Baptist Hymnal 2008

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501O Jesus I have promisedANGEL'S STORYTextPage ScanAudio
502'Tis so sweet to trust in JesusTRUST IN JESUSTextPage ScanAudio
503Jesus, my Lord, will love me foreverELLSWORTH
504Be strong in the lord, and be of good courageSTRENGTHPage Scan
505Bow the kneeBOW THE KNEE
506In Christ alone my hope is foundIN CHRIST ALONE
507Who can satisfy my soul like You? WHO CAN SATISFY
508Have faith in God when your pathway is lonelyMUSKOGEE
509My faith looks up to TheeOLIVETTextPage ScanAudio
510I have a living hopeFIRM FOUNDATION
511My hope is built on nothing lessSOLID ROCKText
512Only believe, only believeONLY BELIEVETextPage Scan
513Have you failed in your plan of your storm-tossed life?LUBBOCKTextPage Scan
514Be still, my soul! The Lord is on thy sideFINLANDIATextPage ScanAudio
515Simply trusting ev'ry dayTRUSTING JESUSTextPage Scan
516Like a river gloriousWYE VALLEYText
517Day by day and with each passing momentBLOTT EN DAGTextPage ScanAudio
518My life is in You, LordMY LIFE
519We believe in God, the Father[Because We Believe]
520Loved with everlasting loveEVERLASTING LOVEText
521Encamped along the hills of lightSANKEYTextPage ScanAudio
522In His time, In His timeIN HIS TIME
523Here am I, send meSALLY TOWNSEND
524Seek ye first the kingdom of GodLAFFERTY
525Over all the earth You reign on highREIGN IN ME
526Teach me Your holy ways, O LordCRY OF MY HEART
527The greatest thing in all my life is knowing YouTHE GREATEST THING
528This is my desire, to honor YouI GIVE YOU MY HEART
529Change my heart, O GodCHANGE MY HEART
530I'd rather have Jesus than silver or goldI'D RATHER HAVE JESUSText
531Savior, Thy dying love SOMETHING FOR JESUSTextPage Scan
532I'm pressing on the upward wayHIGHER GROUNDText
533Set my soul afire, Lord, for Thy holy Word[Set My Soul Afire]
534Take my life, and let it beHENDONTextPage ScanAudio
535I am Thine, O Lord, I have heard Thy voiceI AM THINETextPage ScanAudio
536Lord, I want to be a ChristianI WANT TO BE A CHRISTIANTextPage ScanAudio
537Master, Thou callest, I gladly obeyBECK
538Once to every man and nation BEECHERTextPage ScanAudio
539With all my heart I want to love You, LordMASON
540Take my life, lead me, LordLANGLEY
541Take my life, and let it beYARBROUGHTextPage Scan
542In my life, Lord, be glorified, be glorifiedBE GLORIFIED
543Nearer, my God, to TheeBETHANYTextPage ScanAudio
544Have Thine own way, Lord! ADELAIDETextPage ScanAudio
545Living for Jesus a life that is trueLIVINGTextPage Scan
546Dear Lord and Father of mankindREST (ELTON)TextPage ScanAudio
547We lift our voices, we lift our handsOFFERING
548Lord, we want to know YouISAAC
549My life, my love I give to TheeDUNBARTextPage Scan
550Sweetly, Lord, have we heard Thee callingFOOTSTEPSTextPage Scan
551Who can cheer the heart like JesusHARRISTextPage Scan
552My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mineGORDONText
553Jesus, draw me close, closer, Lord, to YouFOUNDS
554As the deer panteth for the waterAS THE DEER
555I love You, Lord, and I lift my voiceI LOVE YOU! LORD
556We fall down, we lay our crowns at the feet of JesusWE FALL DOWN
557And who can weigh the value of knowing You?MORE PRECIOUS
558More love, more powerMORE LOVE, MORE POWER
559More love to Thee, O ChristMORE LOVE TO THEETextPage ScanAudio
560There is a name I love to hearOH, HOW I LOVE JESUSTextPage ScanAudio
561Deep in my heart there's a gladnessKETCHUMTextPage Scan
562Love the Lord, your God with all your heartLOVE THE LORD
563I love Thee, I love Thee, I love Thee, My LordI LOVE THEETextPage Scan
564More about Jesus would I knowSWENEYTextPage Scan
565So precious is Jesus, my Savior, my KingPRECIOUS TO METextPage Scan
566Father, I adore YouMARANATHA
567There is never a day so drearyNEW ORLEANSTextPage ScanAudio
568I'm so glad, Jesus lifted me!I'M SO GLAD
569The joy of the Lord is my strengthTHE JOY OF THE LORD
570You shall go out with joy and be led forth with peaceTHE TREES OF THE FIELD
571This is the day, this is the day that the Lord has madeTHIS IS THE DAY
572I will celebrate, sing unto the LordI WILL CELEBRATE
573O what a wonderful, wonderful dayHEAVEN CAME DOWN
574O happy day that fixed my choiceHAPPY DAYTextPage ScanAudio
575My heart is filled with thankfulnessTHANKFULNESS
576Give thanks with a grateful heartGIVE THANKS
577How can I say thanks for the things You have done for meMY TRIBUTE
578Rejoice, ye pure in heartMARIONTextPage ScanAudio
579I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heartHE HAS MADE ME GLAD
580And in all things give Him thanksGIVE HIM THANKS
581We bring the sacrifice of praise into the house of the LordWE BRING THE SACRIFICE
582Thank You, Lord, for saving my soulTHANK YOU, LORD
583Give thanks to God, for He is goodBALDWIN
584Come into His presence with thanksgiving in your heartBAIRD
585When upon life's billows you are tempest tossedBLESSINGSTextPage ScanAudio
586Rejoice in the Lord always: again I say, Rejoice!REJOICETextPage Scan
587Take time to be holyHOLINESSTextPage ScanAudio
588Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuarySANCTUARY
589Holiness, holiness is what I long forTAKE MY LIFE
590We bow our hearts, we bend our kneesGIVE US CLEAN HANDS
591Purer in heart, O God, Help me to bePURER IN HEARTTextPage Scan
592Purify my heart, let me be as gold and precious silverREFINER'S FIRE
593I lay my sins on JesusAURELIATextPage Scan
594Faith of our fathers! living still ST. CATHERINETextPage ScanAudio
595For all the saints who from their labors restSINE NOMINETextPage ScanAudio
596A charge to keep I haveBOYLSTONTextPage ScanAudio
597Let it be said of us that the Lord was our passionFRY
598Oh, may all who come behind us find us faithfulFIND US FAITHFUL
599Soon and very soon, we are going to see the KingSOON AND VERY SOON
600When the trumpet of the Lord shall soundROLL CALLTextPage ScanAudio

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