Tune names sporadically misalphabetized

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I was looking at the tunes composed/arranged by George F. Root today, and noticed that for reasons not at all clear to me a couple of tunes are bizarrely misalphabetized in the list. Here's a screenshot; the items in question are JEWELS and BLUMENTHAL. What causes these two tune names to be bizarrely and extremely out of place in an otherwise strictly alphabetical list?


It looks like the tune name in this list comes from the tune name in the authority. But the position in the list is influenced by the instances. In the case of BLUMENTHAL, Root is credited as the arranger of the tune in the hymnal "Wondrous Love" which he edited. The hymnal does not have a tune name so in this instance the tune is named "[When the morn is bright and fair]" So it appears in the W's because the tune Root is responsible for starts with "When." In the case of JEWELS, that tune name is in the minority, it most commonly appears without a name, so the authority should be "[When He cometh, when He cometh]"