Faith That Lets Us Sing: fifty new hymns and short worship songs

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1Bethlehem, the House of BreadTHE HOUSE OF BREADText
2May you hear the angels singsCHRIST'S EXAMPLEText
4A fox has a denCARTER'S TUNEText
6A vacant place at the tableHOLY QUESTIONSText
8A woman was sickHEALING TOUCHText
10A woman was sickHEALING TOUCHText
12Angel voices still are singingECHO OF ANGELSText
15God of hope, we leave this place,BLITCHINGTONText
18As Abraham and SarahCUMMING ROADText
20As we gather in the kitchenKITCHEN TUNEText
22Before the dawn had brokenCHILD-LIKE FAITHText
24Brave shepherds quaked with fear that nightCAST AWAY FEARText
26Come, Dayspring from on highDAYSPRINGText
27God, who calls us to be teachersVIVIANText
28Creator God, how grand the earthGENESISText
30For your wise, creating Spirit,FIRST CHURCHText
32God of wisdom and compassionSTRATHMORE ARTSText
34God, who called us through the prophetsPROPHETS' CALLText
36God, your voice calls forth compassionLA PORTEText
38Hope for a child is a home that's secureDRAKEText
39How God, who calls us each by nameGOD WEEPSText
40How can we sing our love for GodMCDONALDText
42How far it was to BethlehemJERICHO ROADText
44How foolish they were who came from the EastROCKVILLEText
46How glad we are to be aliveCARLETONText
48How good and how joyous it is to beLOS GUIDOSText
50In the quiet of this placeQUIET PLACEText
51May the mind of Christ, our SaviorTHOUGHTFUL CONSENSUSText
52Like a thief in the nightTHIEF IN THE NIGHTText
54Like fishermen who left their boatsBY THE SEAText
56Lord, may we see by faith and graceGLENMONT HILLSText
57Skillful hands and nimble fingersTHREADS AND NEEDLESText
58Love is enduring, bearing all thingsLOVE ISText
60Love, light a candle in my heartLOVE LIGHTText
62Now thank we all our GodNUN DANKET ALLE GOTTText
64)Bless the work we do todayNEIGHBOR LABORText
66Risen Christ, come to our tableTABLE GRACEText
68Send us your Holy Spirit, GodSPIRIT GUIDEText
70Sing of a people who came to rejoice[Sing of a people who came to rejoice]Text
72They built the church that is our homeCHANGING TIMESText
74Though despair, like deepest darknessLOVE'S LIGHT SHININGText
76Though shepherds heard the angelsBAINTONText
78Three cheers for our friends who, with talent and timeDESERVED PRAISEText
80We are pilgrims on a journeyJORDAN JOURNEYText
81We light the candle of hopeMARANATHAText
84What joy it is to praise our GodMODERN SAINTSText
86When Jesus came to JerichoLENOIR-RHYNEText
88When Jesus was baptized by JohnJORDAN SPRINGText
90When Mary heard an angel sayEVONNEText
92Who was there to hear good news proclaimedFIRST TO KNOWText
94You came to a world that was driven by greedCOMPASSIONATE SPIRITText
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