A Collection of Hymns for Public, Social, and Domestic Worship

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d901Ungrateful sinner [sinners] whence this scorn
d902Unvail [Unveil] thy bosom, faithful tomb
d903Uphold me, Savior, or I fall
d904Upright both in heart and will
d905Urge on your rapid course
d906Vain, delusive world, adieu
d907Victim divine, thy [your] grace we show [claim]
d908Vital spark of heavenly flame
d909Wait, O my soul, thy [the] Maker's will
d910Watched by the world's malignant eye
d911Watchman, tell us of the night
d912We bid thee welcome in the name of Jesus, our exalted
d913We by his Spirit prove
d914We know, by faith we know
d915We lift our hearts to thee, O [Our] [Thou] Day-Star
d916We thank thee, Lord of heaven and earth
d917We to Jehovah raised our cry
d918Wealth, honor, pleasure, and what else
d919Weary souls that [who] wander wide
d920Welcome, delightful morn, Thou [Sweet] day of sacred rest
d921Welcome, sweet day of rest
d922Well doth a summer leaf explain
d923What am I, O thou glorious God
d924What are these arrayed in white
d925What could your Redeemer do
d926What doth the ladder mean
d927What equal honors shall we bring
d928What is our calling's glorious hope
d929What is the thing of greatest [highest] price
d930What is there here to court my stay
d931What never speak one evil [idle] word
d932What now is my [our] object and aim
d933What scenes of horror and of dread [death]
d934What sinners value, I resign
d935What though the arm of conquering death
d936What various hindrances we meet
d937What venerable sight appears
d938When Abraham, full of sacred awe
d939When all thy [your] mercies, O my [our] God [gracious Lord]
d940When angry nations rush to arms
d941When at a [this] distance, Lord, we trace
d942When blooming youth is [are] snatched [called] away
d943When Christ doth in my heart appear
d944When gathering clouds [storms] around I view
d945When gloomy shades my soul o'erspread
d946When gracious Lord, when shall it be
d947When guilt lies heavy on the land
d948When I can read my title clear
d949When I survey the wondrous cross
d950When Isr'l, of the Lord beloved
d951When Isr'l out of Egypt came
d952When Jesus dwelt in mortal clay
d953When languor and disease invade
d954When marshalled on the nightly [mighty] plain
d955When musing sorrow weeps [mourns] the past
d956When, my Savior, shall I be
d957When on Sinai's top I see
d958When quiet in my house I sit
d959When rising from the bed of death
d960When shall thy love constrain and force me to thy breast
d961When through the torn sail the wild tempest is streaming
d962When to the exiled seer was [were] given
d963When verdure clothes [robes] the fertile vale
d964Whene'er the [our] angry passions rise
d965Where high the heavenly temple stands The house
d966Where shall my wondering soul begin
d967Where shall true believers go
d968Wherefore do the nations wage war
d969Wherefore should I make my moan
d970Wherewith O God [Lord], shall I draw near
d971Which of the petty [mortal] kings of the earth
d972While dead in trespasses I lie
d973While in the agonies of death
d974While life prolongs its precious light
d975While o'er our guilty land, O Lord
d976While on the verge of life I stand
d977While shepherds watch [watched] their flocks by night
d978While thee I [we] seek, protecting power
d979While we walk with God in light
d980While we with fear and hope survey
d981While with ceaseless [careless] course the sun
d982Who can describe the joys that rise
d983Who in the Lord confide
d984Who shall our troops to victory lead
d985Who to sea in ships descend
d986Whom man forsakes thou wilt not leave
d987Why do we [ye] [you] mourn departing [departed] [for dying] friends
d988Why not now, my God [Lord], my God
d989Why, O sinner, me profaning
d990Why seek ye that which is not bread
d991Why should the children of a King
d992Why should we start and fear to die
d993Why, thus impatient to be gone
d994With a believing master blessed [blest]
d995With all our soul, O Lord, we give
d996With glorious clouds encompassed round
d997With glory clad, with strength arrayed
d998With joy we meditate the [thy] grace
d999With songs and honors sounding loud
d1000Witness, ye men and angels, now

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