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Thrice blest are the undefiled in way

Thrice blest are the undefiled in way

Author: John Barnard
Published in 1 hymnal

Representative Text


Thrice blessed are the undefiled in way;
Who walk as God's commands require.
2. Blessed are they that keep his laws;
Who seek him with their whole desire.
3. For they work no iniquity;
Who in his ways close walkers are.
4. Thou had commanded us to keep
Thy precepts, with our utmost care.

5. Oh! that to keep thy statutes, Lord,
Thou all my ways would'st well direct!
6. Then shall I have no cause of shame;
When I all thy commands respect.
7. With heart's uprightness, I'll thee praise;
When I shall learn thy judgments right.
8. I'll keep thy statutes with great care:
Oh! do not thou forsake me quite!

Second Part BETH

9. How shall a young man cleanse his way?
Let him, thy word, with care, observe.
10. With my whole heart, I thee have sought;
From thy commands let me not swerve.
11. I've hid thy word within my heart;
Lest I should give offense to thee.
12. For ever blessed art thou, O Lord,
Thy righteous statutes teach thou me.

13. I all the judgments of thy mouth
Have, with my lips, declared aright.
14. I, in thy testimonies way,
More than all riches, take delight.
15. Thy precepts I will bear in mind;
And have respect unto thy ways.
16. Thy statutes, my delight, shall be;
I'll not forget what thy word says.

Third Part GIMEL

17. In kindness, with thy servant deal;
That I may live, and keep thy word.
18. Open mine eyes; that I may see,
The wonders which thy laws afford.
19. I'm but a stranger, on the earth;
Hide not thy wise commands from me.
20. My soul doth faint, with strong desire,
Still with thy judgments to agree.

21. The proud thou hast rebuked; they're cursed,
Who from thy precepts boldly swerved.
22. Shame, and contempt, remove from me;
Thy testimonies I observed.
23. Though princes met, and me defamed;
Thy statutes I my study make.
24. Thy records are my chief delight:
Them for my counselors I take.

Fourth Part DALETH

25. My soul cleaves fast unto the dust;
Raise me, according to thy word.
26. I showed my ways, thou answeredst me;
Thy righteous statutes teach me, Lord.
27. Make me to know thy precept's way;
Thy wonders then I will declare.
28. My soul with melting grief dissolves;
O let thy word my strength repair.

29. Remove from me each lying way;
Grant me thy laws diviner aid.
30. For I have chose the way of truth;
Thy judgments I've before me laid.
31. I to thy testimonies cleave;
Me from all shame, O Lord,, discharge.
32. I'll run the way of thy commands;
When thou my heart shalt free enlarge.

Fifth Part HE

33. Teach me, O Lord, thy statutes way;
And I shall from it ne'er depart.
34. Instruct me, and I'll keep thy law;
I'll it observe with all my heart.
35. Me in the path of thy commands;
Conduct, for I delight therein.
36. My heart unto thy just records;
And not to avarice incline,

37. From all vain objects turn mine eyes;
Me in thy way revive, and cheer.
38. Confirm thy word thy servant to;
Who is devoted to thy fear.
39. The feared reproach from me remove;
Good are the judgments thou dost give;
40. Lo! how I long for thy commands!
Me in thy righteousness revive.

Sixth Part VAV

41. Let mercies and salvation, come
To me; as thou hast spoken, Lord.
42. So shall I answer his reproach;
For I rely upon thy word.
43. Take not thy word quite from my mouth;
For on thy judgments I depend.
44. So I will ever keep thy law;
With constancy, unto the end.

45. Freed from restraints, I'll walk at large;
For thy commands I closely seek.
46. Boldly, before the greatest kings,
I'll of thy testimonies speak.
47. In thy commands, which I have loved;
Myself, with joy, I'll recreate.
48. To thy loved laws I'll stretch my hands;
And on thy statutes meditate.

Seventh Part ZAIN

49. The word, unto thy servant; mind;
On which thou'st kept my hope alive.
50. This is my comfort in distress;
Because thy word doth me revive.
51. The proud did greatly me deride;
Yet from thy law I've not declined.
52. Thy ancient judgments I recall;
O Lord; and solid comfort find.

53. I'm struck with horror, to behold,
How impious men thy law forsake,
54. I, in my house of pilgrimage,
My cheerful songs thy statutes make.
55. I've kept thy law; for I recalled,
Thy name, O Lord, to mind by night.
56. This, by experience taught, I had;
Because I kept thy precepts right.

Eighth Part CHETH

57. My portion thou, Jehovah art;
I said, that I will keep thy word.
58. With all my heart I sought thy face;
Thy promised mercy me afford.
59. I viewed my ways; and turned my feet
Unto thy testimonies way.
60. I hasted, and deferred not,
All thy commandments to obey.

61. By wicked troops I have been robbed;
Thy laws I think on with delight.
62. I'll rise at midnight thee to praise;
Because thy judgments all are right,
63. Companion to them all am I,
That fear thee, and thy precepts keep.
64. Earth, Lord, is with thy goodness filled;
Teach me thy statutes, wondrous deep.

Ninth Part TETH

65. Thou well with me, O Lord hast dealt:
As thy word promised, I've received.
66. Good judgment give, and knowledge teach;
For thy commands I have believed.
67. Before I was chastised I erred;
But now to keep thy word I learn.
68. Thou Lord, art good, and good thou dost;
Thy statutes make me to discern.

69. The proud have lies against me forged;
Thy law I've kept with my heart's might,
70. Their heart, with fat, is stupid grown;
But in thy law I take delight.
71. It's good for me I've felt thy rod;
That right thy statutes I might hold.

72. Laws of thy mouth I more have prized.
Than silver heaps, and mines of gold.

Tenth Part JOD

73.Thy hands have made, and strengthened me;
Skill, thy commands to learn, afford.
74. Who fear thee me shall see with joy;
Because I've hoped in thy word.
75. Thy judgments, Lord, I know are just:
In Faithfulness thou chasten'st me.
76. I pray thy promised kindness may,
Thy servant's future comfort, be.

77. Show me thy grace, that I may live:
For in thy law, delight I find.
78. Shame proud ones who me causeless harm:
Thy precepts I will bear in mind.
79. Let them, that fear thee, turn to me:
And those thy testimonies know.
80. Sound in thy statutes make my heart;
That shame may not me overthrow.

Eleventh Part CAPH

81. My soul, for thy salvation, faints;
Thy word fulfilled, I hope to see.
82. My longing eyes for thy word fail;
Saying, when wilt thou comfort me?
83. I'm like a bottle in the smoke;
Yet do not I thy laws forget.
84. What are my days? when wilt thou judge;
Those that in malice me beset.

85. The proud for me have digged pits;
Who with thy law do not agree.
86. Faithful are all of thy commands;
They rage unjustly, help thou me.
87. On earth they almost me consumed:
But thy commands I ne'er forsook.
88. In mercy me revive; that I
May keep the laws thy mouth has spoke.

Twelfth Part LAMED

89. Thy word, O Lord, in heaven is fixed,
Unchanged forever to endure.
90. Thy truth throughout ail ages lasts;
Thou found'st the earth, and it stands sure.
91. They still remain as thou ordain'st;
For all thy ready servants are.
92. Had not thy law been my delight;
I'd long since perished in dispair.

93. Thy precepts I will ne'er forget;
Thou me new life, by them, hast brought.
94. I am entirely thine, save me;
For I've thy precepts daily sought.
95. The wicked watch me to destroy;
But I'll thy testimonies mind.
96. Of all perfection the end I see;
Exceeding broad thy law I find.

Thirteenth Part MEM

97. Oh! how I love thy sacred law!
It daily my sweet study grows.
98. By thy word, ever with me, thou
Hast made me wiser than my foes.
99. More than my teachers all I know;
For I thy statutes closely weighed.
100. Than ancient sages more I see;
Because thy precepts I obeyed.

101. From all ill paths I have refrained
My feet; that I might keep thy word.
102. I have not from thy judgments strayed;
Because 'tis thou hast taught me Lord.
103. How sweet thy words are to my taste!
Than honey sweeter to my mouth!
104. I, by thy precepts, wisdom gain;
And hate the ways that swerve from truth.

Fourteenth Part NUN

105. Thy word's a lamp unto my feet;
And shining light unto my way.
106. I've sworn, and will the oath perform;
Thy righteous judgments I'll obey.
107. I am exceedingly distressed;
Revive me, Lord, after thy word.
108. My mouth's free offerings pray accept;
Skill in thy judgments me afford.

109. My life is always in my hand;
Yet I thy law do not forget.
110. Nor have I from thy precepts erred;
Though snares, for me, the wicked set.
111. Thy laws, my lasting heritage,
I've chose; for my heart's joy they are.
112. My heart stands bent to thy commands;
As long as thou my life shall spare.

Fifteenth Part SAMECH

113. Vain fluctuating thoughts I hate;
But fix my love upon thy law.
114. Thou art my hiding place, and shield;
My hopes, from thy pure word, I draw,
115. Depart from me ye wicked men;
To keep my God's commands I aim.
116. As thou hast said, support my life;
Let not my hope be turned to shame.

117. Uphold me, then I shall be safe;
I'll to thy laws still turn mine eyes.
118. Transgressors thou hast trodden down;
For they deceived themselves with lies.
119. Thou dost ill men, like dross, reject;
To love thy laws, I'm therefore led.
120. For fear of thee my flesh doth quake;
And I thy awful judgments dread.

Sixteenth Part AIN

121. Judgment, and justice, I have done;
Let no oppressors me distress.
122. Thy servant's surety be for good;
Lest haughty foes should me oppress.
123. My eyes have failed, with longing looks,
To see thy help, and promised word.
124. In mercy with thy servant deal;
Thy righteous statutes teach me, Lord.

125. Give me, thy servant skill; and then
I shall thy testimonies know.
126. 'Tis time, O Lord, for thee to work;
For men thy law do over throw.
127. Therefore I love thy statutes more
Than gold; the finest, and the best.
128. I all thy precepts highly prize:
As right; but all false ways detest.

Seventeenth Part PE

129. Thy testimonies wondrous are;
Therefore my soul doth keep thy ways.
130. The entrance of thy word gives light,
And wisdom to the weak conveys.
131. I gape, and pant, for thy commands;
For after them, my heart's in flame.
132. Behold, and pity me, as thou
Art wont to them, that love thy name.

133. Direct my walk in thy pure word;
And let no sin, in me, bear sway.
134. From man's oppression set me free;
So I thy precepts will obey.
155. O make thy face, on me, to shine;
And me to know thy statutes cause.
136. The tears, like floods, stream from mine eyes;
To see men violate thy laws.

Eighteenth Part TSADDI

137. Righteous art thou, O Lord; and all
Thy judgments upright are we find.
133. Thy testimonies righteous are,
And faithful which thou hast enjoined.
139. Thy zeal consumed me; because
Mine enemies thy law forget.
140. Thy word is thoroughly refined;
Therefore my heart on it is set.

141. Though I am little, and despised.
My mind thy precepts yet retains.
142. Thy righteousness forever lasts;
Thy law eternal truth remains.
143. Trouble, and anguish, on me seized;
Yet great delight thy precepts give.
144. Thy laws are just forevermore;
Oh! teach me them, and I shall live.

Nineteenth Part KOPH

145. With my whole heart I cried, hear me;,
O Lord; thy statutes I'll obey.
146. To thee I cried, save me; that I
May keep thy testimony's way.
147. Before the dawning light I cried;
Thy promise did me hope afford.
148. Mine eyes prevent the watch that I.
May meditate upon thy word.

149. My voice, in loving-kindness, hear;
Lord, in thy word revive my heart.
150. Who follow mischief near approach;
They from thy laws far off depart.
151. But, O Jehovah, thou art near;
All thy commands, as truths endure.
152. As for thy word, I know of old.
Thou hast it fixed forever sure.

Twentieth Part RESCH

153. View my distress, and rescue me;
For I thy law still bear in mind.
154. Plead thou my cause, and me redeem;
May I, thy word, me quickening, find.
155. Salvation's far from wicked men;
For they to keep thy law ne'er strive.
156. Great are thy tender mercies, Lord;
Oh! in thy judgments me revive.

157. Many conspire to seek my hurt;
But from thy truth I've not declined.
158. With grief transgressors I beheld;
For they've not kept thy word in mind.
159. Behold, how thy commands I love!
Lord, in thy mercy quicken me.
160. Thy word, from the earliest time is true;
And lasts 'till time no more shall be.

Twenty-first Part SCHIN

161. Princes me, causeless, persecute;
My heart, in awe of thy word, stands.
162. I in thy word rejoice; as one
That mighty spoils of war commands.
163. All falsehood hate I, and detest;
But thy just law, sincerely love.
164. Seven times a day I thee will praise;
Because thy judgments righteous prove.

165. Great peace have they that love thy law ;
No stumbling stone shall them offend.
166. For thy salvation, Lord, I hope;
And thy commands with care attend.
167. My soul thy testimonies kept;
And them I love with great delight.
168. Thy law, and word, I have observed;
For all my ways are in thy sight.

Twenty-second Part, TAU

169. Lord, let my cry approach my face;
As thou hast spoke, me prudent make.
170. Let my request, before thee, come;
Deliver me, for thy word's sake.
171. Then shall my lips pour forth thy praise;
When me, thy statutes, thou shalt teach.
172. All thy commands are righteousness;
Therefore my tongue thy word shall preach.

173. Let thine almighty hand me help;
For I, thy precepts, made my choice.
174. Lord, I for thy salvation long;
And greatly in thy law rejoice.
175. Prolong my life, and I'll thee praise;
Let me thy promised succor find.
176. Thy servant seek, like lost sheep strayed;
For I thy precepts bear in mind.

A New Version of the Psalms of David, 1752

Author: John Barnard

John Barnard, born in Boston, Nov. 6, 1681; in 1752 made a version of psalms with the music; settled at Marblehead; introduced new music ther; died Jan 14, 1770, aged 89. A Dictionary of Musical Information by John W. Moore, Boston: Oliver, Ditson & Company, 1876  Go to person page >

Text Information

First Line: Thrice blest are the undefiled in way
Author: John Barnard
Place of Origin: Marblehead, Massachusetts
Language: English
Copyright: Public Domain


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A New Version of the Psalms of David #212

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