O my God, avert the storm

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I. O my God, avert the Storm
Of thine Indignation:
Spare a sinful feeble worm,
Tho' Abomination.
O my God,
Turn the Rod
From thy wretched Creature.
heal his sinful Nature.

II. Under thine afflicting Touch
Day and Night I languish;
Streaming Sorrows wash my Couch;
I'm pierc'd through with Anguish;
And am hoarse
Thro' the Course
Of a long Complaining,
All my Powers straining.

III. Sorrow darkens all my Days.
Night still hears me wailing,
And the Minutes, as they pass,
Oh, my Blame!
Oh, my Shame!
That I've been audacious
'Gainst a God so gracious.

IV. Lord, mine Eye's consum'd with Grief,
And my Heart with sighing:
Yet that thou wouldst grant Relief,
I cannot cease crying.
Lord! how long
Shall my Song
Dwell on Lamentation,
Void of Consolation.

V. Hear poor Dust and Ashes speak:
Favour my petition:
Save me for thy Mercy's Sake;
Save me from Perdition
Hear my Groans;
Heal my Bones,
Which (Oh! angry Token)
Thou, My God, hast broken.

VI. Lord, my fainting Spirit save
From the wrathful Sentence.
Save from Death; for in the Grave
There is no Repentance.
Hear my Moan
Thou alone
From my Sins canst free me,
And from Death redeem me.

VII. Fly, ye Tempters;
Heav'n is mov'd.
Mercy is descending.
God has all my Pray'r approv'd;
All my Griefs are ending.
Satan fly:
Mercy's nigh.
Him Thou'st long tormented
Now shall live contented.

Source: Psalmodia Germanica: or, The German Psalmody: translated from the high Dutch together with their proper tunes and thorough bass (2nd ed., corr. and enl.) #98

Translator: J. C. Jacobi

Jacobi, John Christian, a native of Germany, was born in 1670, and appointed Keeper of the Royal German Chapel, St. James's Palace, London, about 1708. He held that post for 42 years, and died Dec. 14, 1750. He was buried in the Church of St. Paul's, Covent Garden. His publications included :— (1) A Collection of Divine Hymns, Translated from the High Dutch. Together with their Proper Tunes and Thorough Bass. London: Printed and Sold by J. Young, in St. Paul’s Churchyard; . . . 1720. This edition contains 15 hymns. Two years later this collection, with a few changes in the text and much enlarged, was republished as (2) Psalmodia Germanica; or a Specimen of Divine Hymns. Translated from the High Dutch. Together with their Proper Tunes… Go to person page >

Author: Johann Georg Albinus

Albinus, Johann Georg eldest s. of Zacharias Albinus, pastor at Unter-Nessa, near Weissenfels, Saxony, 1621-1633, and at Stuhlburgwerben, 1633-1635, was b. at UnterNessa, March 6, 1624. After his father's death, in 1635, he was, in 1638, adopted by his cousin, Lucas Pollio, diaconus at St Nicholas's Church in Leipzig. After his cousin's death, in 1643, the Court preacher, Sebastian Mitternacht, of Naumburg, took an interest in him, and he remained at Naumburg till he entered the University of Leipzig, in 1645. He studied for eight years at Leipzig, during which time ho acted as house tutor to the Burgomaster, Dr. Friedrich Kuhlwein, and was then, in 1653, appointed Eector of the Cathedral School at Naumburg. This post he resigned when, in… Go to person page >



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