The Golden Harp

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d101Hear we [ye] not a voice from heaven
d102Here, gracious God, beneath thy feet
d103Here we meet with joy together
d104Here we will join our voices
d105Holy Bible, book divine, Precious treasure, thou art mine
d106Holy Father, gently bless us
d107Home again, home again, From a foreign shore
d108Hosanna, let us join to [and] sing
d109How beauteous are their [his] feet
d110How beautiful the setting sun
d111How blest is he whose tranquil mind
d112How blest the righteous when he dies
d113How gentle God's commands
d114How happy are they, Who the [their] Savior [Jesus] obey
d115How happy [happy's] every child of grace, who [that] feels [knows] his sins forgiven
d116How happy is the child who hears
d117How happy those dear children were
d118How many ways the young may find
d119How meek was Christ, the Lamb of God
d120How pleasing, Lord, to see
d121How should our souls delight to bless
d122How sweet, how [and] heavenly is the sight
d123How sweet, how calm this Sabbath morn
d124How sweet is the Sabbath, the morning [season] of rest
d125How sweet the hour of closing day
d126How sweet the infant song
d127How sweet to bless the Lord
d128How vain is all beneath the skies [sky]
d129I dearly love a [the] little child
d130I have seen a fragrant flower
d131I hear thee speak of the better land
d132I know that I am but a child
d133I, like the little busy bee
d134I love them that love me
d135I love to go to Sabbath school, and learn God's holy word
d136I love to have the Sabbath come, for then I rise
d137I love to join the joyful play
d138I love to steal awhile away
d139I must not sin as many do, lest I lie down in sorrow
d140I would a youthful pilgrim be
d141I would not live alway [always], I ask not to stay
d142If I remember a voice
d143If I were a voice, a persuasive voice
d144In childhood's young and happy hours
d145In each breeze that wanders free
d146In life's gay morn when all is fair
d147In sweetest accents let us hear
d148In the far better land of glory and light
d149In the stars that shine so bright
d150Indulgent God of love and power
d151Jerusalem, my happy home
d152Jesus ascends on high
d153Jesus, I fain would find
d154Jesus, I love thy charming name
d155Jesus, Lover [Savior] of my soul, Let me to thy bosom [refuge] fly
d156Jesus took the little ones
d157Jesus, we hear thy gentle voice
d158Jews were wrought to cruel madness
d159Join every heart and every tongue
d160Joy to the world, the Lord is [has] come
d161Let children hear the mighty deeds
d162Let children to their God draw near
d163Let every creature join To praise the eternal God
d164Let every mortal ear attend
d165Let living light
d166Let one loud song of praise arise
d167Let party names no more
d168Let temperance and her sons rejoice
d169Let the Sabbath day be blest
d170Let the still air rejoice
d171Let us now, with hearts united
d172Let us sing, with one accord
d173Let us unite to bless the Lord
d174Life is an ocean, years the tide That floats ten thousand
d175Like a fresh rose some hand has torn
d176Little raindrops feed the rill
d177Little schoolmates can you tell
d178Littlle travelers Zionward Each one entering
d179Lo the lilies of the field
d180Lord, a little band, and lowly, We are come
d181Lord, before thy presence
d182Lord, can a simple child like me
d183Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing
d184Lord, how delightful 'tis to see A whole assembly worship thee
d185Lord, I would own thy tender [every] care
d186Lord Jesus, teach a child to pray
d187Lord, raise the notes of joy
d188Lord, thy Words are dearer far
d189Lord, with grateful hearts before thee
d190Love and kindness we may measure
d191May the grace of Christ [God] our [the] Savior
d192May we who teach the rising race
d193Meek and lowly, pure and holy
d194Mighty God [Lord] while angels bless [praise] thee
d195Mighty One, before whose face
d196Mourn not ye [ye not], whose child hath found Purer skies
d197My country, 'tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty
d198My days on earth, how swift they run
d199My earthly friends are kind
d200My Father, cheering name, O may I call Thee mine

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