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For some unimaginable reason, the "texts used with" section for Routley's AUGUSTINE lists, in addition to "Let all the world in every corner sing" (which is the only text with an instance showing), 

The Final Sentence

The trumpet sounds, the Judge descends,
A numerous guard surround his throne;
His once-dishonoured form appears
Far brighter than the noon-day sun.

and this hymn has a pie slice, too. However, the links both from "The Final Sentence" and from the pie slice are broken: 

And... when I went to the hymn's text authority I discovered that although it was only published once, in 1818, it was verboten on copyright grounds, even though it was labeled "Public domain". I managed to fix that problem by changing the setting from "Nobody" to "Everybody", but I am drawing a total blank as far as how to eliminate the pie slice and all mention of "The Final Sentence"on the AUGUSTINE tune authority page.


This is caused because the tune is connected into the database, but the corresponding text is not. The text that is not connected has the authority id "_" The system selects an instance from the long list of unconnected texts, in this case "The trumpet sounds, the Judge descends." The connected tune and unconnected text is from the hymnal "Hymns and Psalms: a Methodist and ecumenical hymn book" (HAP1983). "The Final Sentence" is from the hymnal "Hymns Adapted to Public Worship or Family Devotion." Both of these hymnals were added by volunteers who unfortunately have never completed them.