The Christian Psalmist: being a collection of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs compiled from the most approved authors, and designed as a standard hymn book for public and social worship

Publisher: James Kay, Jun. & Brothers, Philadelphia, 1840
Denomination: Christian Connection
Language: English
Notes: Psalms (P), Hymns, and Spiritual Songs (S) are numbered separately.
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S2Hail, Source of pleasures ever newPage Scan
S3Our souls do magnify the LordPage Scan
S4We've found the rock, the traveler cries [travelers cried]Page Scan
S5Ye tried sons of God, Ye still have foodPage Scan
S6Ye trembling souls, dismiss your fearsPage Scan
S7Ye jewels of my [our] masterPage Scan
S8Poor mourning souls, in deep distressPage Scan
S9Our souls by [in] love together knit [drawn] [joined]Page Scan
S10Come, my Christian friends and brethrenPage Scan
S11Behold how good a thing it is to dwell in peacePage Scan
S12All praise to our redeeming LordPage Scan
S13From whence doth [does] this [the] union arisePage Scan
S14Attend, ye saints, and hear us tellPage Scan
S15Jesus, Lord, we look to theePage Scan
S16Away our doubts, begone each fearPage Scan
S17O careless sinner [sinners], come, pray [and] now attendPage Scan
S18Come ye [you] sinners, poor and wretched [needy], Weak and woundedPage Scan
S19Young people, all, attention givePage Scan
S20With singing we praisePage Scan
S21We're glad we ever saw the dayPage Scan
S22Ye happy children who follow JesusPage Scan
S23O when shall I [we] see Jesus and dwell [reign] with Him abovePage Scan
S24Mercy, O thou Son of DavidPage Scan
S25Jesus Christ has [hath] power alonePage Scan
S26A fountain in Jesus, which runs always [always runs] freePage Scan
S27Come thou fount of every blessingPage Scan
S28Now the Savior stands [standeth] [standing] a-pleading [and pleading]Page Scan
S29Precious Bible, what a treasurePage Scan
S30How lost was [is] my [our] conditionPage Scan
S31By whom was David taughtPage Scan
S32Ye saints attend the Savior's voicePage Scan
S33Begone, unbelief, [for] my [our] Savior is nearPage Scan
S34Waked by the gospel's powerful [joyful] soundPage Scan
S35Peace be unto this house, The Son of PeacePage Scan
S36The Lord into his garden comesPage Scan
S37Jesus, my [mine] [our] all, to heaven is [has] gonePage Scan
S38How firm a foundation, ye [you] saints of the LordPage Scan
S39The great God of love, hath shown us the wayPage Scan
S40Though trouble assail us, and dangers affrightPage Scan
S41How happy are they, Who the [their] Savior [Jesus] obeyPage Scan
S42Come, brethren, let us join and singPage Scan
S43What poor despised companyPage Scan
S44Whene'er we look into the wordPage Scan
S45O tell us no more of this world's vain storePage Scan
S46Attend, while God's exalted SonPage Scan
S47Cast thy burdens on the LordPage Scan
S48From every stormy wind [sense] that blowsPage Scan
S49Sing, ye redeemed [ransomed] of the LordPage Scan
S50Zion, the city of our GodPage Scan
S51Prayer is [was] appointed to conveyPage Scan
S52Mary to her [the] Savior's tombPage Scan
S53Great Father of the human racePage Scan
S54Savior of all, to Thee we bow and own Thee faithful to Thy wordPage Scan
S55Center of [all] our hopes thou artPage Scan
S56Partners of a glorious hope, Lift your heartsPage Scan
S57Sir [Sirs], we would see JesusPage Scan
S58The worth of truth no tongue can tellPage Scan
S59A charge to keep we havePage Scan
S60Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, That savedPage Scan
S61Afflicted saint [saints] [soul] [souls], to Christ [God] draw nearPage Scan
S62Brethren, we have met to worship, and adore the Lord our GodPage Scan
S63Drooping souls no longer grieve, HeavenPage Scan
S64Come, my brethren, let us tryPage Scan
S65From the regions of love, lo, an angel descendedPage Scan
S66O how charming, O how charming is the radiant bandPage Scan
S67Hark, whence that voicePage Scan
S68Hail the blest morn when [see] the great MediatorPage Scan
S69As shepherds in Jewry were guarding their sheepPage Scan
S70A fulness resides in Jesus our headPage Scan
S71Vain, delusive world, adieuPage Scan
S72Ye different sects, who all declarePage Scan
S73O thou in whose presence my soul takes delightPage Scan
S74O Jesus, our Savior, to thee we submitPage Scan
S75How tedious and tasteless [restless and tiresome] the hoursPage Scan
S76Rejoice, O earth, the Lord is KingPage Scan
S77Ye [You] servants of God [Christ] your Master proclaimPage Scan
S78Gracious Lord, incline thine earPage Scan
S79Hark, my soul, it is the LordPage Scan
S80Let thy Kingdom, blessed SaviorPage Scan
S81Jesus, Shepherd of the sheep, powerful is thine armPage Scan
S82Worthy the Lamb of boundless swayPage Scan
S83Savior, richest source of pleasurePage Scan
S84Appointed by thee, we meet in thy namePage Scan
S85Brethren, while we sojourn herePage Scan
S86Thy soldiers, Lord, thou hast us madePage Scan
S87Hark, listen to the trumpeters They sound for volunteersPage Scan
S88O don't you hear the alarmPage Scan
S89Christ is set on Zion's hillPage Scan
S90Well, dear friends, we've met againPage Scan
S91Farewell, my [dear] brethren in the LordPage Scan
S92Pilgrims, with pleasure let us partPage Scan
S93Let us rise and go to Zion's hillPage Scan
S94Lord, when together here we meetPage Scan
S95Farewell, my dear brethren, the time is at handPage Scan
S96My dearest friends in bonds of lovePage Scan
S97Father, grant us all a blessingPage Scan
S98Farewell, my friends, I must be gonePage Scan
S99Whither goest thou, pilgrim strangerPage Scan
S100Afflictions, though they seem severePage Scan
S101Come, all ye sons of ZionPage Scan

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