Beautiful One

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What we know as the attributes of God reveal his character and being. For these, he is worthy of praise and adoration. Even before he says or does anything, he is praise-worthy. The opening words of Belgic Confession, Article 1 declare that God is “eternal, incomprehensible, invisible, unchangeable, infinite, almighty; completely wise, just, and good, and the overflowing source of all good.”

The Lord’s Prayer ends with a doxology, and Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 52, Question and Answer 128 extrapolates: “Your holy name…should receive all the praise, forever.” After expressing our trust in the total care of God for all things, Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 9, Question and Answer 26 declares, “God is able to do this because he is Almighty God and desires to do this because he is a faithful Father.” And so we express our praise and adoration to God for who he is.


Beautiful One

Tune Information

F Major

Musical Suggestion

Piano Only Accompaniment:
  • This song is tricky with its repeats, Bridge, Coda, etc. Be sure to study and mark out your roadmap before leading people in the singing of this contemporary worship song.
— Diane Dykgraaf

Beautiful One

Hymn Story/Background

Most songs undergo quite a transformation from the first time the pen hits the paper to the final studio recording. “Beautiful One” started out as a ballad, with a tender chorus “Beautiful One, I love you” sung over and over again. But as Tim was playing around with it, he felt it had to be more of an anthem – something that could be shouted out. And as he made some changes, it began to feel right. Isaiah 53 tells us of the suffering servant, with no beauty or majesty. This song was written in response to that, to declare that we now know the true beauty of Christ, and cannot help but sing his praises.
— Laura de Jong

Author and Composer Information

Tim Hughes (b. July 23, 1978) is the son of an Anglican vicar, and grew up in Birmingham, UK. In 1997, at age 19, he was asked by Mike Pilavachi to lead worship at the Soul Survivor festivals. He then became the Worship Pastor at Soul Survivor Watford Church after Matt Redman stepped down. In 2005 he became the director of worship at Holy Trinity Brompton Anglican in London, one of the largest churches in the UK and home of the Alpha course. The next year, Hughes and fellow worship leader Al Gordon launched Worship Central, a school of worship. Hughes released his first album, Here I Am to Worship, in 2001, and has since released When Silence Falls, Holding Nothing Back, and Love Shine Through.
— Laura de Jong

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