The Christian Psalmist: being a collection of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs compiled from the most approved authors, and designed as a standard hymn book for public and social worship

Publisher: James Kay, Jun. & Brothers, Philadelphia, 1840
Denomination: Christian Connection
Language: English
Notes: Psalms (P), Hymns, and Spiritual Songs (S) are numbered separately.
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567Stand still, refulgent orb of dayPage Scan
568Eternity is just at handPage Scan
569Nor eye hath seen nor ear hath heardPage Scan
570Heaven is a place of rest from sinPage Scan
571Far from the [these] narrow [gloomy] scenes of night [life]Page Scan
572Lord, we believe a rest remainsPage Scan
573There is an hour of peaceful restPage Scan
574When we can read [see] our title clearPage Scan
575Jerusalem, our happy home, O how wePage Scan
576There is a land of pure delight, Where saints immortal reignPage Scan
577On Jordan's stormy [rugged] banks I stand, And cast a wishful eyePage Scan
578These glorious minds [ones], how bright they shinePage Scan
579Awake, our souls, and with the sunPage Scan
580God of the morning, at whose [thy] voicePage Scan
581In sleep's serene oblivion laidPage Scan
582Lord of our lives, O may thy praisePage Scan
583Now the shades of night are gonePage Scan
584On thee, each morning, O our GodPage Scan
585God of our lives, our morning song [songs]Page Scan
586Glory to thee, my [our] God [O Lord], this night [day]Page Scan
587Indulgent God, whose bounteous care O'er all thy works is shownPage Scan
588The man of humble, upright heartPage Scan
589The day is past and gone, the evening shades appearPage Scan
590The sun is set the day is closedPage Scan
591Great God, to thee my evening songPage Scan
592Our God, how endless is thy lovePage Scan
593How various and how newPage Scan
594Clay to clay, and dust to dustPage Scan
595Unvail [Unveil] thy bosom, faithful tombPage Scan
596Thou, God of mercy, wilt indulgePage Scan
597As fades the landscape from the sightPage Scan
598The morning flowers display their sweetsPage Scan
599Why do we [ye] [you] mourn departing [departed] [for dying] friendsPage Scan
600Beneath our feet and o'er our headPage Scan
601How still and peaceful is [Lord] the gravePage Scan
602Tomorrow, Lord, is thinePage Scan
603To leave my dear friends, and with neighbours to partPage Scan
604Now let our mournful song [songs] recordPage Scan
605O thou who art above all heightPage Scan
606O God, whose presence glows in all Within, around us, and abovePage Scan
607This stone to Thee in faith we layPage Scan
608Lord of hosts, to thee we raisePage Scan
609O bow thine ear, Eternal OnePage Scan
610The perfect world by Adam trodPage Scan
611Our God, where'er thy people meetPage Scan
612Great Framer of unnumbered worldsPage Scan
613When Abraham, full of sacred awePage Scan
614How rich thy gifts, almighty KingPage Scan
615Praise to the Lord, who bows his earPage Scan
616While sounds of war are heard aroundPage Scan
617Let Zion's watchman all awakePage Scan
618O how can they look up to heavenPage Scan
619Our Helper, God, we bless his [thy] namePage Scan
620Come, let us anew our journey pursue, Roll roundPage Scan
621Bless, O Lord, the opening yearPage Scan
622Our revolving years, how swiftPage Scan
623See, another year is gonePage Scan
624Great God, we sing that mighty handPage Scan
625And now, our souls, another yearPage Scan
626See the leaves around us [you] fallingPage Scan
627Fountain of mercy, God of lovePage Scan
628Since Jesus freely [purely] did appearPage Scan
629By cool Siloam's shady rillPage Scan
630How soft the word [words] my [our] Savior speaksPage Scan
631Happy the child, whose youngest [early] [tender] yearsPage Scan
632Ye hearts with youthful vigor warmPage Scan
633In the soft season of thy youthPage Scan
634Bestow, O [dear] Lord, upon our youthPage Scan
635Blest work, the youthful mind to winPage Scan
636In Isr'l's fane by silent nightPage Scan
637Eternal God, enthroned on highPage Scan
638Within these walls be peacePage Scan
639Blest is the man whose heart expandsPage Scan
640Fountain of being, Source of goodPage Scan
641Great God, at whose all-powerful callPage Scan
642How are thy servants blest, O Lord [God]Page Scan
643Glory to thee, whose powerful wordPage Scan
644Lord of the sea, thy potent swayPage Scan
645What hath God wrought, might Isreal sayPage Scan
646Father of lights, thy needful aidPage Scan
647[O] God, who [that] madest [made the] earth and heaven [sky]Page Scan
648Should famine o'er the mourning fieldPage Scan
649When sickness shakes the [languid] framePage Scan
650How blest is he whose tranquil mindPage Scan
651As the sun's enlivening eyePage Scan
652Ye golden lamps of heaven, farewell [adieu]Page Scan
653How bright the glorious spirits shinePage Scan
654To God the only wisePage Scan
655To heaven's eternal KingPage Scan
656Thy name, Almighty Lord!Page Scan
657To him who reigns in worlds of lightPage Scan
658To God, let every tongue be praisePage Scan
659Praise ye the Lord, who reigns abovePage Scan
660Praise God, from whom all blessings flowPage Scan
661One general song of praise arisePage Scan
662Let all with humble hearts adorePage Scan
663Grateful notes and numbers bringPage Scan
664Come, let us adore Him, come, bow at his feetPage Scan
665Glory to God on high!Page Scan
S1Soft are the fruitful showersPage Scan

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