Celebration Hymnal - 1997 - Word Integrity Music - free copies available

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We have 18 blue hardback copies of The Celebration Hymnal - Songs and Hymns for Worship - published in 1997 by Word Music/Integrity Music.

They are available for free for single or multiple copies.

These hymnals are from Graves Chapel Church a country church near Anabel, MO that closed a couple of years ago.

We would prefer to see them reused or re-purposed instead of recycled.



Interested in these for home bible study group. I am in Dallas, but would happily pay for shipping.

If you still have either of these hymnals we are just opening up a church and would greatly appreciate your help with our need for hymnals may God bless you

I see that a couple others have expressed interest. We, too, have a house church and would be interested if there are any of these left. Thank you.

I am interested in the 18 free copies of the Celebration Hymnal. I play the piano for Senior Singers, a group of seniors who sing each week for a hymn sing at the senior center and sing in local nursing homes. We are interested in obtaining hymnbooks with some of the newer songs that are often requested in our hymn sing.

Perhaps I should have left my email address: bcmartin@juno.com. I live in Fulton, Missouri, not too far away. We'd love to come be able to use this books in our ministry with seniors.


Are your hymnals still available? We have a small group that gathers in our home weekly and we'd like to have hymnals on hand for praise and worship around the piano. I'd be happy to pay for shipping at media rate if they're still available--we live in Virginia.


If these are still available I'm interested. I will pay shipping charges. Thank you

Are these hymnals still available? If so, I'd love to get my hands on them! We are a family of seven and we regularly do family devotions at home. We like to sing hymns as part of our worship time together; however, printing off copies of hymn lyrics for everyone uses too much ink and is time consuming and tedious. It would be wonderful if each member of our family had a hymnal. I will happily pay for media shipping through the USPS as we are in Maryland. I may even consider getting all 18 from you if the cost of postage isn't too terribly expensive. It would be great to have extras when we have church friends over at the house. Can we make this happen? I hope so. Thank you for your reply.

Our church is Faith walkers Baptist church located in mooresville , indiana we are a very new church we started in 2013 we are in need of song books for our congreation we would love to have your hymnals if you would let me know if you still have them please contact me babybull4@att.net
Thank you cindy elliott

We are a small church ministry that is starting out and in need of hymnals for our church. If you told us shipping and handling we would be willing to pay it. Thank you

We are looking for hymnals. We are located in Kansas but could pay shipping

can you mail me one of them?

Our school, Classical Christian Academy needs hymnals for choir.  It is a Pre-K-12 school.  We would be very grateful for 20 and would gladly pay shipping.  Do you still have the Celebration HYmnal songs and Hymns for Worship 1997 by Word Music/Integrity?

Thank you