Children's Praise No. 1

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1Little branches of the vinePage Scan
2The Savior who blessed little childrenPage Scan
3Jesus feels so sorryPage Scan
4Jesus looketh on childrenPage Scan
5Bearing fruit for JesusPage Scan
6Send out the shepherdsPage Scan
7We will follow JesusPage Scan
8What does little birdie sayPage Scan
9Glory be to the Father, and to the SonPage Scan
10One really can't beginPage Scan
11Jesus bids us shine with a clear, pure lightPage Scan
12Hark 'tis the Shepherd's voice I hearPage Scan
13God will take care of you [me] All [And] through the dayPage Scan
14Listen to the words so truePage Scan
15Come, let us sing of the beautiful ChildPage Scan
16The Lord is in His holy templeTextPage Scan
17We are a little gleaning bandPage Scan
18Don't you hear the springtimePage Scan
19There's a Friend for little childrenPage Scan
20O we are volunteers in the army of the LordPage Scan
21Into Thy courts with an offeringPage Scan
22Over hill and valley ringPage Scan
23Little lambs so white and fairPage Scan
24Scatter the cloudsPage Scan
25Hark, the lovely blossomsPage Scan
26Stars for JesusPage Scan
27Jesus loves me, this I know, For the BiblePage Scan
28Welcome, welcome, fair EasterPage Scan
29Have you a song for JesusPage Scan
30Whatever Jesus tells me is the thing to doPage Scan
31Now the light has gone awayPage Scan
32The little birds have comePage Scan
33Dear Savior, I'm thy little childPage Scan
34How old are you, little stars, bright starsPage Scan
35Jesus is sorry whene'er we do wrongPage Scan
36On this Easter morningPage Scan
37Acknowledge Him in allPage Scan
38Away in a [the] manger, no cribPage Scan
39Something came in my roomPage Scan
40In the steps of JesusPage Scan
41Blue eyed violetPage Scan
42Very little tots are wePage Scan
43Consider the lilies, how stately they growPage Scan
44The beautiful PalestinePage Scan
45Swinging in the treetopsPage Scan
46Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, tinklePage Scan
47Father, we thank thee [you] for the nightPage Scan
48This white lily has a storyPage Scan
49We are little sailorsPage Scan
50Suffer now the little childrenPage Scan
51Our Father which art in heavenPage Scan
52Just a little pansyPage Scan
53My country! 'tis of theePage Scan
54Father, make us lovingPage Scan
55Little children, come to JesusPage Scan
56Brightly I shine for JesusPage Scan
57Once a mother sweet and mildPage Scan
58Christ, our mighty Captain, leads against the foePage Scan
59Savior, like a shepherd lead usPage Scan
60Tell again the sweet old story, How the saviorPage Scan
61Work, for the night is comingPage Scan
62Flowers give to us sweet perfumePage Scan
63Bless the little childrenPage Scan
64I learned it in the BiblePage Scan
65When Jesus lived uponPage Scan
66When wrong thoughts comePage Scan
67Little birdies in the morningPage Scan
68Though dark the night and clouds look blackPage Scan
69Suffer little children, Let them come to mePage Scan
70Every star so brightlyPage Scan
71We're a happy little bandPage Scan
72When I enter that beautifulPage Scan
73Savior, teach me, day by day, love's sweet lesson to obeyPage Scan
74We are little helpers in the Master's workPage Scan
75Just a little cloudPage Scan
76All the children, little childrenPage Scan
77Temperance boys and girlsPage Scan
78We are happy little workersPage Scan
79O how we love to singPage Scan
80O buttercup, rose, and lilyPage Scan
81Lord, who lovest little [all the] childrenPage Scan
82God made this great round world so fairPage Scan
83The little stars are twinklingPage Scan
84Come with singing, praise the Lord todayPage Scan
85My feet should walk the narrowPage Scan
86Up in the tree-tops the birdiesPage Scan
87Be a little sunbeam everywhere you goPage Scan
88Jesus, tender shepherd, hear usPage Scan
89I am so glad that our [my] Father [Savior] in heavenPage Scan
90Beautiful the little handsPage Scan
91We all are little buildersPage Scan
92Goodbye, our dear teacherPage Scan
93We lift our hearts, LordPage Scan
94Falling, falling, softly falling, Little snowflakesPage Scan
95Lord Jesus, bless our offeringPage Scan
96I think, when I read that [the] sweet story of oldPage Scan
97Blessed are the poor in SpriritPage Scan
98Monday finds me startingPage Scan
99There is no name so sweet on earth, No name so sweet in heavenPage Scan
100The Master said, come learn of mePage Scan

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