Lift Up Your Hearts: psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs

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600Yesu azali awa (Jesus Christ is with us) (Jezus Christus is bij ons) (예수 우리와 함께) (Jaso Quito kah lahn dee day)YESU AZALI AWA
601All hail the power of Jesus' name!CORONATIONTextPage ScanAudio
602Create in us, O GodPOST GREENAudio
603My Jesus, my SaviorSHOUT TO THE LORDAudio
604To God be the glory, great things he has doneTO GOD BE THE GLORYTextPage ScanAudio
605Digno es Jesús (Worthy is Christ)DIGNO ES JESÚSTextPage ScanAudio
606We lift our hands in the sanctuaryIN THE SANCTUARY
607Wonderful, so wonderful is your unfailing loveBEAUTIFUL ONE
608Salvation belongs to our GodSALVATION BELONGS TO OUR GODAudio
609Shukuru, Yesu (Thanking you, Jesus) (Asanti, asanti, Yesu) (Tinati, tinati, Yesu) (Webale, webale, Yesu) (نشكر نشكر يسوع)SHUKURU, YESUAudio
610Lord, I lift your name on highLORD, I LIFT YOUR NAME ON HIGHAudio
611Everyone needs compassionMIGHTY TO SAVEAudio
612LORD, who may dwell within your houseCRIMONDAudio
613Come to the Savior nowINVITATIONTextPage ScanAudio
614Come, you disconsolate, where'er you languishCONSOLATORTextPage ScanAudio
615Softly and tenderly Jesus is callingTHOMPSONTextPage ScanAudio
616As a deer in want of waterFREU DICH SEHR (GENEVAN 42)Audio
617Spirit divine, inspire our prayerGRÄFENBERGTextAudio
618Spirit of God, who dwells within my heartMORECAMBETextPage ScanAudio
619Tama ngakau marie (Son of God, whose heart is peace)TAMA NGAKAU MARIE
620I cry out for your hand of mercy to heal meGOOD TO MEAudio
621I am not asking for the riches of the landGIVE ME A CLEAN HEARTAudio
622God, be merciful to meGOD, BE MERCIFULTextAudio
623God, be merciful to meREDHEAD 76TextPage ScanAudio
624Not what my hands have doneLEOMINSTERTextPage ScanAudio
625LORD, to you my soul is liftedGENEVAN 25Audio
626Cast down, O God, the idolsRUTHERFORDAudio
627Just as I am, without one pleaWOODWORTHTextPage ScanAudio
628We bow our hearts, we bend our kneesGIVE US CLEAN HANDSAudio
629Ishworo, Ishworo daya koro (Father in heaven, have mercy upon us)ISHWOROTextPage Scan
630O Christ, the Lamb of GodCHRISTE, DU LAMM GOTTESTextAudio
631Holy, holy, holy GodAGIOS, O THEOSText
632Remember not, O GodGORTONTextAudio
633Kyrie. Kyrie. KYRIE BRUMMAudio
634Holy God (Santo Dios) (Saint Dieu) (聖なる神) (Ἅγιος ὁ Θεός) (Heilige God) (Heiliger Gott)
635Kyrie eleison (Lord, have mercy)KYRIE RUSSIATextAudio
636Gracious God, our sins are too heavy to carry
637Kyrie eleison (Lord, have mercy)KYRIE GHANATextAudio
638"Forgive our sins as we forgive"ST. ETHELDREDAAudio
639Lord, have mercyLORD, HAVE MERCY
640Merciful God, we confess that we have sinned against you
641Eternal Spirit, God of truthFOREST GREENTextPage ScanAudio
642Perdón, Señor (Forgive us, Lord)CONFESSION
643Plaintive is the songs I singNUN KOMM DER HEIDEN HEILANDAudio
644Lying lips that falsely flatterCAPTIVITY (KAS DZIEDAJA)Audio
645Contend, Lord, with those who contend with me
646O God, my faithful GodDARMSTADTTextPage ScanAudio
647Come, sing to God with all your heartMORNING SONGAudio
648Why stand so far away, my God?MORNING SONGAudio
649I call to you, my RockRHOSYMEDREAudio
650O when will we see justice done?KINGSFOLDAudio
651By the Babylonian riversKAS DZIEDAJAAudio
652I lift my eyes upI LIFT MY EYES UPAudio
653Almighty and loving God, we confess
654Your enemies rise up in tumultTEMPEST WINDAudio
655Out of the depths I cry to you on highSANDONTextPage ScanAudio
656Deliver me from evilHERZLICH TUT MICH VERLANGENAudio
657Hear my cry and supplicationARISE (RESTORATION)Audio
658Where armies scourge the countrysidePACE MIO DIO
659Nearer, still nearer, close to thy heartSTILL NEARERTextPage ScanAudio
660Jesus, draw me ever nearerDRAW ME EVER NEARERAudio
661I am weak but thou art strongCLOSER WALKTextAudio
662In an age of twisted valuesCHURCH UNITED
663Pelas dores deste mundo, ó Senhor (For the troubles and the sufferings of the world)PELAS DORES DESTE MUNDOAudio
664I need your help, O LORD my GodRESTING PLACEAudio
665I heard the voice of Jesus sayRESTING PLACETextAudio
666"I will give you restREST
667Christ, whose glory fills the skiesLUX PRIMATextPage ScanAudio
668I worship you, O LORDBISHOP TUCKERTextAudio
669How blest are they whose trespassRUTHERFORDTextPage ScanAudio
670I waited patiently for GodNEW BRITAINAudio
671The LORD is compassionate and graciousPage Scan
672O come, my soul, sing praise to God your MakerTIDINGSTextPage ScanAudio
673How precious is your unfailing love, O GodYOUR UNFAILING LOVE
674As Moses raised the serpent upO WALY WALYAudio
675By grace we have been saved through faithOH, HOW I LOVE JESUSAudio
676There is a name I love to hearOH, HOW I LOVE JESUSTextAudio
677For the glories of God's graceMONKLAND
678What do you believe concerning “the forgiveness of sins”?
679"For freedom, Christ has set us free!"ELLACOMBEAudio
680O God, we kneel before your throneKNOLLCREST FARMAudio
681Therefore, since we have a great high priest
682Before the throne of God aboveBEFORE THE THRONETextAudio
683How great is the love of the FatherANNO DOMINI
684There in God's garden stands the Tree of WisdomSHADES MOUNTAINAudio
685I sought the Lord, and afterward I knewFINLANDIATextAudio
686All glorious God, we give you thanks
687Father, long before creationCORONAETextPage ScanAudio
688How vast the benefits divineBETHLEHEMTextPage ScanAudio
689There's a wideness in God's mercyCIVILITYAudio
690I know not why God's wondrous graceEL NATHANTextPage ScanAudio
691Amazing grace – how sweet the soundNEW BRITAINTextPage ScanAudio
692Amazing grace, how sweet the soundAMAZING GRACE CHANT
693Amazing grace– how sweet the soundMY CHAINS ARE GONEAudio
694There is therefore now no condemnationPage Scan
695And can it be that I should gainSAGINATextPage ScanAudio
696Marvelous grace of our loving LordMOODYTextPage ScanAudio
697How are you righteous before God?Page Scan
698Great is your faithfulness, O GodYOUR GRACE IS ENOUGHAudio
699Like a river gloriousWYE VALLEYTextPage ScanAudio

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