Why is "Swing Low" "Once to Every"?

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When I use Advanced Search to look for hymns pertinent to 2 Kings 2, the first four items in the result are https://hymnary.org/files/hymnary/image/Swing%20Low%20to%20Every%20Man%20and%20Nation.jpg

The Glory of These Forty Days (which at first glance seems odd, because it's so strongly New Testamental a reference in the first line, the forty days in question obviously being Lent), the Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, then God of the Prophets, which seems highly reasonable, and then Swing Low, Sweet Chariot again. Turns out the second "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" result actually links to "Once to Every Man and Nation". Why on earth do the search results call it "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"???

So far I have no clue.


You get this result because you are an logged in and because you are an editor. Editors get all of the search results. "Swing Low" is a hymn in the training hymnal for editors. The authority id points to "Once to Every Man and Nation" and someone added the scripture for Swing Low because it was in a note. These hymnals are unpublished so the results do not show up for normal people; but there is no reason to keep the training hymnals in the database once they have been completed (or abandoned), so most of them have been deleted.

At least it's reassuring to have Hymnary's confirmation that I'm not "normal people"! 

Thanks, Dianne. I was wondering why all of a sudden (didn't used to happen much) I'm seeing lots of Training Hymnals in my search results. So I guess to get real search results I need to log out and try to pass as normal...