Hymns of Faith and Hope (2nd series)

Author: Horatius Bonar, D.D.
Publisher: James Nisbet and Co., London, 1861
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number.
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1Great truths are dearly bought. The common truthPage Scan
3The stream was deeper than I thoughtPage Scan
6Thou must be true thyselfPage Scan
7My God, it is not fretfulnessPage Scan
9Bits of gladness and of sorrowPage Scan
16If my bark be strongPage Scan
18Be still, my soul; Jehovah loveth theePage Scan
20Why stand I lingering withoutPage Scan
22Not from Jerusalem alonePage Scan
25Bathed in unfallen sunlight,Page Scan
27No joy is true, save that which hath no end Page Scan
30Ascend, Beloved, to the joyPage Scan
33Descend, O sinner, to the woe!Page Scan
37He who in Christ believethPage Scan
39Praises to Him who built the hillsPage Scan
41Jesus, the Christ of GodPage Scan
43No blood, no alter nowPage Scan
45Come, for thy day, thy wasted day is closingPage Scan
47O this soul, how dark and blindPage Scan
49O everlasting LightPage Scan
52O Love of God, how strong and true!Page Scan
55True bread of life, in pitying mercy givenPage Scan
57Jesus, Sun and Shield art thouPage Scan
59Surely, if such a thing could be Page Scan
62I know thou art not farPage Scan
64Jesu, still the storm!Page Scan
66Not what I am, O Lord, but what thou art!Page Scan
68Jesus, thy love alone, alone thy lovePage Scan
71The tomb is empty; wouldst thou have it full?Page Scan
74Death workethPage Scan
75Not so quickly, fretted spiritPage Scan
79I came and saw, and hoped to conquerPage Scan
81It is not time that fliesPage Scan
83On this bare ocean-isletPage Scan
85My watch upon this sea-swept cliff is done!Page Scan
88Hand and foot are wearyPage Scan
91He is coming; and the tidingsPage Scan
95The last long note has soundedPage Scan
97Angel-voices sweetly singingPage Scan
100Deep down beneath the unresting surgePage Scan
104Here in thy royal presence, Lord, I standPage Scan
107Have faith in truthPage Scan
110Life is the child's frail wreathPage Scan
114Trip along, bright feet of MayPage Scan
116Earth's lamps are growing dimPage Scan
118O strong to save and blessPage Scan
120Dropping down the troubled riverPage Scan
122I go to life and not to death Page Scan
124Fear not the foe, thou flock of GodPage Scan
126From this bleak hill of stormsPage Scan
129He liveth long who liveth well!Page Scan
131Up, drowsy hopes and loves!Page Scan
134To know the Christ of GodPage Scan
136For lack of love I languishPage Scan
138Humanity hath sinned!Page Scan
140Sometimes I catch sweet glimpses of his facePage Scan
142Apostles of the risen Christ, go forth!Page Scan
144To have, each day, the thing I wishPage Scan
146Help, mighty God!Page Scan
150O ever-earnest sun!Page Scan
153Sorrow weeps!Page Scan
155I hear the words of loveTextPage Scan
158Amid the shadows and the fearsPage Scan
161Shew me the tears, the tears of tender lovePage Scan
163Begin the day with God!Page Scan
165Why walk in darkness? Has the dear light vanishedPage Scan
167'Tis the Beloved from the glory calls!Page Scan
169Beyond the hills where suns go downPage Scan
171Speak, lips of mine!Page Scan
173O Light of light, shine in!Page Scan
175Not what these hands have donePage Scan
178Gold filleth none!Page Scan
179This is no heaven!Page Scan
185Lord, thou art minePage Scan
187Smooth every wave this heart withinPage Scan
188Silent, like men in solemn hastePage Scan
191Art thou a saint? And dothPage Scan
194Jesu, Saviour, Son of God,Page Scan
197Wrapt in a Christless shroud,Page Scan
199Jesus, thou needest mePage Scan
201Beckon us upward, ever-soaring clouds,Page Scan
203Come, mighty Spirit, penetratePage Scan
205Christ has done the mighty work Page Scan
207Source of all love and powerPage Scan
208Mighty Comforter, to theePage Scan
210O love that casts out fearPage Scan
212'Tis evening now!Page Scan
214The Bridgegroom comes!Page Scan
215Come and hear the grand old storyPage Scan
219Tears are not always fruitful; their hot dropsPage Scan
221Jerusalem!Page Scan
223At last!Page Scan
225I ask a perfect creed!Page Scan
227Up now, my soul, 'tis day!Page Scan
229All night we watched the ebbing lifePage Scan
232I'm returning, not departing Page Scan
234In the still air the music lies unheardPage Scan
235This day of war and wearinessPage Scan
238'Twas Summer, and its youngest kissPage Scan
240Make use of me, my God!Page Scan

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