Church Hymn Book: consisting of newly composed hymns with the addition of hymns and psalms, from other authors, carefully adapted for the use of public worship, and many other occasions (1st ed.)

Editor: Paul Henkel
Publisher: Solomon Henkel (Printer), New Market, Va., 1816
Denomination: German Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Tennessee
Language: English
Notes: Psalms are numbered separately
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IHere, blessed Jesus, we appear!TextPage Scan
IIDear Jesus here we now attendTextPage Scan
IIITo thee O Saviour glory be!TextPage Scan
IVWe humbly thank thee gracious LordTextPage Scan
VBless us dear Lord, departing henceTextPage Scan
VINow we depart, we sing and prayTextPage Scan
VIICome, O thou prince of glory come!TextPage Scan
VIIICould we O Saviour worthy be!TextPage Scan
IXWe are by the Apostle taughtTextPage Scan
XYe nations, who on earth do dwellTextPage Scan
XIGod's faithful promises are sureTextPage Scan
XIIWhen John in prison came to hearTextPage Scan
XIIIAs faithful shepherds of the LordTextPage Scan
XIVThe Priests and Levites sent to JohnTextPage Scan
XVRejoice ye in the Lord!TextPage Scan
XVILong did both Kings and Prophets waitTextPage Scan
XVIIWhilst Shepherds kept their flocks by nightTextPage Scan
XVIIIImmanuel we sing thy praiseTextPage Scan
XIXThe bless'd and saving grace of GodTextPage Scan
XXO Mighty God, thou virgin son!TextPage Scan
XXIJesus thou everlasting word!TextPage Scan
XXIIWhen Jesus did from heav'n descendTextPage Scan
XXIIIO Thou from all eternity! TextPage Scan
XXIVWe cannot be the heirs of graceTextPage Scan
XXVDid'st thou O Saviour! condecendTextPage Scan
XXVIGrant us, O Lord, we humbly pray!TextPage Scan
XXVIIThe Christian Church should well partakeTextPage Scan
XXVIIIThe way of life remain'd conceal'dTextPage Scan
XXIXWhen Jesus unto Jordan cameTextPage Scan
XXXWhen times of troubles are at handTextPage Scan
XXXIO King of Glory, David's son! TextPage Scan
XXXIIArise and shine thy light is comeTextPage Scan
XXXIIIWhen Jesus in the temple stay'dTextPage Scan
XXXIVTo be a holy sacrificeTextPage Scan
XXXVTo such is bless'd, their marriage dayTextPage Scan
XXXVIO Precious gift from God above!TextPage Scan
XXXVIIThe leper in his painful caseTextPage Scan
XXXVIIITo be at peace with ev'ry manTextPage Scan
XXXIXWhen the distress'd Disciples wereTextPage Scan
XL'Tis a duty Christians oweTextPage Scan
XLIYe Christian men pray notice well!TextPage Scan
XLIIIn unity and peaceTextPage Scan
XLIIIWhen Christ was on the mount reveal'dTextPage Scan
XLIVGod's word of prophecies are giv'nTextPage Scan
XLVIn Parables the Lord doth shewTextPage Scan
XLVISupported by especial graceTextPage Scan
XLVIIA Sower that goes forth to sowTextPage Scan
XLVIIIThe faithful servants of the LordTextPage Scan
XLIXA Certain beggar, poor and blindTextPage Scan
LCould I, with tongues of Angels speakTextPage Scan
LINot in deception or disguiseTextPage Scan
LIITurn ye to me, thus saith the LordTextPage Scan
LIIIHow great was our dear Lord's distressTextPage Scan
LIVShould we receive that grace in vainTextPage Scan
LVPray'r will at last an answer gainTextPage Scan
LVIThe truth which christians once receiv'dTextPage Scan
LVIIA Palace is the sinner's heartTextPage Scan
LVIIIYe who profess the Lord to loveTextPage Scan
LIXGrant us dear Lord our daily breadTextPage Scan
LXAs the Galatians vainly dream'dTextPage Scan
LXIWhen Jesus taught the Jews of oldTextPage Scan
LXIIJesus the great High PriestTextPage Scan
LXIIIZion receive thy glorious king!TextPage Scan
LXIVWe should possess the Saviour's mindTextPage Scan
LXVTo shew how humble christians oughtTextPage Scan
LXVIThe time of Jesus being at handTextPage Scan
LXVIIYe wretched sons of men draw nearTextPage Scan
LXVIIIWho hath believ'd thy sacred word?TextPage Scan
LXIXO Let me look to GolgathaTextPage Scan
LXXWhen Jesus on the Cross I seeTextPage Scan
LXXIWhat caus'd a deep and mournful sound?TextPage Scan
LXXIITo Jesus Christ, our living headTextPage Scan
LXXIIIThe Feast of Easter was enjoin'dTextPage Scan
LXXIVWhy should we fear the powers of HellTextPage Scan
LXXVThis is for us a happy dayTextPage Scan
LXXVIO Blessed truth the Gospel showsTextPage Scan
LXXVIIWhen the disciples refuge soughtTextPage Scan
LXXVIIIThe soul renew'd by grace divineTextPage Scan
LXXIXJesus the great and mighty LordTextPage Scan
LXXXThat great example Jesus setTextPage Scan
LXXXIWhen Christ let his Disciples knowTextPage Scan
LXXXIIHow bless'd are they who always striveTextPage Scan
LXXXIIIO Precious word the Saviour spakeTextPage Scan
LXXXIVFrom God above, the God of heav'nTextPage Scan
LXXXVGreat comforts does the Saviour giveTextPage Scan
LXXXVINot only hearers of the wordTextPage Scan
LXXXVIIWhen Jesus' time was fully comeTextPage Scan
LXXXVIIIJesus our Lord to heav'n is goneTextPage Scan
LXXXIXChrist's servants should not be afraidTextPage Scan
XCBe sober watching unto pray'rTextPage Scan
XCIHow bless'd are they who love the LordTextPage Scan
XCIIO Comforter of God come downTextPage Scan
XCIIICome O thou blessed comforterTextPage Scan
XCIVGod lov'd the world beyond degreeTextPage Scan
XCVCome blessed spirit from aboveTextPage Scan
XCVIHow bless'd are they who take delightTextPage Scan
XCVIIO, Height and depth of boundless loveTextPage Scan
XCVIIIA Worldling, wretched, vile and baseTextPage Scan
XCIXO May I know the grace of God!TextPage Scan
CYe sons of men, come one and all!TextPage Scan

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