Christadelphian Hymn Book: for worship and for witness

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1Blessed are they who listen not to evil counselCOLN ROGERS
2Give ear to my words, O Lord[Give ear to my words, O Lord]Text
3Lead me, Lord, lead me in Thy righteousnessLEAD ME, LORD
4My voice shalt Thou hear in the morning, O LordMY VOICE SHALT THOU HEARText
5O Lord, our Lord, how excellent Thy name on earth is knownBEATITUDOText
6Lord, Thee I'll praise with all my heartDAVID
7The Lord will be a refuge for the oppressedTHE LORD WILL BE A REFUGEText
8God's law is perfect, and converts The soul in sin that liesLONDON NEWText
9The King of love my Shepherd isDOMINUS REGIT ME
10The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not wantTHE LORD IS MY SHEPHERDText
11The Lord my Shepherd is, I shall be well suppliedGREATHEDText
12The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not wantCRIMOND
13To Thee I lift my soulFRANCONIAText
14God is my strong salvationBRADFORD
15O love the Lord, O love the Lord, O love the Lord, all ye His saintsO LOVE THE LORD
16Our soul waiteth for the LordOUR SOUL WAITETHText
17O children, hither do ye comeSOLOMONText
18O taste and see how gracious the Lord isO TASTE AND SEE HOW GRACIOUS THE LORD ISText
19High in the heav'ns, eternal GodPLAISTOW
20For evil-doers fret thu notEVANText
21Rest in the Lord, and patientlyQUEENSText
22O blessed is the man whose trustFABERText
23As pants the hart for cooling streamsMARTYRDOM
24As the hart panteth after the water brooksAS THE HART PANTETHText
25O send Thy light forth and Thy truthARBRIDGE
26God is our refuge and our strengthGERONTIUS
27The heathen rage tumultouslyMORNINGTON CHANTText
28Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of ZionCRY OUT AND SHOUTText
29After Thy loving kindness, LordFARRANTText
30Throughly wash meTHROUGHLY WASH METext
31Cast thy burden upon the LordCAST THY BURDEN UPON THE LORDText
32Be merciful to me, O GodDENFIELDText
33Lord, Thee my God, I'll early seekCREATOR GODText
34The righteous shall be glad, be glad in the LordTHE RIGHTEOUS SHALL BE GLADText
35O Thou that hearest pray'rO THOU THAT HEAREST PRAYERText
36If I regard iniquity in my heartIF I REGARD INIQUITY IN MY HEARTText
37God be merciful unto us, and bless usGOD BE MERCIFUL UNTO US
38God of mercy, God of grace, Show the brightness of Thy faceHEATHLANDSText
39O Lord, Thy judgements give the king, His Son Thy righteousnessCLAREMONTText
40Turn us again, O Lord, our God, And upon us vouchsafeSTOCKTONText
41How lovely is Your dwelling place, O Lord of hosts, to meLEAMINGTON SPA
42The Lord will come, and not be slow, His footsetps cannot errBINCHESTER
43Comfort, O Lord, the soul of Thy servant, for unto Thee do I lift up my soulCOMFORT THE SOUL OF THY SERVANT
44Blessed are the people that know the joyful soundBLESSED ARE THE PEOPLE
45Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling place In generations allST. MATTHEW
46O God, our help in ages past, Our hope for years to comeST. ANNE
47Jehovah reigns, He dwells in lightMONTGOMERY
48O worship the Lord, O worship the LordO WORSHIP THE LORD
49O sing a new song to the Lord, For wonders He hath doneROBINSON CHANT
50All people that on earth do dwell, Sing to the Lord with cheerful voiceOLD HUNDREDETH
51O Thou, Jehovah, shalt endure From change and all mutation freeBRITISH
52Good is our God and full of kind compassionSTRENGTH AND STAY
53The glory of the mighty Lord Continue shall for ayeBON ACCORD
54Give praise and thanks unto the Lord, For beautiful is HeBEDFORD
55From Zion shall Thy rod proceed; The sword of judgement in Thy handWARRINGTON
56Eternal God, Thou only just, Thou only gracious, wise, and trueCAREY'S
57O praise the Lord, all ye nationsO PRAISE THE LORD, ALL YE NATIONS
58Blessed are they that undefiled And straight are in Thy wayDUBLIN C.M.
59O how love I Thy law, it is My study all the dayWILTSHIRE C.M.
60Though to the hills I lift mine eyes, From whence doth come mine aid?SHEFFIELD C.M.
61Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; they shall prosper that love theePRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM
62All they who in the Lord confide shall as Mount Zion beALL THEY WHO IN THE LORD CONFIDE
63Out of the depths have I cried unto Thee, have I cried unto Thee, O LordOUT OF THE DEPTHS
64The Lord in truth to David sware, He will not turn therefromMAGNUS C.M.
65Behold, how good a thing it is, And how becoming wellBELMONT C.M.
66Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my thoughtsSEARCH ME, O GOD
67Where can we hide, or whither fly, Lord, to escape Thy piercing eye?SACRED STREAM L.M.
68I will extol Thee, my God, O KingI WILL EXTOL THEE
69O Lord, Thou art my God and King, Thee will I magnify and praiseMELCOMBE L.M.
70The Lord our God most gracious is, Compassion He delights to showWAREHAM L.M.
71The eyes of all things, Lord, attend, And on Thee wait, that here do liveDUKE STREET L.M.
72Hallelujah! Yahweh's name From the hea'ns aloud proclaim!HALLELUJAH
73Ye boundless realms of joy, Exalt your Maker's fameDARWALL'S 148th
74O praise God in His holiness; praise Him in the firmament of His pow'rO PRAISE GOD IN HIS HOLINESS
75O praise ye the Lord! Praise Him in the heightLAUDAE DOMINUM
76All creatures of our God and King, Lift up your voice and with us singLASST UNS ERFREUEN
77All-pow'rful, self-existent God, Who all creation dost sustain!CANADA L.M.
78Amen. Blessing and glory, and wisdom and thanksgivingAMEN. BLESSING AND GLORY
79Bright the vision that delighted Once the sight of Judah's seerLAUS DEO (Redhead 46)
80Father and Friend, Thy light, Thy loveSUBMISSION L.M.
81Everlasting, changing never!BENEDICTION
82Fill Thou my life, O Lord, my GodRICHMOND C.M.
83Glory and blessing be Ever ascribed to TheeDOXOLOGY
84God is love: His the care, Tending each, ev'rywhereTHEODORIC
85God who cheered the faithful Joseph In his lone distressDIVINE AID
86God of Glory, Truth and SlendourLOVE DIVINE
87Hallelujah! raise, O raiseINNOCENTS
88Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my FatherGREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS
89Hallelujah, God be honoured: True and righteous all His waysABBOT'S LEIGH
90Hark, my soul, how ev'rything Strives to sreve our bounteous KingST. BEES
91High over lashing waves our God is thronedOLD 124th
92Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of HostsHOLY, HOLY, HOLY
93Honour and glory, dominion, pow'r be to JehovahHONOUR AND GLORY
94Immortal, invisible, God only wise, In light inaccessible hid from our eyesST. DENIO
95Infinite God, to Thee our voice we raiseDEVOTION No. 2
96Jehovah dwells alone, No equal can He seeSERENITY S.M.
97Let all the world rejoice! The great Jehovah reignsHERALD
98King of glory, King of peace, I will love TheeGWALCHMAI
99Lift up to God the voice of praise, Swell high your grateful songBATH C.M.
100Lord of the circling earthGLANUSK

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