A Collection of Hymns for Public, Social, and Domestic Worship

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d801The king of heaven his table spreads
d802The law and prophets all foretold
d803The Lord declares his will
d804The Lord descended from above
d805The Lord in judgment now appears
d806The Lord is risen indeed; He lives to die no more
d807The Lord Jehovah reigns, His throne is built on high
d808The Lord my pasture shall prepare, and feed me with a shepherd's care
d809The Lord my Shepherd is, I shall be well supplied
d810The Lord of earth and sky, The God of ages praise
d811The Lord of glory is my Light, And my
d812The Lord of Sabbath let us praise, In concert with the blest
d813The Lord on high proclaims His Godhead
d814The Lord on mortal worms looks down
d815The Lord, our God, is clothed in [with] might
d816The Lord, the sovereign King hath [has] fixed his throne on high
d817The man of sorrow now thou dost indeed appear
d818The men who slight thy faithful word
d819The merit of Jehovah's Son
d820The morning flowers display their sweets
d821The nations call, from sea to sea
d822The peace which God alone reveals
d823The pity of the Lord
d824The power to bless my house
d825The praise of Zion waits for thee
d826The praying spirit breathe
d827The promise of my father's love
d828The saints who die of Christ possessed
d829The Savior calls, let every ear attend
d830The Savior, when to heaven he rose
d831The seed, in scanty handfuls sown
d832The spacious firmament on high
d833The Spirit breathes upon the Word
d834The sun of righteousness appears
d835The [That] day of wrath, that dreadful day, When heaven
d836The thing my God doth hate
d837The voice that speaks Jehovah near
d838Thee, Jesus, full of truth and grace
d839Thee, Jesus, thee, the sinner's Friend
d840Thee, King of saints, we praise For this our living bread
d841Thee we adore, eternal name, And humbly
d842Thee will I love, my Strength [Lord] [Shield], [my] [and] Tower
d843There is a fountain filled with blood, drawn from Immanuel's vein [veins]
d844There is a land of pure delight, Where saints immortal reign
d845These mortal joys, how soon they fade
d846Thine earthly Sabbath [Sabbaths], Lord we love
d847This is the day the Lord hath [has] made, He calls
d848This is the feast of heavenly wine
d849This, this is he that came
d850This, this is the God we adore
d851Thou art gone to the grave but we will not deplore thee
d852Thou art that Bread of life
d853Thou God of glorious majesty
d854Thou God of truth and love
d855Thou God that answerest by fire
d856Thou great mysterious God unknown
d857Thou hidden God, for whom I groan
d858Thou hidden love of God, whose height
d859Thou hidden source of calm repose
d860Thou Judge of quick and dead
d861Thou Lamb of God, thou Prince of Peace
d862Thou, Lord, hast blest my going out
d863Thou man of griefs, remember me
d864Thou seest my feebleness, Jesus
d865Thou Shepherd of Isr'l, and mine [divine]
d866Thou Son of God, whose flaming eyes
d867Thou, true and only God, leadest forth
d868Thou very paschal Lamb
d869Thou, who didst with love and blessing
d870Thou who hast in Zion laid
d871Though nature's strength decay, And earth and hell withstand
d872Though trouble assail us, and dangers affright
d873Thrice happy souls [men] [they], who born [heirs] from [of] heaven
d874Through all the changing scenes of life, In trouble
d875Through all the lofty sky
d876Thus far the Lord hath [has] led me on
d877Thus Lydia sanctified her house [home]
d878Thy ceaseless, unexhausted love
d879Thy faithfulness, Lord each [every] moment we find
d880Thy life I read, my dearest [blessed] [gracious)],Lord
d881Thy mighty arm, O God, was nigh
d882Thy parent hand, thy forming skill
d883Thy presence, Lord, the place shall fill
d884Tired with the burdens of the day
d885'Tis enough, the hour is come
d886'Tis finished, the Messiah dies
d887'Tis finished, 'tis done
d888'Tis my happiness below
d889To bless thy chosen race, in mercy, Lord, incline
d890To God the only wise, our Savior and our King
d891To God your every want in instant prayer
d892To praise the [thee] ever bounteous [beauteous] Lord
d893To the haven of thy breast, O Son of Man I fly
d894To the hills I lift mine [my] eyes, [to] the everlasting hills
d895To thee, great God of love, I bow
d896To us a child, of royal birth
d897To whom is our report made known
d898Tomorrow, Lord, is thine
d899Try us, O God, and search the ground
d900'Twas the commission of our [the] Lord

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