A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the Protestant Church of the United Brethren. Rev. ed.

Publisher: Conrad Zentler, Philadelphia, Penn., 1813
Denomination: Moravian Church
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d101Christ, my Redeemer, Lord and God
d102Christ, my rock, my sure defence
d103Christ our Savior look on thee
d104Christ the Lord, the Lord most glorious
d105Christians, dismiss your fear [fears], let hope and joy succeed
d106Christ's bitter death shall sweeten mine
d107Christ's precious blood, which from each vein
d108Church of Christ be glad, Praise thy Lord and Head
d109Church of Christ, sing and rejoice, Bring the Lord thro' all
d110Church of Christ, thy destination
d111Come, approach to Jesus' table
d112Come, blessed Spirit, gracious Lord
d113Come faithful Shepherd bind me
d114Come Holy Ghost, come Lord our God
d115Come Holy Ghost, eternal God
d116Come Holy Ghost, inspire my [our] song [songs]
d117Come, Holy Spirit, come; Let thy bright beams divine
d118Come Holy spirit, on us breath with all thy quick'ning pow rs
d119Come, let us join our cheerful songs With angels round the throne
d120Come, Lord, and warm each languid heart, Inspire each lifeless tongue
d121Come, lowly souls, that mourn
d122Come, my soul, thy suit prepare
d123Come, O my soul, and sing How Jesus
d124Come sinners to the gospel feast
d125Come to me, saith Christ the Lord
d126Come, worship at Immanuel's [Emmanuel's] feet
d127Come ye redeemed of the Lord, come and obey
d128Come ye [you] sinners, poor and wretched [needy], Weak and wounded
d129Commit thou thy every grievance
d130Confiding in thy name
d131Could we sinners fully tell
d132Cross, reproach and tribulation
d133Day of judgment, day of wonders
d134Dear children, assembled to hear of the Lord
d135Dear Jesus when I think on thee My heart for joy doth leap in me
d136Dear Jesus, wherein art thou to be blamed
d137Dear Lord, my soul desireth
d138Dear Lord, this congregation is poor
d139Dear Lord, when I trace the offers of grace
d140Dear Lord, when I trace thy mercy and grace
d141Dear youth, O that ye all but knew
d142Dearest bretheren, be this our desire
d143Dearest Jesus, come to me And abide eternally
d144Dearest Jesus, we are here, By thy word
d145Draw nigh, O Christ, your Brother
d146Each division of thy fold
d147Embrace us in thy tender way
d148Ere I sleep, for every favor
d149Ere we know our lost condition
d150Fain would I, dear Redeemer, learn
d151Faith comes by hearing God's record
d152Faithful Savior, we to thee
d153Faithful souls, with real blessing
d154Farewell henceforth forever
d155Flock of Christ, in fellowship
d156Flock of Christ, with exultation
d157Flock of Jesus, be united
d158For grace I weep and pant
d159For mercies, countless as the sands
d160For that amazing love and grace
d161'Fore thee, Lord, we appear
d162Fountain of being, Source of good
d163From life and grace
d164From my own works at last I cease
d165From the doctrines I'll ne'er waver
d166Full to my view, In bloody hue
d167Gentle is the coercion
d168Give thanks that Jesus hath bled
d169Give thy heart, my son, thus saith the Lord
d170Give to our God [the Lord] immortal praise
d171Give to the winds thy [your] fears
d172Glorious things of thee are spoken
d173Glory to God, whose witness train
d174Glory to the Father, Who in Christ Jesus
d175Glory unto Jesus be
d176Go, follow the Savior
d177Go forth in spirit, go
d178Go, my soul, go every day
d179God has [hath] laid up in heaven for me
d180God Holy Ghost, how gloriously
d181God Holy Ghost, in mercy us preserve
d182God Holy Spirit, be for ever blest
d183God is my Savior and my Light
d184God moves in a mysterious way
d185God of my [our] life, to [on] thee I [we] call
d186God, omnipotent Creator Who mad'st all things by
d187God reveals his presence
d188God will the widows ne'er forsake
d189God's boundless grace preserves each faithful servant
d190God's holy word, which ne'er shall cease
d191Grace and peace from God, our blessed Savior
d192Grace, grace, O that's a welcome [joyful] sound
d193Gracious Lord, our Shepherd and Salvation
d194Gracious Redeemer, Lamb of God, I thirst
d195Gracious Redeemer, thou hast me To come to thee
d196Gracious Redeemer, who for us Didst die
d197Gracious Savior, bless thy congregation
d198Grant, Lord, that with thy direction
d199Grant, most gracious Lamb of God
d200Great High Priest, we view thee stooping

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