Hymns for Jeremiah 17

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TitleScriptureMatching Instances
All my hope on God is foundedJeremiah 17:5-94
I'm Happy with Jesus AloneJeremiah 17:73
The evil HeartJeremiah 17:92
Jesu, lover of my soulJeremiah 17:71
Open, Lord, my inward earJeremiah 17:9-101
Healer of Our Every IllJeremiah 17:141
Cradled in a manger, meanlyJeremiah 17:9-101
Vater! heilig möcht'ich lebenJeremiah 17:141
Guide Me, O Thou Great JehovahJeremiah 17:7-81
O for a heart to praise my GodJeremiah 17:9-101
Through All the Changing Scenes of LifeJeremiah 17:7-81
Another six days' work is doneJeremiah 17:21-221
Praise Him! Praise Him!Jeremiah 17:141
If Thou but Trust in God to Guide TheeJeremiah 17:5-101
God is a Spirit, just and wiseJeremiah 17:101
Jesus, my Saviour, look on meJeremiah 17:51
Light of light, enlighten meJeremiah 17:221
Make me a captive, LordJeremiah 17:5-91
Lord of All HopefulnessJeremiah 17:7-81
See how the worthless bramble standsJeremiah 17:5-61