Buds and Blossoms for the Little Ones: a song book for infant classes or Sunday schools

Editor: Emma Pitt
Publisher: Emma Pitt, Baltimore, MD., 1889
Language: English
Notes: Hymns are numbers by the page number they appear in
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
3Buds and blossoms fresh with beauty[Buds and blossoms fresh with beauty]Page Scan
4We are little sowers[We are little sowers]Page Scan
5Tell me all about Jesus[Tell me all about Jesus]Page Scan
6The wise may bring their learning[The wise may bring their learning]Page Scan
7Beautiful the little hands[Beautiful the little hands]Page Scan
8Does God care for the birdie[Does God care for the birdie]Page Scan
9The world looks very pretty[The world looks very pretty]Page Scan
10What have I ever done for Jesus[What have I ever done for Jesus]Page Scan
11Are you sowing the seeds of mercy[Are you sowing the seeds of mercy]Page Scan
12God made the star, the lovely star[God made the star, the lovely star]Page Scan
13Little beams of brightness[Little beams of brightness]Page Scan
14Little flowers, tender flowers[Little flowers, tender flowers]Page Scan
15Dear Jesus ever at my sideSOMERVILLEPage Scan
16A tender child beneath the sun[A tender child beneath the sun]Page Scan
17Up with the morning[Up with the morning]Page Scan
18We are the Savior's dear ones[We are the Savior's dear ones]Page Scan
20We're a band of happy children[We're a band of happy children]Page Scan
21We are young and very helpless[We are young and very helpless]Page Scan
22O sing a song for May day[O sing a song for May day]Page Scan
23Happy hearts we will bring[Happy hearts we will bring]Page Scan
24Only a tiny handful[Only a tiny handful]Page Scan
25Fruit bearers in Thy kingdom[Fruit bearers in Thy kingdom]Page Scan
26Yes, with His tender watch-care[Yes, with His tender watch-care]Page Scan
27Singing on our journey[Singing on our journey]Page Scan
28The birds are singing sweetly now[The birds are singing sweetly now]Page Scan
29God's own little flock[God's own little flock]Page Scan
30We are happy children[We are happy children]Page Scan
31Flowers blooming brightly[Flowers blooming brightly]Page Scan
32How can our little help, we say[How can our little help, we say]Page Scan
33From the sunny morning[From the sunny morning]Page Scan
34Little lights for God are we[Little lights for God are we]Page Scan
35See the shining dewdrops[See the shining dewdrops]Page Scan
36How sweetly smiles the Christmas light[How sweetly smiles the Christmas light]Page Scan
37In lands full of darkness[In lands full of darkness]Page Scan
38I have a crown of jewels bright[I have a crown of jewels bright]Page Scan
39Little birdie, come and see[Little birdie, come and see]Page Scan
40Bright little star[Bright little star]Page Scan
42I'm a little sunbeam, I know how to shine[I'm a little sunbeam, I know how to shine]Page Scan
43See the banners waving, waving[See the banners waving, waving]Page Scan
44What can the children do?[What can the children do?]Page Scan
45O send the Bible out to all[O send the Bible out to all]Page Scan
46Down the column of the ages[Down the column of the ages]Page Scan
47While walking by the mossy bank[While walking by the mossy bank]Page Scan
48Beautiful crowns in heav'n we see[Beautiful crowns in heav'n we see]Page Scan
50Sweet little pansy[Sweet little pansy]Page Scan
51Some people laugh and wonder[Some people laugh and wonder]Page Scan
52Happy little birdie[Happy little birdie]Page Scan
53We are coming, gladly coming[We are coming, gladly coming]Page Scan
54We dearly love the Sabbath morn[We dearly love the Sabbath morn]Page Scan
55I know that oft I wander[I know that oft I wander]Page Scan
56I'm a little lamb of the Saviour's fold[I'm a little lamb of the Saviour's fold]Page Scan
57We would sing of Jesus' love[We would sing of Jesus' love]Page Scan
58Earnest, faithful banner bearers[Earnest, faithful banner bearers]Page Scan
59My Saviour reigns aboveAMERICAPage Scan
60Consider ye the lilies[Consider ye the lilies]Page Scan
61Oh, 'tis not far to Jesus' love[Oh, 'tis not far to Jesus' love]Page Scan
62Only a single penny[Only a single penny]Page Scan
63Little helpless lambs are we[Little helpless lambs are we]Page Scan
64aWhen I, dear Lord, arise from sleep[When I, dear Lord, arise from sleep]Page Scan
64bWhen I, dear Lord, my work have done[When I, dear Lord, my work have done]Page Scan
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