The Lord Bless You

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To leave the security of worship and enter the world for service requires firm confidence in the faithful promises of God to be with us, to care for us and bless us. Our deepest assurance comes from the comfort we have that “I am not my own, but belong—body and soul, in life and in death—to my faithful Savior Jesus Christ” (Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 1, Question and Answer 1). Because I belong to him, “he will provide whatever I need for body and soul, and will turn to my good whatever adversity he sends upon me in this sad world. God is able to do this because he is almighty God and desires to do this because he is a faithful Father” (Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 9, Question and Answer 26). We have the assurance that “our Lord speaks to us now through the inspired Scriptures. Christ is with us day by day” (Our Song of Hope, Stanza 1). How rich it is to carry such assurance of his blessing with us as we leave the service of worship!


The Lord Bless You

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A Prayer of Acclamation and Petition
Great God, provider for your people, your love surrounds us, becoming our shield and comfort. What you do for us, we pray you will do also for others. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.
— Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.

The Lord Bless You

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F Major

The Lord Bless You

Author and Composer Information

Earl Fred Morris is the composer of this song that has been beloved by many.  Tim Ten Clay, a member of the LUYH editorial team, remembers it being sung as the closing song at concerts for many years by the a cappella choir at Central College in Pella, Iowa.   The story goes that the song was originally written on a napkin by Morris at a going away party for a friend.  
— Emily Brink

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