Grant Colfax Tullar

Grant Colfax Tullar
Short Name: Grant Colfax Tullar
Full Name: Tullar, Grant Colfax, 1869-1950
Birth Year: 1869
Death Year: 1950

Grant Colfax Tullar was born August 5, 1869, in Bolton, Connecticut. He was named after the American President Ulysses S. Grant and Vice President Schuyler Colfax. After the American Civil War, his father was disabled and unable to work, having been wounded in the Battle of Antietam. Tullar's mother died when he was just two years old so Grant had no settled home life until he became an adult. Yet from a life of sorrow and hardship he went on to bring joy to millions of Americans with his songs and poetry.

As a child, he received virtually no education or religious training. He worked in a woolen mill and as a shoe clerk. The last Methodist camp meeting in Bolton was in 1847. Tullar became a Methodist at age 19 at a camp meeting near Waterbury in 1888.

He then attended the Hackettstown Academy in New Jersey. He became an ordained Methodist minister and pastored for a short time in Dover, Delaware. For 10 years he was the song leader for evangelist Major George A. Hilton. Even so, in 1893 he also helped found the well-known Tullar-Meredith Publishing Company in New York, which produced church and Sunday school music. Tullar composed many popular hymns and hymnals.

His works include: Sunday School Hymns No. 1 (Chicago, Illinois: Tullar Meredith Co., 1903) and The Bible School Hymnal (New York: Tullar Meredith Co., 1907). One of Grant Tullar's most quoted poems is "The Weaver":

My Life is but a weaving
Between my Lord and me;
I cannot choose the colors
He worketh steadily.

Oft times He weaveth sorrow
And I, in foolish pride,
Forget He sees the upper,
And I the under side.

Not til the loom is silent
And the shuttles cease to fly,
Shall God unroll the canvas
And explain the reason why.

The dark threads are as needful
In the Weaver's skillful hand,
As the threads of gold and silver
In the pattern He has planned.

He knows, He loves, He cares,
Nothing this truth can dim.
He gives His very best to those
Who chose to walk with Him.

Grant Tullar

--, from Bolton Community News, August 2006.

Texts by Grant Colfax Tullar (186)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A glorious invitation now calls you to the feastGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)12
A happy band of reapersG. C. T. (Author)5
A refuge in Jesus I've foundGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Afar from the old paths which once I trodGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
After days of toil are endedGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
All along your pathwayGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)5
All my life in service I would giveGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)8
All unworthy though I beGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Am Kreuz voll Schmach und WundenGrant C. Tullar (Author)German2
Approved of God, a workmanGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
As falleth the rain in the SpringtimeGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)English2
As the shepherds watched at midnightGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
Awake, awake O sleeperGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)4
Beautiful lily, blossoms so fairGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Beautiful song of ChristmasGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
Beauty for ashes God hath decreedGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Believe on the Lord thy SaviorGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)English2
Beneath the cross of Jesus My soul once bowed with sinGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
Bless the little childrenGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)4
Brightly I shine for JesusGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
Christ is King, let every heart proclaimGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Christ is our captain, sin our foeGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)5
Come we now with joyfulnessGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
Dark is the way which I am called to treadGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Do not count the battle lost, my brotherGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Don't you hear the Savior's voice so sweetly callingGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)7
For God so loved, 'tis writtenGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
For our blessed Lord's appearingGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Forth to the fields awayGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)5
From Bozrah in garments dyed crimsonGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Gathering sheaves for the Master, This is his great harvest dayGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Give him his rightful placeGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
God made the earth, the sea, and skyGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Hallelujah, Christ is risen (Tullar)Grant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
He came as a stranger and lowly his lotGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
He came to earth a strangerGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
He clothed the fair lilyGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Heavy in heart and sadG. C. T. (Author)3
Hold thou my hand in thine dear lordGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
How many hours of anguish spentGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
How sweet the thought that we (Tullar)Grant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
I am happy, O so happy as I journey on my way (Tullar)Grant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
I dream a thousand blessed dreamsGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
I need thee, O my SaviorGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
I shall see my Lord in the morningGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
I wand wander back in memory to childhood’s happy daysG. C. T. (Author)English2
I wandered in the darknessGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)5
I want to know more about Jesus, The LambGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)5
I will lift my heart in praiseGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
I wonder if there’s someone who can help meGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)English2
Ich fand eine Zuflucht in JesuGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Ich weiss ein Land, einst darfGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
If ye then with Christ be risenGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)English9
Ihm sage ich, ihm klage ichT. G. Colfax (Author)German2
I'll have a home in heavenGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
I'm a child of GodGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
In his steps I follow as I goG. C. T. (Author)4
In my heart there rings a song of gladnessG. C. T. (Author)4
In service for the King of kingsGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)English3
In service for the MasterGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
In the garden they laid himGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)4
It matters not how rough the wayG. C. T. (Author)3
It matters not where we may roamGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)4
It was Jacob of old who had promisedGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
I have found a Friend O such a friend, on himG. C. T. (Author)3
I've heard the King! The King of heaven!Grant C. Tullar (Author)7
Jesus died on the cross that sin's debtGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Jesus is a Friend indeed (Tullar)Grant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Jesus is coming to earth once againGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Jesus spake but a word to the manGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Jesus, the Savior, dying on CalvaryG. C. T. (Author)7
Joy and sorrow I may shareGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Just a look within the portalsGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Lift up thine eyes O soul oppressedGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Like unto Jesus I would beGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Lord, in thy mercy, lend ear to my pleaGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Lord, this day thy children meetG. C. T. (Author (Chorus))English1
Loving Savior, thou are callingG. C. T. (Author (Chorus))1
Low in the grave they had buried Christ the SaviorGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)4
Many a day would brighter beG. C. T. (Author)English2
Morn of lifeGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Morning light was dawning over the distant hillsGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
Music now is sounding everywhereGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
My soul was left alone with GodGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
My soul was sick, by sin opprest [oppressed]Grant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Naught have I to make my pleaGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
Nearer, draw nearer, O Savior divineGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)5
Never mind the cloudsGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Never was there such a SaviorGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Nichts, o, gar nichts bringe ichGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)German2
Not from the conflict, LordGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
O God, my heart is fixed and I will sing thy praisesGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
O help me Lord to walk with theeGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
O matchless love hathGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)5
O that the Master would send usGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
O the world finds a charmGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
O to be more like Jesus, who died for meGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)9
O'er a trackless sea I'm sailingGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)English16
O, fainting soul, by sin oppressedG. C. T. (Author)3
O I have a mansionGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
On the pathway as you journeyGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)6
Our country's flag so proudly wavesGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
Out of my sin and its bondageGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)English6
Outside the door of your heart there awaitsGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Over Bethl'em's hillside beamed a glorious starGrant C. Tullar (Author)English2
Peace like a river is flooding my soul (Tullar)Grant Colfax Tullar (Author)16
Pretty golden buttercupsGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Put on thine armor the foe is nearG. C. T. (Author)6
Ring, joybells, ring (Tullar)Grant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Ring, merry bells, this dayGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
Set apart from allGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Shadows may gather around meGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)5
Since I've found the blessed SaviorGrant C. Tullar (Author)1
Sorrows may come to meGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Suffer now the little childrenGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
Teach me, Father, by Thy SpiritGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Tell it out in joyful songGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Thank God, thank God for the deep blue seaGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
The cost is but a trifleGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
The day may oft be cloudedGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
The day was dark and all seemed lost when to the tombGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
The good old days which once we knewGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
The happy days of youth are swiftly passingGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
The King of kings has chosen meGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want; In him I now abideG. C. T. (Author (Chorus))2
The Lord Jehovah now is risenGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)English2
The love of Christ within me burnsGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
The people that in darkness walked have seen a wondrous light (Tullar)Grant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
The praises we sing of Jesus our KingGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)4
The stars shine over the earthGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
The sweetest name on mortal tongue is Jesus, blessed JesusGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
There are many flags in many landsG. C. T. (Arranger)1
There are three hundred daysGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
There is a land mine eyes shall seeGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)19
There is a name so very dear to meGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)4
There is comfort in my soulGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
There is no doubt but that his way Is always bestGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
There is now a fountain openedGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
There is one who will my sorrow shareGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)English2
There sounds a callGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
There's a constant source of helpGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
There's a Friend who will never forsake meGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)English3
There's a happy day to comeGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
There's a voice comes ringing over the worldGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)English17
There's a wondrous land so bright and fairGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Think about God in life's morningGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Though clouds may hide life's fairest skyGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)English2
Thou great Redeemer of mankindGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Thou word incarnate, truthGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)8
Though I'm but a pilgrim, my fortune is greatGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)4
Though mine eyes have never seen himGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Though red like scarlet, thy sins yet may beGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Through ife’s morning in wisdom direst our footstepsG. C. T. (Author)English2
Through a wilderness we journeyGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Through God's wondrous graceGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Through the cross on a hill Jesus sufferedGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Thy peace O Lord, to every heartGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)English3
'Tis hard for us all to be smilingGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)English2
To his service Jesus callsGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
To Jesus my Savior, though lost and undoneGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
To Jesus' name all glory beGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Today in my heart there is gladnessGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
'Twas Jesus who, for all mankindGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Up from the grave in triumphGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Wake the song! Wake the song! Fill the world with singingGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Was it for me through God's great loveGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
We are a band of workersGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
We come before theeGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
We must part, but we shall meet some glad tomorrowGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
We will follow Jesus, Though we may be smallGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)5
We would see Jesus; for the shadows lengthenG. G. T. (Author (chorus))2
We're a happy little band, Spreading gladness over the landGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
What a shout in the skies there will beGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
What shall we sing for Sabbath songs?G. C. T. (Author (Chorus))1
When the blessed Master walked upon the earthGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
When the heart is heavy and the days are longGrant C. Tullar (Author)English3
When the shadows darkly fallGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)English2
When the world was lost in sin and sorrowGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)8
Where dwell the sad and wearyG. C. T. (Author)3
Whither shall I from thy presence ever fleeGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Within his word he tells meGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)2
Wonderful is the Savior, hear the angels singGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)7
Wunderbar ist der Heiland, tönt's vom Himmel klarGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)German2
Yielding my all to the service of JesusGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)English3
You ask me what I think of JesusGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)3
You may help a load to lightenGrant Colfax Tullar (Author)4

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