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Montgomery's Doxology in 7s & 5s – https://hymnary.org/hymn/MSPH/360 – is encumbered with a ridiculously long list of topics. Most of them are completely unrelated to the text. If someone has a quick way to blank them all out, please do. This nice little doxology is coming up in search results for things as disparate and unrelated to the text as "Horeb" and "Jubilee: of Christian Sisterhood". Here's the whole list: 


Children: praising God; Providence: and grace; Resignation; Doxologies; Luther; Abraham's walk with God; Adoration of the Creator; Adult schools; Affliction; After Divine Service; All ages praising God; Almightiness of God; Angels and men; Angels and men praising God; Anniversary; Appeal from children; Ark of safety; Ask and receive; Assurance of hope; Babel; Backslider returning to God; Barnabas; Believing trust in Jehovah; Bereavement; Bethlehem; Birds and flowers; Birthday; Birth, Death, and Judgment; Body and soul; Brotherly Love; Burial Ground, preparation of; Calvary; Centenary: of a Christian Church; Centenary: of the Moravian Church; Centenary: of the United Brethren at Hernhut; Centenary: of the Brethren's Eldership and Missions; Centenary: of Wesleyan Methodism; Centenary: of a Christian Sisterhood; Change and progression; Charity; Charity: School; Children: appeal from poor; Children: numbering their days; Children: praying for grace; Children: scriptural examples of; Children: worshipping God; China evangelized; Cholera: visitation of; Cholera: confession and supplication during prevalence of; Cholera: thanksgiving for removal of; Christ: Birth of; Christ: amidst His people; Christ: He saved others, c.; Christ: died for sinners; Christ: His fight and conquest; Christ: in various characters; Christ: names and offices of; Christ: our example in suffering; Christ: renewal in image of; Christ: the Friend of children; Christ: the Prince of peace; Christ: walking with; Christ's: mission; Christ's: love to children; Christ's: universal reign; Christian: graces; Christian: unity and peace; Christian: Israel; Christian: soldier; Christian: confidence and stability; Church: on laying foundation stone of; Church: consecration of; Church: a lighthouse; Church: glorious and impregnable; Church: its peace and prosperity; Church: Militant and Triumphant; Church: the universal; Close of the Year; Closet prayer; Complaint; Confession and repentance; Covenant of peace; Covenanting with God; Creation: God seen in; Creation: all invites to worship God; Creator-Spirit; Day of grace; Day of grace: after Judgment; Daily Prayer; Day's journey, prayer for; David; Deafness; Death: support in; Death: and sin conquered; Deliverance: of God's people; Deliverance: in the wilderness; Deliverance: from captivity; Deliverance: from malignant disease; Deliverance: from perils at sea; Deliverance: from trouble; Deluge, escape from; Despondency; Despondency: corrected; Earth, full of God's goodness; Erection of a Sunday School; Evening thoughts; Eternity; Faith, Hope and Charity; Faith: trials of; Faith: walk of; Fall and restoration of man; Family: altar; Family: table; Farewell to a missionary; Fellowship: of saints; Fellowship: Church, reception into; Fellowship: Christian, symbols of; Fellowship: of heavenly travellers; Fellowship: bond of; Female Friendly Society; Fervent supplication; Field of the world; Flight of Time; Flock of Christ; Flood; For ever with the Lord; Garden thoughts; Gentiles: exhorted to praise God; Gentiles: gathering of; Gethsemane; Gifts and graces; Gloria Patri; Glory to God in songs of praise; God: in all things; God: guards his people; God: long-suffering of; God: Majesty of; God: universally worshipped; God's: blessing to Abraham; God's: image in his saints; God's: law; God's: Mercy; God's: providence and goodness to children; Good Shepherd; Gospel blessings; Grace and Glory; Grace and glory: day of; Grace and glory: Of Jesus Christ; Grave; Gypsies, call to; Hallelujah!; Happiness in Christ; Harvest: of both worlds; Heavenly longings; Heart: contrition of; Heart: given to God; Heritage of God's people; Heaven: the saints' Home; Heaven: in prospect; Heaven: invitation to go to; Heaven: preparation for; Heaven: on earth; Heaven: antepast of; Holy Scriptures; Horeb; Hosanna to Christ; Hospital, public; Humiliation of Christ; Image of Christ; Infant School; Isaac; Israel, restoration of; Jesus: name of; Jesus: our pattern; Jews, invitation to; Joseph; Jubilee: year of; Jubilee: of Baptist Missionary Society; Jubilee: of Church Missionary Society; Jubilee: of London Missionary Society; Jubilee: of Religious Tract Society; Jubilee: of Sunday School Union; Jubilee: of a minister; Jubilee: of Christian Sisterhood; Jubilee: hymn; Juvenile Missionary Meeting; Labrador; Lapse and improvement of time; Laying foundation stone: of a place of worship; Laying foundation stone: of a church; Laying foundation stone: of a church and cemetery; Life and Death; Life and death: and judgment; Life and death: preparation for; Life's eternal issues; Light and truth; Light and truth: natural and spiritual; Lighthouse; Living and dead, their states; Lord's Day worship; Lord's Day worship: Prayer; Lord's Day worship: Supper; Love to the triune God; Lovest thou Me?; Loxley; Mariners; Mary Magdalene; Mary Magdalene: mother of Jesus; Mary Magdalene: sister of Lazarus; Mary's choice; Mercies acknowledged; Messenger of peace; Messiah manifested; Messiah's peaceful triumphs; Midnight; Millennial anticipations; Minister: appointment of; Minister: death of; Ministers, meeting of; Missionary: work; Missionary: success; Missionary: death of a; Moment, the value of; Moses; Moses: in the desert; Moses: death of; Naaman; Name above every name; Nativity of Christ; Nature: voices of; Nature: and grace progressive; Neff, Felix, hymn of; Negroes; Night thoughts; Noon; Old and Young Praising God; Old Age; Omnipotence of God; Omnipresence of God; Omniscience of God; Opening: of a place of worship; Opening: a chapel and Sunday school; Organ, for opening of an; Orphan Asylum; Our Master Jesus; Parents and family of mankind; Parting of Christian friends; Past and present; Past and present: present, future; Peace of mind; Peace of mind: invitation to; Pilgrimage of life; Pilgrimage of life: prayers on; Pisgah-vision; Praise and Thanksgiving; Prayer: what it is; Prayer: the Lord's; Prayer: closet; Prayer: daily; Prayer: pleading in; Prayer: perseverance in; Prayer: confidence in; Prayer: wants and wishes in; Prayer: preparation of heart for; Prayer: resolution in; Prayer: exercise of faith in; Prayer: through Christ alone; Prayer: scriptural examples of; Prayer: for gracious obedience; Prayer: for the Holy Spirit's influence; Prayer: for a blessing on the Word; Prayer: for grace in self-knowledge; Prayer: for Christ-likeness; Prayer: for humility; Prayer: for peace of mind; Prayer: for a change of heart; Prayer: acceptance and guidance in; Prayer: for an aged minister; Prayer: for an obedient heart; Prayer: for bread, in time of scarcity; Prayer: for Divine manifestations; Prayer: for preservation from sinful words; Prayer: for spiritual assistance; Prayer: for spiritual blessings; Prayer: for Divine mercy; Prayer: in bereavement; Prayer: in affliction; Prayer: to give the heart to God; Prayers, our Saviour's; Prince of Peace; Prisoner of the Lord; Promised land; Providence: Divine, chooses our lot; Public Worship; Ragged Schools; Recovery from drowning; Redeemer, a refuge of safety; Redemption, gratitude for; Resurrection: Christ's; Resurrection: power of; Rest for the soul; Rivelin; Ruth; Sabbath: rest; Sabbath: schools; Sabbath: worship in the sanctuary; Sabbath: in a sick chamber; Sabbath: vows; Sabbath: on earth and in heaven; Sabbath: universal; Saints and sinners; Samuel; School, erection of; Schools, National and British; Scriptural examples for the young; Seeking the Lord; Self: knowledge; Self: discoveries; Self: deception; Separation on earth, re-union in heaven; Sheffield Infirmary; Sick chamber meditation; Sin, its universality; Sinai; Solomon's prayer; Song: of songs; Song: of saints in glory; Soul, the; Soul, the: temple of the; Soul, the: deception of the; Soul, the: ransomed by death of Christ; Spirit and Word of God; Spiritual worship; Still small voice, the; Surrender of all to God; Sunday School: meeting; Sunday School: evening song for; Sunday School: anniversary; Sunday School: union; Sunday School: teacher, death of; Tabor; Teacher; Teacher: death of a; Te Deum laudamus; Testimonies of God; Thanksgiving for harvest; Three: Marys; Three: mountains; Time, life, and man; Time, life, and man: past, present, future; To-day; Tongue, government of the; Tribulation and prayer; Trinity worshipped; Trumpet of salvation; Trust in the Lord; Union, Christian, symbolized; Unity in faith, hope, and feeling; Vain confidence; Vows and prayers of youth; Wadsley Church Schools; Waiting upon God; Walk of faith; War and peace; Warrior, Christian; Watch and Pray; Watchman; Waters of life; Wharncliffe; Whitsuntide; Wisdom: prayer for; Working for God; Worthy the Lamb; Young and old praising God; Youth vowing to serve the Lord

Just ridiculous IMHO.


Cholera: confession and supplication during prevalence of


Thanks for noticing this. It is fixed now