who know
Thy testimonies, turn to me:
80 My heart make in thy laws entire.
That I may not ashamed be.

[11 Part]
81 Looking for thy salvation long,
My soul faints; yet I trust thy word:
82 Mine eyes fail for thy word; and cry,
When wilt Thou comfort me afford?
83 I'm like a skin dry'd in the smoke;
Yet I thy laws do not forget!
84. How long thy servants days? when wilt
Thou judge the men who me beset?

85 For me the proud have digged pits,
Which never would thy law allow:
86 For all thy laws are truth; help me,
Whom they unrighteously pursue.
87 They almost me consum'd on earth;
Yet from thy laws I did not swerve.
88 O in thy mercy me revive;
And thy mouth's records I'll observe.

[12 Part]
89 Made fast thy word in heav'n, O LORD,
It doth eternally endure:
90 Thy truth for ever lasts; and Thou
The earth hast founded, and 'tis sure:
91 By thy decree they stand this day;
For they all servants are to Thee.
92 Were not thy law my joy, I soon
had perish'd in adversity.

93 Thy laws I'll never forget; for Thou
By them hast quickning to me brought:
94 O save me; for I'm wholly thine,
And careful have thy precepts sought.
95 To ruin me the wicked watch;
but I thy testimonies mind:
96 Of all perfection bounds I see;
but Thy command is uncofin'd.

[13 Part]
97 How greatly do I love Thy law!
It daily my sweet study grows:
98 By thy laws, ever with me, Thou
Hast nude me wiser than my foes.
99 More than my teachers all, I know;
Because thy laws my study are:
100 I know more than the ancient do;
Because I keep thy laws with care.

101 From all ill ways I kept my feet;
That I might well thy word obey:
102 Because thou hast instructed me,
I did not from thy judgments stray.
103 How sweet thy words are to my taste!
More to my mouth than honey they:
104 I from thy precepts wisdom gain;
And therefore hate each lying way.

[14 Part]
105 Thy word is to my feet the lamp,
A shining light to show my way:
106 I sware, and to perform, resolve
Thy right'ous judgments to obey.
107 I'm sore distress'd; LORD me revive,
According to thy faithful word:
108 My mouth's free off'rings, O accept;
And me thy judgments teach, O LORD.

109 My soul is always in my hand,
Yet did I not thy law forget:
110 Nor from thy precepts have I stray'd,
Tho' snares for me the wicked set.
111 Thy word my endless heritage
I chuse, as of my heart the joy:
112 My heart to do thy will I bow,
And therein all my life employ,

[15 Part]
113 Proud, wav'ring and vain thoughts I hate;
But dearly love thy law do I:
114 My covert and my shield art Thou;
And on thy word I firm rely.
115 Depart from me ye wicked men;
For, keep my God's commands I must:
116 By thy word stay me; and I live,
Nor am ashamed of my trust.

117 Uphold me, and I shall be safe;
And I thy laws will always eye:
118 Who leave thy laws Thou treadest down;
For their deceit is all a lie.
119 Earth's lewd, as dross Thou throw'st away;
To love thy law I'm therefore led:
120 My flesh all shakes for fear of Thee,
And I thy judgments greatly dread.

[16 Part]
121 O, to oppressors, leave me not;
I judgment do and righteousness:
122 For good, thy servant's surety be;
and let not proud ones me oppress.
123 Mine eyes for thy salvation fail,
And for thy word of equity.
124 In mercy with thy servant deal;
And all thy statutes teach Thou me.

125 I am thy servant; make me wise,
Thy testimonies all to know:
126 'Tis time for Thee, O LORD, to work,
For men thy law abolish now.
127 Hence above gold, the finest gold,
Thy laws I love and estimate:
128 And all thy precepts right esteem,
And ev'ry way of falshood hate.

[17 Part]
129 Replete with wonders are thy words:
Therefore, my soul keeps them with care:
130 The op'ning of thy word gives light;
And makes them wise who simple were.
131 With open mouth, for thy commands
I pant, with longings for the same.
132 Look on; in judgment pity me,
As Thou dost those who love thy name.

133 By thy word, order all my steps;
Let no sin over me bear sway.
134 Save me from being oppress'd by man;
And I will all thy laws obey.
135 Thy face let on thy servant shine,
And me to learn thy statutes cause:
136 While tears in floods run down mine eyes,
To see men violate thy laws.

[18 Part]
137 Stedfastly just Thou art, O LORD;
Thy judgments are upright also:
138 Thy records which Thou dost command
Are right'ous and most faithful too.
139 My zeal consumes me to behold
Mine enemies thy words forget:
140 Thy word is most refin'd; therefore
Thy servant's love thereon is set.

141 Tho' I am little and despis'd;
My soul thy precepts yet retains:
142 Thy righteousness for ever lasts;
Thy law eternal truth remains.
143 Distress and anguish on me seize;
Yet great delight thy precepts give:
144 Thy records ever righteous last;
O make me wise, and I shall live.

[19 Part]
145 To Thee with all my heart I cry;
LORD hear, and I'll thy word obey:
146 To Thee I cry, O save Thou me;
And I will keep thy records way.
147 Before the morning dawn I cry;
And for thy word in hope I wait.
148 Mine eyes prevent the midnight watch,
Upon thy word to meditate.

149 My voice, LORD, in thy mercy hear,
Revive me in thy judgment too:
150 They who seek mischief near me come;
But from thy law far off will go.
151 But, O JEHOVAH, thou art near;
All thy commands are verity.
152 Of old I know, thou founded hast
Thy records for eternity.

[20 Part]
153 My griefs consider, and me save;
For I do not forget thy laws:
154 For thy word's sake revive Thou me,
Deliver me, and plead my cause.
155 Salvation is from sinners far,
Since for thy laws they will not strive:
156 Thy tender mercies, LORD, are great;
After thy judgments me revive.

157 Many my persecuting foes;
Yet from thy laws I do not swerve:
158 I sinners see, and greatly grieve;
For they thy word do not observe.
159 Consider how I love thy laws;
In mercy LORD revive Thou me:
160 Thy word is ever perfect truth,
Thy judgment just eternally.

[21 Part]
161 Great men me causeless persecute;
But more thy word o'er awes my mind;
162 And yet I in thy word rejoice,
As they who stores of riches find.
163 I falshood utterly abhor
But dearly love thy law always:
164 And for thy right'ous judgments I
Ev'n seven times a day Thee praise.

165 Great peace have they who love thy law;
No stumbling stone shall them offend:
166 For thy salvation, LORD, I hope;
And thy commands with care attend.
167 My soul thy testimonies keeps;
And them I love exceedingly.
168 I keep thy records and commands;
For all my ways before Thee lie.

[22 Part]
169 O let my cry, LORD, come to Thee;
After thy word me prudent make:
170 Let my request before Thee come;
And save Thou me for thy word's sake.
171 To Thee my lips shall utter praise,
When Thou thy statutes teachest me:
172 My tongue shall forth thy word resound.
For all thy laws are just, I see.

173 O help me by thy mighty hand;
For I thy precepts make my choice.
174 LORD I for thy salvation long;
And greatly in thy law rejoice.
175 Let my soul live; and I'll Thee praise;
And from thy judgments succour find:
176 Thy servant seek, who like stray sheep
Am lost; yet I thy precepts mind.

Source: The Psalms Hymns and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New Testament, faithfully translated into English Metre: being the New-England Psalm-Book, revised and improved... (2nd ed.) #PCXIX

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First Line: How blest the upright in the way
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