Halle Halle: We Sing the World Round

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1Dios está aquí (God is here today)DIOS ESTÁ AQUÍ
2I was glad when they said to me[I was glad when they said to me]Text
3Jesu, tawa pano (Jesus, we are here)[Jesus, we are here]
4Uyai mose, tinamate Mwari (Come all you people, come and praise your Maker)[Come, all you people]
5Miren qué bueno es cuando los hermanos están juntos (How pleasant and harmonious when God's people are together)MIREN QUÉ BUENO
6Aleluia, Aleluia, Aleluia[Aleluia, Aleluia, Aleluia]Text
7The Rock is Jesus, Jesus (Mwamba ni Jesu, mwamba)MWAMBA
8Amen, siyakudumisa (Amen, we praise your name, O God)MASITHI
9Rejoice and sing with me[Rejoice and sing with me]
10Let all our hearts open up to the Lord GodINTAKO
11El cielo canta alegria (Heaven is singing for joy)EL CIELO CANTA
12I AM the Rock of Ages cleft for me[I Am the Rock of Ages, cleft for me]
13Ndi Jesu, ndi Jesu chete (It's Jesus, it is Jesus alone)[It's Jesus, it is Jesus alone]Text
14O give thanks to the Lord who is goodMIHAMEK
15Give thanks unto the Lord for God is ever goodKIHAYA
16Cantai ao Senhor um cântico novo (Rejoice in the Lord and sing God a new song)[Rejoice in the Lord]Text
17Allelu, Alleluia[Allelu, Alleluia]
18Cantemos al Señor un himno de alegría (O sing unto the Lord a hymn of celebration)[Cantemos al Señor un himno de alegría]
19Sikhulule, sikhulule (Liberate us. Lord, set us free)[Sikhulele, sikhulele]
20Ahomna, homna! Lentsimbi KaNtsikana (Great God, O listen to us)[Ahomna homna!]
21Kyrie eleison, eleison[Kyrie eleison] Text
22Nkosi! Nkosi (Lord, have mercy)[Nkosi! Nkosi]Text
23Santo, Santo, Santo. ¡Mi corazón te adora! (Holy, Holy, Holy, my heart, my heart adores you!)[Santo, Santo, Santo. ¡Mi corazón te adora!]Text
24Um menino pequnino assim (Look in the face of children ev'rywhere)[Un menino pequenino assim]
25¡Gloria, gloria, gloria en las alturas a Dios! (Glory, glory, glory, glory to God on high)CUEQUITAText
26¡Gloria a Dios, Gloria a Dios (Glory to God, glory to God)GLORIA PERUText
27Pengyou, ting zhe hao xin xi (Listen, my friends and hear the good news)[Pengyou, ting zhe hao xin xi]
28Carol our Christmas, an upside-down ChristmasREVERSIPage Scan
29Yo soy la luz del mundo (I am the world's true light)[Yo soy la luz del mundo]
30Mantos y palmas esparciendo (Filled with excitement, all the happy throng)HOSANNA
31Alleluia, alleluia, laphalala igaziLAPHALALA
32Wa wa wa Emimimo (Come, O Holy Spirit, come)WA EMIMIMO
33Jiu shi zhi shen, wei zhong-sheng bokai (The bread of life for all is broken!)SHENG EN
34Come, let us eat, for now the feast is spreadA VA DE
35Que acompaña a nuestro pueblo (The Companion of our people)SANTO
36Thuma mina (Send me, Lord)[Thuma mina]Text
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