Mary Nelson Keithahn

Mary Nelson Keithahn
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Short Name: Mary Nelson Keithahn
Full Name: Keithahn, Mary Nelson, 1934-
Birth Year: 1934

Mary Nelson Keithahn, a retired United Church of Christ ordained pastor and church educator, has been a curriculum writer-editor, journalist, and lyricist for musical dramas and anthems. She still works out of her home in Rapid City, South Dakota, as a free-lance writer. In 2016 she published Elfie: Adventures on the Midwest Frontier, a chapter book for children, and Embracing the Light: Reflectioins on God’s Holy Word, a collection of meditations for individual or small group use. Augsburg Fortress also published Sing the Stories of God’s NEW People, the third in a trilogy of Bible story-based collections of songs for young children, written with her longtime colleague, John D. Horman. The two have written over a hundred hymns together, some of which are included in these hymnals and supplements: Community of Christ Sings, God’s Mission, God’s Song, Hymns of Heritage and Hope, Lift Up Your Hearts, Sing Justice! Do Justice, Sing the Faith, Singing Our Savior’s Story, Singing the New Testament, The Faith We Sing, Upper Room Worshipbook, Voices Found, Voices United, and Worship and Song. They have also published four collections of their hymns: Come Away with Me and Time Now to Gather (Abingdon, 1998), The Song Lingers On (Zimbel, 2003), and Faith That Lets Us Sing (Wayne Leupold Editions, 2017). Mary is a Life Member and former board member of Choristers Guild and a Life Member of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada. She is also a member of ASCAP. In 2006 she received a Distinguished Achievement Award from her alma mater, Carleton College in Northfield, MN, in recognition of her work in composing text for religious music. Mary was married to the Rev. Richard K. Keithahn, a U.C.C. pastor, and widowed in 1986. She has three children, eight grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.


Texts by Mary Nelson Keithahn (56)sort descendingAsInstances
A father came to JesusMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
A long-lost lamb is in the foldMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
A mother lined a basketMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)5
A widow of Zarephath townMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
"Are you the one," they asked himMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)3
As of old God promised us inMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
As Rachel mourned her childrenMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
Be present, God of love, draw nearMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
Come away with me to a quiet place,Mary Nelson Keithahn (Author)4
Come, praise God for faithful peopleMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
Come to the table, sinner and saint,Mary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
Emmanuel, who walked among us here,Mary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
Faith is patience in the nightMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)3
God calls us to worship with glorious soundsMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
God of every generation,Mary Nelson Keithahn (Author)3
Good friends, rejoice, be glad and sing!Mary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
Good Shepherd, our Leader, Provider, and GuideMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
Great God of all, we sing your praiseMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
In Matthew's gospel there are fiveMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)3
Jesus sang to fishermenMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
Joyful God of youth and childrenMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
Let songs of thanksgiving and glad psalms of praiseMary Keithahn Nelson (Author)3
Like ancient people on a questMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
Like Miriam who danced to praiseMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)3
On Christmas Eve we celebrateMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
One holy night in BethlehemMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)4
One was old, another barrenMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
Pipe a tune and beat the drumMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
Sing of a stable built on a hillMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
Spirit-child Jesus in joyful refrain,Mary Nelson Keithahn (Author)3
Spirit, falling like a doveMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
The church is our safe haven,Mary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
The Holy One of IsraelMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
The kind heart of a woman failedMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
The kingdom we inheritedMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
The people came from everywhereMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)3
The wedding guests were waitingMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
There is a need for shepherdsMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
Time now to gatherMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)4
Up to the temple one fine dayMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
We praise you, God of all creationMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
We sang our glad hosannasMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)4
We thank you for music inviting us hereMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
We walk today in darkness,Mary Nelson Keithahn (Author)3
When Cain killed Abel in a fightMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)4
When it seemed that love was dyingMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
When Jesus was a refugeeMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
When Jesus Was in BethanyMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
When people learned of Jesus ChristMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
When quiet peace is shatteredMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)3
When the world is babbling 'round us,Mary Nelson Keithahn (Author)3
When we are blind to the judgment of love,Mary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
When we are called to sing your praiseMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)3
When we lose a child or parent,Mary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
Where lilies of the field once bloomedMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)2
Your Spirit, God, moves us to prayMary Nelson Keithahn (Author)3
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