A Psalm of David

Jehovah to my words give ear; My solemn meditation weigh

Published in 2 hymnals

Representative Text

1 Jehovah, to my words give ear;
My solemn meditation weigh:
2 O hear my cry, my king, my god,
For I to Thee alone, will pray.
3 In early morning Thou my voice
Wilt O Jehovah kindly hear;
Fro in the morning I'll look up,
And will to thee direct my prayer.

4 For Thou art not a God who dost
Allow the least iniquity;
Neither shall evil dwell with Thee;
Nor fools shall stand before thine eye.
5 thou all ill doers dost abhor;
Wilt them destroy who utter lies:
6 Jehovah loathes the bloody man,
And those who fraudful arts devise.

7 But in thy many mercies now
Enter into thy house will I,
And in thy fear will bow my self
Before thy house of sanctity.
Because of my observing foes,
LORD lead me in thy righteousness;
Direct me in thy perfect way,
And make it plain before my face.

9 For in their mouth there is no truth;
Their heart full of iniquities;
An open sepulcher their throat;
Their tongue is moved with flatteries.
10 O GOD, Thou wilt them quite destroy,
By their own counsels make them fall,
And in their many Sins cast out;
For they to thee are rebels all.

11 But let all those who trust in Thee,
For ever shout with joyful noise,
For thou defendest them; and those
who love thy name, in Thee rejoice.
12 For to the righteous, Thou, O LORD,
Wilt cause thy blessing to extend;
As with a shield, thy favor, them
Wilt crown and round about defend.

The Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New Testament, 1758

Text Information

First Line: Jehovah to my words give ear; My solemn meditation weigh
Title: A Psalm of David
Language: English
Publication Date: 1758
Copyright: Public Domain


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