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Johann Christian Jacobi

Short Name: Johann Christian Jacobi
Full Name: Jacobi, Johann Christian, 1670-1750
Birth Year: 1670
Death Year: 1750

Jacobi, John Christian, a native of Germany, was born in 1670, and appointed Keeper of the Royal German Chapel, St. James's Palace, London, about 1708. He held that post for 42 years, and died Dec. 14, 1750. He was buried in the Church of St. Paul's, Covent Garden. His publications included :—

(1) A Collection of Divine Hymns, Translated from the High Dutch. Together with their Proper Tunes and Thorough Bass. London: Printed and Sold by J. Young, in St. Paul’s Churchyard; . . . 1720. This edition contains 15 hymns. Two years later this collection, with a few changes in the text and much enlarged, was republished as (2) Psalmodia Germanica; or a Specimen of Divine Hymns. Translated from the High Dutch. Together with their Proper Tunes and Thorough Bass. London: J. Young . 1722. This edition contained 62 hymns, of which 3 ("He reigns, the Lord our Saviour reigns"; "Is God withdrawing"? "Shepherds rejoice") and the first stanza of another ("Raise your devotion, mortal tongues," from "Hosannah to the Prince of Life") were taken from I. Watts. A second part was added in 1725, and was incorporated with the former part in 1732. London, G. Smith. After Jacobi's death the Psalmodia Germanica was republished, in 1765, by John Haberkorn, with a Supplement of 32 pieces.

[George Arthur Crawford, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Johann Christian Jacobi (128)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All glory to the sovereign goodJ. Chr. Jacobi, 1670-1750 (Translator)English5
All my hope is firmly grounded In the Lord of Earth and SeasJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English2
All the world exalt the LordJ. C. Jacobi (Author)2
Alone in God put thou thy trustJ. C. Jacobi (Translator)English2
And now another day is past; The sun has left our shoreJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Author of the whole creationJ. C. Jacobi, 1670-1750 (Translator)3
Awake, my soul, and render praise, honor, glory, mightJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English1
Before Thy throne I now appearJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English4
Blest's the man, whose upright walkingJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Christ, by whose all-saving LightJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Christ crucified, my soul by faithJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English3
Christ, everlasting Source of LightJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English4
Christ is my light and treasureJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English2
Christ Jesus lay in death's strong bandsJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator (English))English1
Christ Jesus was to death abasedJ. C. Jacobi (Author)3
Christ the eternal Lamb of GodJohann C. Jacobi (Translator)English2
Christ, thy sacred Wounds and PassionJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Christ was to Death abasedJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Come and hear the sacred storyJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Come hither, saith our blessed LordJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Come Holy Ghost! come, Lord our God!Johann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Ye Christians in this nationJohann C. Jacobi (Translator)English2
Commit thy ways and goingsJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Dear Jesus when I think on thee J. C. Jacobi (Author)English2
Dearest Jesus, we are here, To be in thy word instructedJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Due praises to the incarnate LoveJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English2
Enlighten me, my LightJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English1
Eternity, delightful soundJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English3
Eternity, terrific wordJ. C. Jacobi (Translator)English2
Eternity, tremendous wordJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English5
Faithful God, I lay before theeJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English2
Father, Lord of Mercy!Johann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Father, thine eternal kindnessJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
From God, the Lord my SaviorJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
God is my strong salvationJohn Christian Jacobi (Translator)English2
God is our refuge in distress, Our strong defense and armorJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English2
God, omnipotent Creator J. C. Jacobi (Author)English4
God the Father, our DefenceJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
God, the Lord of the creationJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English2
God, Who madest earth and heaven, Father, Son and Holy GhostJohn Christian Jacobi (Translator)English11
Great God, in thee I put my trustJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Greatest High Priest, Savior ChristJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Hallelujah, love, thanks and praiseJ. C. Jacobi (Author)2
He that confides in his CreatorJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English2
Holy Ghost, dispel our sadnessJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English112
Holy Spirit, Source of gladness! Come with all thy radiance brightJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English7
How bright appears the Morning-Star, With mercy beaming from afarRev. John Christian Jacobi, 1670-1750 (Author)English3
How bright appears the Morning-Star With grace and truth beyond compareJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English13
How shall I meet my Savior?J. C. Jacobi (Author)English6
I am baptized in thy name preciousJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English2
I sing to thee with heart and tongueJ. C. Jacobi (Author)1
I will sing to my CreatorJ. C. Jacobi (Author)2
In God, the Lord most justJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English3
In me resume thy dwellingJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
In mercy, Lord, remember meJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English9
In thee, Lord Christ, is fixed my hopeJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English2
Is God for me, what is itJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English5
Is God my strong salvationJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English5
Is God withdrawing, all the costJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Jesu, Source of gladness (Jacobi)Johann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English2
Jesus, Jesus, nought but JesusJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English2
Jesus, Source of my salvation, Conqu'ror both of death and hell!J. C. Jacobi (Author)English6
Jesus will I never leaveJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English3
Lord Christ, reveal Thy holy faceJohn Christian Jacobi, 1670-1750 (Translator)English3
Lord Jesu, blessed prince of peaceJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Lord Jesu, fountain of my lifeJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Lord, let thy blest angelic bandsJ. C. Jacobi (Author)2
Lord, raise in me a constant flameJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Lord, thine image thou hast lent meJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English6
Mighty God, we humbly prayJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator (st. 1))English3
My Father! form thy child according to thine imageJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
My life I now to God resignJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
My soul, awake, and renderJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English11
My soul, exalt the Lord thy GodJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Never will I part with ChristJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Now come, ye Christians all and bringJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Now give thanks, ye old and youngJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Now let us praise the Lord with Body, Soul and SpiritJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English2
Now the Savior comes indeedJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
O boundless griefJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English3
O Christ, my sweetest Life and LightJ. C. Jacobi (Author)1
O God, my Lord! How great's my hoardJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
O how shall I receive TheeJohn C. Jacobi (Author)English7
Ah! Lord, how shall I meet TheeJohn C. Jacobi (Author (st. 3))English1
O Jesu, Bridegroom of my soulJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
O Lamb of God, our SaviorJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English4
O Lord, how many miseriesJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
O Lord, in mercy cast an eyeJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
O Lord, when condemnation, And guilt afflict my soulJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English2
O my God, avert the stormJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English2
O thou sweet source of gladnessJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English2
Of Him who did salvation bringJohn Christian Jacobi (Translator (from German to English))English1
Our Father, who from heaven above Bidst us to live in constant loveJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English3
Our whole salvation doth dependJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English5
Out of the deeps of dark distress, The deeps of dark despairingJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English1
Raise your devotion mortal tonguesJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English3
Remove from us, O faithful GodJohann Christian Jacobi (Author)English1
Retake thy own PossessionJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)1
Rouse thyself, my soul, and gatherJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English2
Shan't I sing to my CreatorJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English2
Show pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive, Let a repenting rebel liveJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English2
Show pity, Lord! O Lord, forgive! Is not thy mercy still the same?Johann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Show the world that you stand for the rightJ. C. Jacobi (Author)1
Sleep well, my dear, sleep safe and freeJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English3
Soul, what return has thy CreatorJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Sure as I live, thy Maker saithJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English3
Sweet Jesus, when I think on theeJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English2
Teach us to number so our daysJ. C. Jacobi (Author)2
Tell me no more of golden treasuresJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English2
Thee, Lord, I love with sacred aweJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
'Tis sure, that awful time will comeJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English7
To God let all the human race Johann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
To our almighty gracious GodJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English2
To thee, O Lord, I send my criesJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Today, the Lord in triumph reignsJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English4
Trim thy lamp, O soul betrothedJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English2
Vain foolish men profanely boastJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
What thanks can I repay to thee, my God, my SaviorJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
When Adam fell, the frame entireJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
When all with awe shall stand aroundJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English7
When Christ hung on the cursed treeJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
When Guilt and Shame are raisingJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
When we are under great distressJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Why thus with grief oppressed, my heartJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English1
With this New Year we raise new songsJohann C. Jacobi (Translator)English2
With what fervor of devotionJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English2
Wonderful Creator, Sovereign ArbitratorJohann Christian Jacobi (Translator)English1
Ye Christians, pluck your courage upJ. C. Jacobi (Author)English2

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