Hymns for Proverbs 23

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TitleScriptureMatching Instances
My God, Accept My HeartProverbs 23:202
Give Me Thy HeartProverbs 23:262
In the Bleak MidwinterProverbs 23:262
All my hope on God is foundedProverbs 23:262
Welcome, O Saviour! to my heartProverbs 23:232
And can I yet delayProverbs 23:261
My God, how wonderful Thou artProverbs 23:261
Alleluia! Sing to JesusProverbs 23:111
Lord, I Want to Be a ChristianProverbs 23:71
Thrice happy souls, who, born of heav'nProverbs 23:171
Mein Gott, das Herz ich bringe dirProverbs 23:261
Hark! There Comes a WhisperProverbs 23:261
Wie herrlich ist's, ein Schäflein Christi werdenProverbs 23:261
What language now salutes the earProverbs 23:261
Gott, du bist alleine gütigProverbs 23:29-331
Jesus! my happy heartProverbs 23:261
Give Me Thine Heart!Proverbs 23:261
Give your Heart to JesusProverbs 23:261
Guide me, O thou great RedeemerProverbs 23:111
O worship the King, all glorious aboveProverbs 23:111