Let God arise, and all his foes

Let God arise, and all his foes

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1 Let GOD arise, and all his foes
abroad dispersed be:
Let them who haters of Him are,
away before him flee.
2 As smoke, the wicked Thou wilt drive
and quite disperse abroad:
As wax by fire, so shall they melt
before the face of GOD.

3 But let the righteous all be glad;
O let them joyful be
Before GOD's face; yea let them all
rejoice exceedingly.
4 Sing ye to GOD, O sing his praise;
with joy extol his name:
His name is JAH, and high he rides
on heav'ns exalted frame.

5 For He a tender father is
to children fatherless;
And GOD the widow's judge is in
his place of holiness.
6 GOD sets the single in an house;
frees captives from their bands;
But those who rebels are to Him,
inhabit thirsty lands.

[2 Part]

7 O GOD, when once Thou didst go forth
before thy people's face,
And thro' the hideous wilderness
didst as their leader pass; (Selah.)
8 The earth did at GOD's presence shake:
the heav'ns the drop'd and fell:
Sinai shook at the fight of GOD,
the God of Israel.

9 O GOD, Thou on thy heritage,
didst pour a plenteous rain;
Whereby, Thou when it weary was,
didst it revive again.
10 Thy congregation then dd make
their habitation there;
And of thy goodness for the poor,
O GOD, thou didst prepare.

11 The Lord gave forth his word on high,
abroad it quickly came;
And great the army was of those
who published the same.
12 The kings of mighty armies fled,
in haste they fled away:
And she that safely stay'd at home,
help'd to divide the prey.

13 Tho' slaves among the pots ye lay;
you soon we did behold,
Like a fair dove with silver wings
and feathers bright with gold.
14 When the Almighty scatter'd kings
so glorious then ye were;
Like glitt'ring snow on Salmon-hill,
ye did as bright appear.

[3 Part]

15 Like to the mount of Bashan is
the mountain of our GOD:
More choice than Bashan is the mount
of his design'd abode.
16 Why leap ye so, ye lofty hills?
for this, this is the hill
Where GOD desires to dwell, and where
the LORD will ever dwell.

17 The chariot of the mighty GOD
millions the angels are;
And still among them is the Lord,
as on mount Sinai, there.
18 Thou hast ascended up on high
as our victorious head:
Thou num'rous hosts of captives hast
thy happy captives led.
Thou hast rich gifts receiv'd for men,
for such as did rebel;
That GOD, whose name is JAH with them
might condescend to dwell.
19 O blessed be this gracious Lord,
who daily doth us load
With many benefits, and is
of our salvation God. (Selah.)

20 He of salvation is the God,
who is our God most strong;
And to the Lord JEHOVAH do
issues from death belong.
21 But GOD will deeply wound their heads,
who are his stubborn foes;
The hairy crown of him who still
on in his trespass goes.

[4 Part]

22 The Lord said, I'll bring back again,
again from Bashan-land,
My people thro' the depth of seas
by my almighty hand.
23 That Thou may'st vanquish thy proud foes,
so merciless and strong;
And in the chase may'st dip in blood
thy foot, and dogs their tongue.

24 Thy goings to thy holy place,
O GOD, they all have seen:
Thy goings O my God, my king,
how glorious have they been!
25 Sweet singers marching in the van,
musicians in the rear;
And in the midst a virgin train,
with timbrels charm the ear.

26 Bless GOD thro' all your companies,
and forth his praises tell:
The sov'reign Lord, O bless all ye,
who spring from Israel.
27 Princes of Benjamin's small tribe,
and Judah's heads combine;
And Zebulan and Naphtali's
he glad procession join.

28 Thy God commanded all thy strength,
and thus hath strengthned thee;
Confirm, O GOD, what Thou for us
hast wrought so wondrously.

[5 Part]

29 Ev'n for thy sacred temple sake
built at Jerusalem,
The kings around shall come and bring
their costly gifts with them.

30 Rebuke the spearmen's companies,
and all the multitude
Of people fierce as mighty bulls,
and fatted calves as rude;
Till all submit and tribute bring
of silver from afar;
O scatter Thou the people who
delight in spoil and war.

31 Princes shall them bow down to Thee
and come from Egypt lands;
And Ethiopia shall to GOD,
stretch out in haste her hands.
32 O sing aloud to GOD with joy,
ye kingdoms of the earth,
And to the sov'reign Lord, O sing
with psalms in sacred mirth. (Selah.)

33 To Him who rides on heav'ns of heav'ns,
which he of old did found;
Lo how he sends his awful voice,
a voice of mighty sound.
34 Ascribe ye boundless pow'r to GOD;
whose glorious dignity
Is over Isra'l, and his pow'r
shines in the lofty sky.

35 O GOD, how terrible art Thou
out of thy holy place!
God mighty pow'r his people gives:
to GOD be all the praise.

Source: The Psalms Hymns and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New Testament, faithfully translated into English Metre: being the New-England Psalm-Book, revised and improved... (2nd ed.) #PLXVIII

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First Line: Let God arise, and all his foes
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