Come Away with Me

From the publisher: "Covering a variety of subjects, these 16 original hymns are perfect for use in worship and other settings. Come Away With Me is a collection of sixteen original hymns (both texts and tunes are original) on a variety of subjects. Each hymn is presented as poetry (without music), set as a congregational hymn (text interlined within the music), and is given brief background information. The ideas in the texts [written by Mary Nelson Keithahn] are rich theologically, yet easily comprehended, use totally inclusive language, and are set as artistically beautiful poetry in standard metrical schemes (common meter, long meter, 66.86, and so forth). The hymn tunes [composed by John D. Horman] are written in well-crafted, imaginative, memorable, traditional (as opposed to pop) styles, and set in classic hymn format (melody as the uppermost note in the right hand of the accompaniment)."
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1When quiet peace is shatteredHEALING VOICEText
2Spirit, falling like a doveENGLISH ORCHARDText
3There is a need for shepherdsSHEPHERDS TODAYText
4Emmanuel, who walked among us here,KENSINGTONText
5The kingdom we inheritedPLACERVILLEText
6When the world is babbling 'round us,MIDDLETOWNText
7The people came from everywhereCHILD'S PLAYText
8Your Spirit, God, moves us to prayCABIN JOHNText
9The Holy One of IsraelISAIAH'S DREAMText
10Spirit-child Jesus in joyful refrain,SPIRIT-CHILD
11As Rachel mourned her childrenHEROD'S LEGACYText
12Up to the Temple one fine dayWHEATONText
13We walk today in darkness,BARDSLEYText
14When it seemed that Love was dying,KRISTA'S TUNE
15When people learned of Jesus ChristDEDICATIONText
16Come away with me to a quiet place,RECREATIONText
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