Gospel Song-Gems No.1

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3I've no refuge, Lord, beside theePage Scan
4Come, ye who from your heartsPage Scan
5We come, O Lord, before theePage Scan
6Today God is telling a wonderful storyPage Scan
7List! sinner, the voice of thy Saviour is heardPage Scan
8All the way my Saviour leads mePage Scan
9Thro' the shining gatePage Scan
10Forth in the dawn-light cool, and sweet, and tenderPage Scan
11Jesus gives his peace to mePage Scan
12Cast thy bread upon the waters Page Scan
13Would you know earth's highest happiness?Page Scan
14'Twas the beautiful angels that rolled the great stonePage Scan
16The home where changes never comePage Scan
17Have you ever done your best for Jesus?Page Scan
18Oh, to be something, dear Saviour, I prayPage Scan
19Hear the Saviour saying, "Come to me"Page Scan
20The light of the soul is Jesus!Page Scan
21My sins are taken all awayPage Scan
22Who will answer for me, when, life's battles all pastPage Scan
23Lo, the fruitful harvestPage Scan
24The voice of the Spirit is wooingPage Scan
25There are mansions in the homelandPage Scan
26Sound, sound the battle cryPage Scan
27How firm a foundation, ye saints of the LordPage Scan
28Will you be one in that beautiful land?Page Scan
29We shall have a new name in that landPage Scan
30I've seen the lightning flashingPage Scan
31Jesus is calling thee!Page Scan
32Rally, Christian soldiersPage Scan
33Onward soldiers, onward to the frayPage Scan
34There's a hand that's writing nowPage Scan
35Out of Christ, without a SaviourPage Scan
36Still out of Christ; thy bark adriftPage Scan
37Are you going away without Jesus tonightPage Scan
38We are building on the Rock, the Rock of AgesPage Scan
39I'm pressing on the upward wayPage Scan
40There's a blessed Stranger at the doorPage Scan
41Pass me not, O gentle SaviourPage Scan
42Praise, joyful praise, Holy Father, to thee!Page Scan
43The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not wantPage Scan
44Flashing o'er the trackless oceanPage Scan
45Shall we meet beyond the riverPage Scan
46It may not be on the mountain's heightPage Scan
47When your spirit bows in sorrowPage Scan
48In a weary land I wanderPage Scan
49I've gone with those I loved so dearPage Scan
50Christ speaks of one, a helpless onePage Scan
51When the night is dark and drearyPage Scan
52When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound, and time shall be no morePage Scan
53I've wandered far away from GodPage Scan
54There's a veil that hangs before mePage Scan
55I long to be more like my SaviourPage Scan
56Drifting away from Christ in thy youthPage Scan
57What will you now do with Jesus?Page Scan
58Take the world, but give me JesusPage Scan
59Communion with my FatherPage Scan
60Once my eyes saw nothing comelyPage Scan
61Saviour, lead me, lest I strayPage Scan
62Life has its changeful seasons, its sunshine and its rainPage Scan
63More about Jesus would I knowPage Scan
64When the faithful have gather'd up in heaven at lastPage Scan
65Jesus is with me! O blessed the placePage Scan
66The dear loving Saviour has found mePage Scan
67Nearer, my God, to theePage Scan
68Tell me the story of JesusPage Scan
69When I came to the Lord with a burden of sinPage Scan
70Nothing is too hard for JesusPage Scan
71Glorious is the morningPage Scan
72Pray on, pray on, O trusting heartPage Scan
73My Father is rich in houses and landsPage Scan
74We are marching on with banner and with songPage Scan
75Lost, lost on the mountains of sin and despairPage Scan
76What will you do with the King called Jesus?Page Scan
77I was once far away from the SaviourPage Scan
78Would you to your Saviour now be reconciled?Page Scan
79Oh, blessed fellowship divine!Page Scan
80Along the stormy sea of sinPage Scan
81The hosts of sin in strong arrayPage Scan
82Oh, I often sit and ponderPage Scan
83Hark! 'tis the Shepherd's voice I hearPage Scan
84Blessed Lily of the Valley, oh, how fair is he!Page Scan
85I love the mercy seatPage Scan
86At the great resurrection, when the dead in Christ shall risePage Scan
87Sweet the music of the Sabbath bellsPage Scan
88Keep us, blessed Saviour, keep usPage Scan
89Come, Holy Spirit, thee I am needingPage Scan
90When the pearly gates are open'd Page Scan
91I love to tell the storyPage Scan
92On for Jesus! steady be your arm and bravePage Scan
93In a world so full of weepingPage Scan
94I have found the waters sweetPage Scan
95Wounded and dying on Jericho's roadPage Scan
96We are gliding away from the vale of timePage Scan
97Christians, work for Jesus, serve him day by dayPage Scan
98When the pendulum of time shall forever cease to swingPage Scan
99If our Lord should come tonightPage Scan
100Are you weary, are you heavy-hearted?Page Scan
101Arise! arise! arise! be not afraidPage Scan
102"Not tonight" so many sayPage Scan
103I do not know why trials severePage Scan

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