The Golden Harp

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d301The clear blue sky looks full of love
d302The day is past and gone, the evening shades appear
d303The dearest spot on earth to me is home
d304The festal morn, my God, is come
d305The freshly blooming flowers
d306The heavens declare thy glory, Lord, in every star
d307The lillies of the field, that quickly fade away
d308The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I know
d309The Lord is our Shepherd, our Guardian and Guide
d310The Lord my Shepherd is, I shall be well supplied
d311The man of charity extends
d312The morn of life, how fair and gay
d313The morning sky [sun] is bright and clear
d314The night is past and gone
d315The praises of my tongue
d316The Sunday school how sweet the place
d317The Sunday school with joy so full
d318The temperance trumpet blow
d319The thoughtless youth who takes no heed
d320The vineyard of the Lord
d321The voice is hushed the gentle voice
d322There is a book who runs [that all] may read
d323There is a friend, a secret friend
d324There is a happy home, far, far away
d325There is a happy land, Far, [not] far away
d326There is a land mine eye
d327There is a land of pure delight, Where saints immortal reign
d328There is a light whose kindling rays
d329There is a stream whose gentle flow
d330There is a time when moments flow
d331There is a voice, a still, small voice
d332There is an unseen Power around
d333This book is all that's left me now
d334This is God's most holy day
d335This is the way to know the Lord
d336This morning, Lord, attend
d337Thou art the Way, and he who sighs
d338Thou Guardian of our youthful days
d339Though on weary wilds
d340Thrice happy is the youth
d341Through another year conducted
d342Thus far the Lord hath [has] led me on
d343Thus far we're spared again to meet
d344Thy name, Almighty Lord [God], shall sound
d345Thy name be hallowed evermore
d346Thy works proclaim thy glory, Lord
d347Time by moments steals away
d348'Tis education's potent arm
d349'Tis pleasant our brothers and sisters to meet
d350'Tis religion that can give sweetest pleasures
d351To him, who for six days a week
d352To thee be praise forever
d353To thee, my God, who dwells on high
d354To thee, O blessed Savior
d355To thee, O God in heaven, this little one we bring
d356To thee we raise our voices
d357To thy temple we repair
d358Up to thee, Almighty Father, Ancient of eternal days
d359Upon the gospel's sacred page
d360Watchman, tell us of the night
d361We are but young, yet we may sing
d362We bid thee welcome in the name of Jesus, our exalted
d363We come in childhood's innocence
d364We come, O God, with gladness
d365We come our Sabbath hymn to raise
d366We come with joy and gladness
d367We gladly come today
d368We have met in peace together
d369We leave our tasks, we leave our play
d370We meet again in gladness
d371We now to Christ, the Savior King
d372We offer, Lord, an humble prayer
d373We praise thee, if one rescued soul
d374Welcome, day of rest
d375Welcome, sweet morn, we hail with joy
d376Welcome to our festival
d377Welcome, welcome, quiet morning
d378We're traveling home to heaven above
d379We've met another Sabbath day
d380What glorious truth float round
d381What if the little rain drop should say
d382What is home without a mother
d383What precept, Jesus, is like thine
d384What sound is this, a song [sound] through heaven resounding
d385What though the tempest hovers
d386When all thy [your] mercies, O my [our] God [gracious Lord]
d387When before thy throne we kneel
d388When I can read my title clear
d389When in the Sabbath school
d390When in the Sabbath school pray
d391When Jesus Christ was here below
d392When little Samuel woke
d393When shall we meet again, Meet ne'er [more] to sever
d394When shall we three meet again
d395When the morning bell is ringing
d396When the morning bells are ringing
d397When to the house of God we go
d398When to the throne of grace
d399When torn is the [thy] bosom by [with] sorrow [anguish] or [and] care
d400While my Redeemer's near

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