Horatius Bonar

Horatius Bonar
Horatius Bonar
Short Name: Horatius Bonar
Full Name: Bonar, Horatius, 1808-1889
Birth Year: 1808
Death Year: 1889

Horatius Bonar was born at Edinburgh, in 1808. His education was obtained at the High School, and the University of his native city. He was ordained to the ministry, in 1837, and since then has been pastor at Kelso. In 1843, he joined the Free Church of Scotland. His reputation as a religious writer was first gained on the publication of the "Kelso Tracts," of which he was the author. He has also written many other prose works, some of which have had a very large circulation. Nor is he less favorably known as a religious poet and hymn-writer. The three series of "Hymns of Faith and Hope," have passed through several editions.
--Annotations of the Hymnal, Charles Hutchins, M.A. 1872

Bonar, Horatius, D.D. Dr. Bonar's family has had representatives among the clergy of the Church of Scotland during two centuries and more. His father, James Bonar, second Solicitor of Excise in Edinburgh, was a man of intellectual power, varied learning, and deop piety.
Horatius Bonar was born in Edinburgh, Dec. 19th, 1808; and educated at the High School and the University of Edinburgh. After completing his studies, he was "licensed" to preach, and became assistant to the Rev. John Lewis, minister of St. James's, Leith. He was ordained minister of the North Parish, Kelso, on the 30th November, 1837, but left the Established Church at the "Disruption," in May, 1848, remaining in Kelso as a minister of the Free Church of Scotland. The University of Aberdeen conferred on him the doctorate of divinity in 1853. In 1866 he was translated to the Chalmers Memorial Church, the Grange, Edinburgh; and in 1883 he was chosen Moderator of the General Assembly of of the Free Church of Scotland.

Dr. Bonar's hymns and poems were, he tells us, composed amid a great variety of circumstances; in many cases he cannot himself recall these circumstances; they also appeared in several publications, but nearly all have boen published or republished in the following:— (i) Songs for the Wilderness, 1843-4. (2) The Bible Hymn Book, 1845. (3) Hymns, Original and Selected, 1846. (4) Hymns of Faith and Hope, First Series, 1857; Second Series, 1861; Third Series, 1866. (5) The Song of the New Creation, 1872. (6) My Old Letters, a long poem, 1877. (7) Hymns of the Nativity, 1879. (8) Communion Hymns, 1881. In addition to numerous prose works, he has also edited The New Jerusalem; a Hymn of the Olden Time, 1852, &c.
Dr. Bonar's poems—-including many beautiful lyrics, several psalm versions, and translations from the Greek and Latin, a large number of hymns, and a long meditative poem—-are very numerous, too numerous, perhaps, for their permanent fame as a whole.
Dr. Bonar's scholarship is thorough and extensive; and his poems display the grace of style and wealth of allusion which are the fruit of ripe culture. Affected very slightly by current literary moods, still less by the influence of other religious poetry, they reveal extreme susceptibility to the emotional power which the phases of natural and of spiritual life exercise; the phases of natural life being recognised chiefly as conveying and fashioning spiritual life, used chiefly for depicting spiritual life, and handled for this purpose with greater delicacy of touch than in the Olney Hymns, and with less conscious purpose than in the Christian Year. As a result of this susceptibility, and from habitual contemplation of the Second Advent as the era of this world's true bliss, his hymns and poems are distinguished by a tone of pensive reflection, which some might call pessimism. But they are more than the record of emotion; another element is supplied by his intellectual and personal grasp of Divine truth, these truths particularly:—The gift of a Substitute, our Blessed Saviour; Divine grace, righteous, yet free and universal in offer; the duty of immediate reliance upon the privilege of immediate assurance through that grace; communion with God, especially in the Lord's Supper, respecting which he insists on the privilege of cherishing the highest conceptions which Scripture warrants; and finally, the Second Advent of our Lord: by his vigorous celebration of these and other truths as the source and strength of spiritual life, his hymns are protected from the blight of unhealthy, sentimental introspection.
To sum up: Dr. Bonar's hymns satisfy the fastidious by their instinctive good taste; they mirror the life of Christ in the soul, partially, perhaps, but with vivid accuracy; they win the heart by their tone of tender sympathy; they sing the truth of God in ringing notes; and although, when taken as a whole, they are not perfect ; although, in reading them, we meet with feeble stanzas, halting rhythm, defective rhyme, meaningless Iteration; yet a singularly large number have been stamped with approval, both in literary circles and by the Church.

In Great Britain and America nearly 100 of Dr. Bonar's hymns are in common use. They are found in almost all modern hymnals from four in Hymns Ancient & Modern to more than twenty in the American Songs for the Sanctuary, N. Y., 1865-72. The most widely known are, "A few more years shall roll;" "Come, Lord, and tarry not;" "Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face;" "I heard the Voice of Jesus say;" "The Church has waited long;" and "Thy way, not mine, O Lord."
In addition to these and others which are annotated under their respective first lines, the following are also in common use:—
From Songs for the Wilderness, No. 1, 1843.
1. For Thee we long and pray. Sunday Morning.
2. Holy Father, hear my cry. A Child's Prayer.
3. I thought upon my sins and I was sad. Christ our Peace.
4. Peace to the world, our Lord is come. A Millennial Song.
5. Spirit of everlasting grace. The Vision of Dry Bones.
ii. From Songs for the Wilderness, No. 2,1844.
6. Ho, ye thirsty, parched and fainting. Invitation.
7. 0 'tis not what we fancied it. The world renounced.
8. Sing them, my children, sing them still. Children exhorted to Praise.
9. Time's sun is fast setting. Advent.
10. Weep, pilgrim, weep, yet 'tis not for the sorrow. Faith.
11. Yes, for me, for me He careth. Christ the Elder Brother .
iii. From The Bible Hymn Book, 1845.
12. Jesus, my sorrow lies too deep. Jesus, the Great High Priest.
13. There is a Morning Star, my soul. The Morning Star.
14. This is not my place of resting. Pressing towards heaven.
iv. From Hymns, Original and Selected, 1845.
15. Let there be light, Jehovah said. Creation.
v. From Hymns of Faith and Hope, 1st series, 1857.
16. Be brave, my brother. The Fight of Faith.
17. Blessed be God, our God. Good Friday.
18. Everlasting praises. Doxology.
19. Go up, go up, my heart. Heavenly aspirations desired.
20. I close my heavy eye. Evening. Sometimes given as "We close our heavy eyes."
21. I see the crowd in Pilate's hall. Good Friday.
22. Jesus, while this rongh desert soil. Strength by the Way.
23. Jesus, Whom angel-hosts adore. The Word made Flesh. From "The Son of God, in mighty love."
24. Make haste, 0 man, to live. Exhortation to lay hold of Life.
25. No seas again shall sever. Heaven.
26. Oppressed with noonday's scorching heat. Shadow of the Cross.
27. Rest for the toiling hand. Burial. From "Lie down, frail body, here."
28. Shall this life of mine be wasted? Exhortation to Duty.
29. These are the crowns that we shall wear. Heaven.
30. Thy works, not mine, O Christ [Lord]. The Sin-bearer.
31. Where the faded flower shall freshen. Heaven.
vi. From Hymns of Faith and Hope. 2nd series, 1861.
32. Be still, my soul, Jehovah loveth Thee. Rest in the Love of God.
33. Christ has done the mighty work. Good Friday.
34. Come, mighty Spirit, penetrate. Whitsuntide.
35. Deep down beneath the unresting surge. Burial at Sea.
36. Fear not the foe, thou flock of God [thou little flock]. Battle-Song of the Church.
37. For lack of love I languish. Lent.
38. From this bleak hill of storms. Eternal Rest desired.
39. He liveth long who liveth well. The True Life.
40. Here shall death's triumph end: the rock-barred door. Easter. From "The tomb is empty: wouldst thou have it full."
41. Jesus, Sun and Shield art Thou. Jesus the First and Last.
42. Jesus, the Christ of God. Praise to Christ.
43. Light of the world, for ever, ever shining. Christ the Light of the World. From "Why walk in darkness? Has the dear light vanished?"
44. Make use of me, my God. Duty desired.
45. Not what I am, 0 Lord, but what Thou art. The Love of God.
46. 0 Light of Light, shine in. Cry of the Weary.
47. 0 love of God, how strong and true. Love of God.
48. 0 love that casts out fear. Love of God.
49. 0 strong to save and bless. Lent.
50. 0 this soul, how dark and blind. Lent.
51. Safe across the waters. Thanksgiving at end of a journey.
52. Silent, like men in solemn haste. Pressing onwards.
53. Speak, lips of mine. Exhortation to Praise.
54. The Bridegroom comes. Advent.
vii. From Hymns of Faith and Hope. 3rd series, 1866.
55. Bear Thou my burden, Thou Who bar'st my sin. Lent or Passiontide.
56. Done is the work that saves. Easter.
57. Father, our children keep. Prayer on behalf of Children.
58. Fill Thou my life, 0 Lord my God. Life's Praise.
59. Finish Thy work, the time is short. Earnest labour to the end.
60. From the Cross the blood is falling. Good Friday.
61. He called them, and they left. Obedience.
62. Help me, my [0] God to speak. Truth desired.
63. Holy Father, Mighty God. Holy Trinity.
64. How are my troubles multiplied. Ps. iii.
65. How sweetly doth He show His face Flower Service.
66. Light hath arisen, we walk in its brightness. Sustaining power of Faith.
67. Lo, God, our God has come. Christmas.
68. Lord, give me light to do Thy work. Divine guidance desired.
69. No, not despairingly. Lent.
70. Not to ourselves again. Life in Christ, or, Living unto God.
71. Now in parting, Father, bless us. Post Communion.
72. Sounds the trumpet from afar. Battle-Song of the Church.
73. Thee in the loving bloom of morn. God in all.
74. Through good report and evil, Lord. Faithfulness.
75. To Jehovah, God of might. Praise to the Father.
76. To the name of God on high. Doxology.
77. Upward, where the stars are burning. Heavenward Aspirations.
78. We take the peace which He hath won. The Gift of Peace.
79. When the weary, seeking rest. Intercession for all Conditions of Men.
viii. From The Song of the New Creation,1872.
80. For the Bread and for the Wine. Holy Communion.
81. Light of life so softly shining. Light of Life.
82. Yet there is room. The Lamb's bright hall of song. Home Missions.
ix. From Hymns of the Nativity, 1879.
83. Great Ruler of the land and sea. Sailors' Liturgy. From Communion Hymns, 1881.
84. Beloved, let us love. Brotherly Love.
In several instances these hymns are given in an abbreviated form, and sometimes alterations are also introduced. In this latter respect however Dr. Bonar has suffered less than most modern hymn-writers. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Bonar, Horatius, p. 161, i. He died at Edinburgh, July 31, 1889. In 1890 his son published a posthumous volume of his poetical pieces as Until the Day Break and other Hymns and Poems left behind. The following additional hymns are in common use:—
1. Almighty Comforter and Friend. (1866.) Whitsuntide.
2. Father, make use of me. An altered form of No. 44, p. 162, ii.
3. I ask a perfect creed. (1861.) Creed not Opinions. From this is also taken "O True One, give me truth."
4. Long, long deferred, now come at last. Marriage of the Lamb. Part of "Ascend, Beloved, to the joy." (1861.)
5. Nay 'tis not what we fancied it. (1857.) Vanity of the World.
6. No blood, no altar now. (1861.) The Finished Sacrifice.
7. No shadows yonder. (1857.) Heaven Anticipated.
8. Not with the light and vain. (1857.) Godly Companionship.
9. O Love invisible, yet infinite. (1866.) Divine Love.
10. On the great love of God I lean. (1866.) Love of God our Resting-place.
11. On Thee, O Jesus, strongly leaning. (1866.) Fellowship with Christ.
12. Peace upon peace, like wave on wave. (1866.) Divine Peace.
13. Sower divine, sow the good seed in me. (1857.) Heavenly Sowing.
14. Speaketh the sinner's sin within my heart. (1866.) Ps. xxxvi.
15. Still one in life and one in death. (1857.) Communion of Saints. Part of "'Tis thus they press the hand and part."
16. Surely, yon heaven, where angels see God's face. (1857.) Heaven Anticipated.
17. That city with the jewelled crest. (1857.) Heaven. Part of "These are the crowns that we shall wear." Another cento from the same is "Yon city, with the jewelled crest."
18. That clime is not like this dull clime of ours. (1843.) Heaven.
19. The Free One makes you free: He breaks the rod. (1857.) Freedom in Christ. From "Of old they sang the song of liberty."
20. There is a Morning-star, my soul. (1357.) Christ the Morning Star.
21. This is the day of toil. (1866.) Pressing Onwards.
22. Thy thoughts are here, my God. (1866.) Holy Scripture.
23. Till the day dawn. (1857.) Life's Journey.
24. To Him Who spread the skies. (1866.) Creation's Song.
25. Trustingly, trustingly. (1866.) Trust.
26. Unto th' eternal hills. (1866.) Ps. cxxi.
The above dates are: 1843, Songs in the Wilderness; 1857, Hymns of Faith and Hope, 1st Series; 1861, same, 2nd Ser. (not 1864); 1866, same, 3rd Ser. (not 1867), The dates 1857, 1864,1867, were given by Dr. Bonar, but the British Museum copies are 1857, 1861, 1866 respectively.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)


Bonar, H., pp. 161, i.; 1554, i. The Rev. H. N. Bonar, Dr. Bonar's son, published in 1904, Hymns by Horatius Bonar, Selected and Arranged by his Son H. N. Bonar, With a brief History of some of the Hymns, &c. (London: H. Frowde). From this work we must correct the date of his Song of the New Creation to 1872. We have also enriched our pages by additional and expanded notes on several of Dr. Bonar's most widely used hymns. In his biographical notes, Mr. Bonar refers to Dr. Bonar's work as editor of the Quarterly Journal of Prophecy, begun in 1848, to which he contributed a hymn for each number. We find that the number of hymns contributed thereto is 101.
With Dr. Bonar's poetical productions great difficulty has been encountered by the historian and annotator because of his absolute indifference to dates and details. It was enough for him that he had written, and that the Church of Christ approved and gladly used what, out of the fulness of his heart, he had given her.

--Excerpt from John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

Horatius Bonar (19 December 1808 – 31 July 1889), a contemporary and acquaintance of Robert Murray M'cheyne was a Scottish churchman and poet. He is principally remembered as a prodigious hymnodist. Friends knew him as Horace Bonar.

Texts by Horatius Bonar (504)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
ألا لنحب الجميع ففي المحبة كل هنا وولاHoratius Bonar (Author)Arabic1
على يسوع الفاديHoratius Bonar (Author)Arabic1
沒有血,沒有壇,禁祀已成過去;(Méiyǒu xuè, méiyǒu tán, jìn sì yǐ chéng guòqù;)Horatius Bonar (Author)Chinese2
求你揀選我道路 (Qiú nǐ jiǎnxuǎn wǒ dàolù)Horatius Bonar (Author)Chinese2
صوت يسوع الحلو قدHoratius Bonar (Author)Arabic1
صوت يسوع قائلHoratius Bonar (Author)Arabic1
تهت عن القطيع مثل الخروف الضالHoratius Bonar (Author)Arabic1
為著這餅和這杯 (Wèizhe zhè bǐng hé zhè bēi)Horatius Bonar (Author)Chinese2
我們從前所有;不過就是死亡、罪惡 (Wǒmen cóngqián suǒyǒu; bùguò jiùshì sǐwáng, zuì'è)Horatius Bonar (Author)Chinese2
我們聽見慈愛之聲,(Wǒmen tīngjiàn cí'ài zhī shēng,)Horatius Bonar (Author)Chinese2
يعلو لوا المصلوبHoratius Bonar (Author)Arabic1
主,在此,我要與你面對面 (Zhǔ, zài cǐ, wǒ yào yǔ nǐ miànduìmiàn)Horatius Bonar (Author)Chinese2
A few more struggles hereHoratius Bonar (Author)3
A few more years shall rollHoratius Bonar (Author)English299
A little flock, so calls He theeHoratius Bonar (Author)4
A little while we live belowHoratius Bonar (Author)2
A mind at perfect peace with GodHoratius Bonar (Author)19
Aún hay lugar, Escucha, pecadorH. Bonar (Author)Spanish2
A pilgrim through this lonely worldHoratius Bonar (Author)26
A sinful man am IHoratius Bonar (Author)5
A year is gone, another comes insteadBonar (Author)2
Above the fearful wrecks of timeHoratius Bonar (Author)4
Again the Tempter comes! to thee I clingHoratius Bonar (Translator)1
Aim high thou wert not madeHoratius Bonar (Author)2
All night we watched the ebbing lifeHoratius Bonar (Author)1
All praise to him who built the hillsHoratius Bonar (Author)English15
All praise to him who wakes the mornHoratius Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)3
All that I was, my sin, my guiltHoratius Bonar (Author)English88
All the world this day is cryingHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
Alleluia, alleluia, The battle now is doneDr. Bonar (Author)2
Alleluia, song of sweetness, voice of endless joy and loveHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Almighty Comforter and FriendHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Always with us, alwaysHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Always with us, always with usHoratius Bonar (Author)6
Am Ende ist's doch gar nicht schwerH. Bonar, D. D. (Author)German1
Amid the shadows and the fearsHoratius Bonar (Author)4
And now we rise the symbols disappearHoratius Bonar (Author)5
Angel voices sweetly singing, echoes throughHoratius Bonar (Author)25
Apostles of the risen Christ, go forth!Horatius Bonar (Author)3
Aquí del pan partido tomaréHoratius Bonar, siglo XIX (Author)Spanish4
Around one common SaviorHoratius Bonar (Author)4
Art thou a saint? And dothHoratius Bonar (Author)1
As on her couch of pain a child was lyingB. H. (Author)2
Ascend, beloved, to the joyHoratius Bonar (Author)6
Asleep in Jesus! blessed sleepHoratius Bonar (Author)English1
At last! The night is at an endHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Attend, ye heavensHoratius Bonar (Translator)English1
Autumn has come at last; and Nature nowHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
Banner of the blessed treeHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Bathed in unfallen sunlightH. Bonar (Author)English7
Be brave, my brotherHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Be still, my soul, Jehovah loveth theeHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Bear thou my burden, thou who bearest my sinHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Beckon us upward, ever-soaring clouds,Horatius Bonar (Author)1
Begin the day with God, He is thy sunHoratius Bonar (Author)15
Beloved, let us love; love is of GodRev. Horatius Bonar (1808-1889) (Author)English16
Beyond the hills where suns go downHoratius Bonar (Author)8
Beyond the smiling and the weepingHoratius Bonar (Author)English171
Bits of gladness and of sorrowHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Blessed be God, our GodHoratius Bonar (Author)4
Blessed night, when first that plainHoratius Bonar (Author)English19
Blessing and honor and glory and pow'rH. Bonar (Author)English76
Blest is the man that walketh notHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Blot visne Jordlivs FrydHoratius Bonar (Author)2
By the cross of Jesus standingHoratius Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)6
Calm me, my God, and keep me calmHoratius Bonar (Author)English123
Calmly resting from thy toilHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Cara a cara yo te miro aquíHoratius Bonar (Author)Spanish2
Cease my soul, thy strayingsHoratius Bonar (Author)5
Child of poverty, art thouHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Choose thou my way, O LordHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Christ has done the mighty workHoratius Bonar (Author)6
Church of the everlasting GodHoratius Bonar (Author)42
Cling to the CrucifiedHoratius Bonar (Author)6
Come and hear the grand old storyHoratius Bonar (Author)18
Come for the good are fewHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Come, for thy day, thy wasted day is closingHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Come, heavenly Spirit, come! Kind Father of the poorHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Come, Lord, and tarry notHoratius Bonar (Author)English127
Come, mighty Spirit, penetrateRev. Horatius Bonar (Author)23
Come nearer, nearer stillHoratius Bonar (Author)4
Come, O come, thou King of gloryHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Confío yo en CristoHoratius Bonar (Author)Spanish2
Dai ao Cordeiro o louvor que é devidoHoratius Bonar (Author)Portuguese2
Dark hills of Moab! flinging downHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Das Haupt empor, ihr GottesstreiterHoratius Bonar (Author)German3
Das Kreuz, es stehet festHoratius Bonar (Author)German2
Das Kreuz wird feste stehnHoratius Bonar (Author)German1
Days are dying, suns are settingHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Dear refuge of my weary soulHoratius Bonar (Author)English1
Death worketh, let me work tooHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Ded omaka kte ciŋHoratius Bonar (Author)Dakota1
Deep down beneath the unresting surgeHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Depart, O sinner, word of woeHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Descargo mi pecadoHoratius Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)Spanish3
Descend O sinner to the woeHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Descends, Esprit de Dieu vivantHoratius Bonar (Author)French2
Desde el glorioso tronoHoracio Bonar (Author)Spanish2
Done is the work that savesRev. Horatius Bonar, 1808- (Author)18
Dort werden schwindenHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Dropping down the troubled riverHoratius Bonar (Author)9
Dust, receive thy kindredHoratius Bonar (Author)5
Early seeking, early findingHoratius Bonar (Author)5
Earth's lamps are growing dimHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Endnu er Rum i Lemmets lyse SalHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Es ist noch Raum in Jesu HochzeitssaalHoratius Bonar (Author)German4
Escuchad la dulce historiaHoratius Bonar (Author)Spanish2
Everlasting praises to the Father beHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Every morning mercies newRev.Horatius Bonar, D. D. (Author)English13
Fade, fade, each earthly joyHoratius Bonar (Author)English256
Fair vision, how thy distant gleamBonar (Author)5
Far beyond our skies of gladnessH. Bonar (Author)2
Far down the ages nowHoratius Bonar (Author)49
Far from the east we comeHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
Father, our children keepHoratius Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)3
Father, thy Son hath diedHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Fear not, O Zion’s daughterHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
Fear not the foe, thou flock of GodHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Fill thou my life, O Lord, my GodHoratius Bonar (Author)English69
Finish thy work, the time is shortHoratius Bonar (Author)6
Fleht, Brüder, fleht, Die Zeit enteiletHoratius Bonar (Author)German4
For lack of love I languishHoratius Bonar (Author)1
For the bread and for the wineHoratius Bonar (Author)English13
For the warfare gird it onHoratius Bonar (Author)3
For thee we long and prayHoratius Bonar (Author)4
Forgotten, no, that cannot beHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Fra Herlighedens TroneHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Fresh from the throne of gloryHoratius Bonar (Author)38
Frohlocket mit Ruhm, der Erloeser ist daHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Frohlocket und singtHoratius Bonar (Author)German4
From the cross the blood is fallingHoratius Bonar (Author)27
From this bleak hill of stormsH. Bonar (Author)7
Fryd dig og v'r glad, Gud en Frelser os gavHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Give ear, O earth, give earHoratius Bonar (Translator)2
Give praise to God! Grey Lebanon, with all thy snows and streamsHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Give thou thy youth to GodHoratius Bonar (Author)23
Gleich wie die schimmernden SterneHoratius Bonar (Author)German3
Gloron al la Dia PatroHoratius Bonar (Author)Esperanto3
Glory be to God the Father! Glory be to God the Son!Rev. Horatius Bonar, 1808- (Author)English150
Glory be to him who loved usRev. Dr. H. Bonar (Author)8
Glory in the highest to GodBonar (Author)2
Glory to the glorious oneBonar (Translator)2
Glory to the King of angelsHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Go, labor on: spend and be spentHoratius Bonar (Author)English362
Go, labor on, 'tis not for naughtHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Go, labor on, while it is dayHoratius Bonar (Author)32
Go, labor on, while yet 'tis dayHoratius Bonar (Author)5
Go, labor on your hands are weakHoratius Bonar (Author)8
Go, labor thou, while it is dayHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Go up, go up, my heartRev. Horatius Bonar, 1808- (Author)16
Gold filleth none!Horatius Bonar (Author)1
Grant us, O God of peaceHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Great King of kings, why dost thou stayHoratius Bonar (Author)8
Great Master, touch us with thy skillful handsHoratius Bonar (Author)10
Great Ruler of the land and seaHoratius Bonar (Author)English8
Great truths are dearly bought. The common truthHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Hallelujah, hallelujah, Now is the battle doneHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Hand and foot are wearyHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Hark, 'tis the watchman's cryHoratius Bonar (Author)34
Have faith in truthHoratius Bonar (Author)1
He has come, the Christ of GodHoratius Bonar (Author)54
He is coming, and the tidingsHoratius Bonar (Author)2
He liveth long who liveth wellHoratius Bonar (Author)41
He who in Christ believethHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Help me, my God, to speakDr. Horatius Bonar (Author)10
Help, mighty God!Horatius Bonar (Author)English2
Here in thy royal presence, Lord, I standHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face H. Bonar (Author)English257
Here shall death's triumph end: the rock-barred doorHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Holo kakou me na hoku ma lunaHoratius Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)Hawaiian3
Holy Father, hear my cryHoratius Bonar (Author)English100
Holy Father, mighty GodHoratius Bonar (Author)2
How glorious is the land we seekHoratius Bonar (Author)3
How long, O Lord, our GodHoratius Bonar (Author)8
How oft the morn has cheated usHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Humanity hath sinned!Horatius Bonar (Author)1
I am looking for the dawning, For the first soft silver rayHoratius Bonar (Author)1
I am wandering down life's shadowy pathH. Bonar (Author)4
I ask a perfect creedHoratius Bonar (Author)2
I bless the Christ of GodBonar (Author)1
I bless the Christ of God, I rest on love divineHoratius Bonar, 1808-89 (Author)66
I bless the CrucifiedHoratius Bonar (Author)2
I bring my sins to Jesus, To wash my crimson stainsDr. Bonar (Author)5
I came and saw, and hoped to conquerHoratius Bonar (Author)1
I cannot master time and spaceHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
I come, I rest beneath his wingH. Bonar (Author)4
I could not live without thee, Lord, Dear SaviorHoratius Bonar (Author)1
I did thee wrong, my GodHoratius Bonar (Author)13
I gave my life for theeH. Bonar (Author)English1
I go to life and not to death Horatius Bonar (Author)1
I have no help but ThineHoratius Bonar (Author)3
I hear the words of loveHoratius Bonar (Author)60
I heard the voice of Jesus say, Behold I freely giveHoratius Bonar (Author)1
I heard the voice of Jesus say, "Come unto Me and restHoratius Bonar (Author)English889
I know not when the Lord will comeHoratius Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)10
I know thou art not farHoratius Bonar (Author)2
I lay my sins on JesusHoratius Bonar (Author)English432
I lean upon no broken reedRev. Dr. H. Bonar (Author)English2
I love yon pale blue sky; it is the floorHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
I murmur not that now a strangerHoratius Bonar (Author)3
I need thee, precious Jesus, For I am full of sinH. Bonar (Author)English2
I praise the God of graceHoratius Bonar (Author)2
I rest my soul on JesusHoratius Bonar (Author)4
I see a man at God's right handHoratius Bonar, 1808-89 (Author)5
I see the crowd in Pilate's hallHoratius Bonar (Author)36
I stand upon the mount of GodHoratius Bonar (Author)3
I thank thee, Lord, for using meHoratius Bonar (Author)2
I thought upon my sins, and I was sadHoratius Bonar (Author)8
I walk as one who knows that he is treadingHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
I was a wandering, erring sheepHoratius Bonar (Author)2
I was a wandering sheepHoratius Bonar (Author)English388
I weep, but do not yieldHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Ich hörte aus des Heilands MundHoratius Bonar, D. D. (Author)German2
Ich hörte Jesus FreundesrufH. Bonar (Author)German10
Ich hoerte meines Heilands WortHoratius Bonar (Author)5
Ich lege meine Suenden auf Jesu Kreuz und BlutHoratius Bonar (Author)2
If my bark be strongHoratius Bonar (Author)2
I'm returning, not departingHoratius Bonar (Author)2
In die fremde bist du, töricht Kind enfloh'nHoratius Bonar (Author)German4
In love, the Father's sinless childRev. Horatius Bonar, 1808- (Author)3
In midst of this our lifeHoratius Bonar (Translator)1
In the Christian's home in gloryRev. H. Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)English1
In the dark and silent night, Ere has broke the lonely lightHoratius Bonar (Translator)1
In the hour when grief assails meHoratius Bonar (Author)5
In the hour when guilt assails me, On His gracious name I callHoratius Bonar, D. D. (Author)English7
In the hour when guilt assails me, And my long, long sins appallHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
In the land of strangers Whither thou art goneHoratius Bonar, D. D. (Author)44
In the shadow of the rock Let me restH. Bonar (Author)5
In the still air the music lies unheardRev. Horatius Bonar (Author)10
It draweth near!Horatius Bonar (Author)English2
It is not time that fliesHoratius Bonar (Author)3
It tarries long, and seems to sayHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
Jag hörde Jesu röst så ljufH. Bonar (Author)2
Jehovah, He my Shepherd isHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Jehovah is my light and hopeHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Jehovah, judge my causeBonar (Translator)2
Jerusalem! Thy King at length has comeHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Jesús me dice amanteHoratius Bonar (Author)Spanish1
Jesu, still the storm!Horatius Bonar (Author)1
Jesus my Shepherd is, 'Twas he that lovedHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Jesus, my sorrow lies too deepHoratius Bonar (Author)15
Jesus neešenestovatsėHoratius Bonar (Based on)Cheyenne2
Jesus, Savior, Son of God, bearer of the sinner's loadHoratius Bonar (Author)25
Jesus, Sun and Shield art thouHoratius Bonar (Author)English16
Jesus the Christ of GodH. Bonar (Author)18
Jesus the Lamb of God who us from hell to raiseHoratius Bonar (Author)11
Jesus, thou needest meHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Jesus, thy love alone, alone thy loveHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Jesus, while this rough [and] desert soilHoratius Bonar (Author)7
Jesus, whom angel hosts adoreHoratius Bonar (Author)41
Jubelsänge, nie getrübetHoratius Bonar (Author)German3
Kein Schatten droben!H. Bonar (Author)German2
Know thou the Christ of God, his cross of loveHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Kom til mig og faa Hvile herHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Kommt zum Gebet! die Zeit enteiletHoratius Bonar (Author)German1
La bendición, poder, gloria y honraHoratius Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)Spanish2
Let there be light, Jehovah saidHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Lie down, frail body, hereHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Life is coming, death is going Even so, AmenBonar (Author)10
Life is the child's frail wreathHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Lift up your heads, desponding pilgrimsHoratius Bonar (Author)7
Light hath arisen, we walk in its brightnessHoratius Bonar (Author)4
Light of life, so softly shiningHoratius Bonar, D.D. (Author)10
Light of the better morningHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
Light of the world, forever, ever shiningHoratius Bonar (Author)24
Like the eagle, upward, onwardBonar (Author)31
Lo God our God has come to usRev. Horatius Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)13
Lord, give me light to do Thy workHoratius Bonar (Author)25
Lord, I am thine, Send help to meHoratius Bonar (Author)5
Lord, I confess to theeHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Lord Jesus, point thou outHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Lord, let thy Spirit penetrateHoratius Bonar (Author)8
Lord, not dispairingly come I to theeRev. H. Bonar (Author)3
Lord, thou art mine,Send help to me!Horatius Bonar (Author)1
Mañgegcot' timec ni JesusHoratius Bonar (Author)Tagalog2
Make haste, O man, to doH. Bonar (Author)12
Make haste, O man, to liveHoratius Bonar (Author)80
Make sure of truthHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Make use of me, my GodHoratius Bonar (Author)20
Men die in darkness at your sideHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Mighty Comforter, to theeHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Mighty King of righteousnessHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Mirad el gran amor, Aleluya, AleluyaHoratius Bonar (Author)Spanish3
Moonlight upon this sacred stream!Horatius Bonar (Author)1
My God, fill thou my life with praiseHoratius Bonar (Author)2
My God, it is not fretfulnessHoratius Bonar (Author)1
My portion thou, my cupHoratius Bonar (Author)1
My sky was once noon brightHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Än finns det rumHoratius Bonar (Author)Swedish2
Nay, give me back my blossomsHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Night and darkness cover allHoratius Bonar (Translator)1
Night of wonder, night of gloryHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
No blood, no altar nowHoratius Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)3
No joy is true, save that which hath no end Horatius Bonar (Author)1
No, not despairinglyHoratius Bonar (Author)80
No, not the love without the bloodHoratius Bonar (Author)2
No seas again shall severHoratius Bonar (Author)23
No shadows yonder, All light and songHoratius Bonar (Author)English61
Noch ist der hier RaumHoratius Bonar (Author)German5
Not from Jerusalem aloneHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Not so quickly, fretted spiritHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Not to angels hath been grantedHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Not to ourselves againHoratius Bonar (Author)8
Not what I am, O Lord, but what thou artHoratius Bonar (Author)19
Not what I feel or do can give me peace with GodHoratius Bonar (Author)8
Not what these hands have done Horatius Bonar (Author)English99
Now angels down have flownHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
Now in parting, Father, bless usHoratius Bonar (Author)20
O ever-earnest sun!Horatius Bonar (Author)1
O Everlasting Light, Giver of dawn and dayRev. H. Bonar, D.D. (Author)English43
O everlasting Light! Shine graciously withinHoratius Bonar (Author)16
O everlasting LoveHoratius Bonar (Author)3
O Gott, sei gelobt, für die Liebe im SohnH. Bonar (Author)German1
Oí la voz del SalvadorHoratio Bonar (Author)Spanish11
O lass nicht das Wort entfliehenRev. H. Bonar, D. D. (Author)German1
O Light of light, shine in!Horatius Bonar (Author)English25
O love of God, how strong and trueHoratius Bonar 1808-89 (Author)92
O love that casts out fearHoratius Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)English3
O Love that casts out fear, O Love that casts out sinHoratius Bonar (Author)English70
O mighty breath of GodHoratius Bonar (Author)2
O min själ, var nu gladHoratius Bonar (Author)Swedish3
O streams of earthly love and joyHoratius Bonar (Author)2
O, these eyes, how dark and blind!Horatius Bonar (Author)3
O this soul, how dark and blindHoratius Bonar (Author)21
O true One, give me truthHoratius Bonar (Author)3
O world, with all thy smiles and lovesHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Of the Father's love begottenHoratius Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author (vs. 5))English3
O do not let the Word departRev. H. Bonar, D.D. (Author)English24
O for the Peace which floweth like a riverBonar (Author)English4
Oh mi Señor, en tu presencia estoyHoratius Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)Spanish2
¡Oh, qué amigo nos es Cristo!H. Bonar (Author)Spanish4
O strong to save and blessDr. Horatius Bonar (Author)7
On the jasper threshold standingHoratius Bonar (Author)2
On Thee, O Jesus, strongly leaningHoratius Bonar (Author)5
On this bare ocean-isletHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Once more we press the hand and partHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Oppressed with noonday's scorching heatHoratius Bonar (Author)English64
Our life is hid with ChristHoratius Bonar (Author)10
Our sins were borne by JesusHoratius Bonar (Author)3
My times are in thy hand, My God I wish them thereRev. H. Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)English1
Out in the dew and cold He standsRev. Dr. H. Bonar (Author)English2
Out of darkness into light, Jesus calls the sons of nightH. Bonar (Author)18
Ouvi o Salvador dizer: "Vem descansar em mimHoratius Bonar (Author)Portuguese2
Oveja errante fuiHoratius Bonar (Author)Spanish2
Pass away earthly joyHoratius Bonar (Author)7
Peace, earth's last battle has been wonHoratius Bonar (Author)6
Peace like the river's gentle flowHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Peace to the world, the Lord is comeHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Peace upon peace, like wave upon waveH. Bonar (Author)4
Poor village! rich in name alone,Horatius Bonar (Author)1
Praise our glorious King and LordHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Praise ye the name of Jehovah, our GodHoratius Bonar (Author)English9
Praises to him who built the hillsHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Praise to Him Whose love has givenRev. H. Bonar (Author)22
Pray brethren pray, The sands are fallingHoratius Bonar (Author)English23
Preserved by thine almighty powerHoratius Bonar (Author)54
Rejoice and be glad, it is sunshine at lastHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Rejoice and be glad, the Redeemer has comeHoratius Bonar (Author)English133
Rest for the toiling handHoratius Bonar (Author)74
Rest, weary Son of God, and I, with theeHoratius Bonar (Author)5
Returning, not departingHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Safe across the watersHoratius Bonar (Author)4
Saligt det 'r att varaHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Schwind', schwind' all' ird'scher TandHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Se, korset, det staar fastHoratius Bonar (Author)Norwegian2
Serve we our God in faithH. Bonar (Author)2
十架永遠得勝,哈利路亞!哈利路亞 (Shí jià yǒngyuǎn déshèng, hā lì lù yà! Hā lì lù yà)Horatius Bonar (Author)Chinese2
Shall this life of mine be wastedHoratius Bonar (Author)9
She was the music of our homeHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Show me the tears, the tears of tender loveHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Sigh not for palm and vineHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Silent, like men in solemn hasteHoratius Bonar (Author)15
Sing a new song to GodHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Sing them, dear children, sing them stillHoratius Bonar (Author)4
Sing thy first song to GodHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Smooth every wave this heart withinHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Sometimes I catch sweet glimpses of his faceHoratius Bonar (Author)9
Songs of gladness, never sadnessHoratius Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)5
Soon shall the trump of GodHoratius Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)6
Soon this corruptibleHoratius Bonar (Author)4
Sorrow weeps! and drowns its bitterness in tearsHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Sound the trumpet from afarHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Sounds the trumpet from afarHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Source of all love and powerHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Sower Divine! sow the good seed in meHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
Speak, lips of mine!Horatius Bonar (Author)1
Spirit of everlasting graceH. Bonar (Author)9
Star of the promised morning, riseHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Still one in life and one in deathH. Bonar (Author)15
Still with thee, O my GodBonar (Author)English1
Strait is the gate, my childHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Study to show thyself approved unto GodBonar (Author)English1
Surely, if such a thing could be Horatius Bonar (Author)2
Sword of God, thy power we hailHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Take my life and let it beHoratius Bonar (Author)English1
Tears are not always fruitful; their hot dropsHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Thanks be to him who built the hillsHoratius Bonar (Author)2
That city with the jeweled crestHoratius Bonar (Author)1
That clime is not like this dull clime of oursHoratius Bonar (Author)3
That is the city of the saintsHoratius Bonar (Author)1
The babe, the bride, the quiet deadHoratius Bonar (Author)2
The Bridegroom comes, Bride of the Lamb, awakeHoratius Bonar (Author)19
The Bridegroom comes, O bride of the Lamb, awakeHoratius Bonar (Author)2
The Christ of God hath comeHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
The Christ, the Son of God, hath diedHoratius Bonar (Author)1
The church has waited longHoratius Bonar (Author)English73
The cross, it standeth fastHoratius Bonar (Author)English126
The day is done!Horatius Bonar (Translator)English1
The dew is on my tent to-nightHoratius Bonar (Author)1
The last long note has soundedHoratius Bonar (Author)1
The long last note has soundedHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
The loving moon is springingHoratius Bonar (Author)1
The Master is come and callethHoratius Bonar (Author)3
The morning, the bright and the beautiful morningRev. Horatius Bonar (Author)12
The moss is green upon the stoneHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
The Shepherd sought his sheepHoratius Bonar (Author)2
The Son of God in mighty love was born in BethlehemHoratius Bonar (Author)3
The Son of God in mighty love came downHoratius Bonar (Author)6
The star is not extinguished when it setsHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
The stream was deeper than I thoughtHoratius Bonar (Author)2
The tomb is empty wouldst thou have it fullHoratius Bonar (Author)5
The world is sick, and yet not unto deathHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
There is a city of the saintsHoratius Bonar (Author)3
There is a morning Star, my soulHoratius Bonar (Author)5
There was gladness in Zion, her standard was flyingHoratius Bonar (Author)2
There's shadow on earth's fairest lightHoratius Bonar (Author)4
These are the crowns that we shall wearHoratius Bonar (Author)36
They have left the camp, with its tents outspreadingHoratius Bonar (Author)1
They hear his voice, it is their Shepherd'sHoratius Bonar (Author)4
They speak to me of princely TyreHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Thine, thine, Lord I am thineHoratius Bonar (Author)5
This day of war and wearinessHoratius Bonar (Author)1
This is no heaven!Horatius Bonar (Author)1
This is not my place of restingH. Bonar (Author)127
This is not our place of restingHoratius Bonar (Author)1
This is the day of toilRev. Horatius Bonar (1808-1889) (Author)25
This is the hour of banquet and of songHoratius Bonar, 1808-889 (Author)English7
Thou hast provided midnight's hour of peaceHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Thou must be true thyselfRev. Horatius Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)13
Thou must deny thyselfHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Through good report and evil, LordHoratius Bonar (Author)English44
Thus in the quiet joy of kindly trustHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Thy love to me, O GodHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Thy tears, not mine, O ChristHoratius Bonar (Author)4
Thy thoughts are here, my GodHoratius Bonar (Author)5
Thy way, not mine, O LordHoratius Bonar (Author)English306
Thy works, not mine, O ChristHoratius Bonar (Author)English76
Time's sun is fast settingHoratius Bonar (Author)8
'Tis but a little whileHoratius Bonar (Author)3
'Tis evening now!Horatius Bonar (Author)1
'Tis first the true, and then the beautifulRev. Horatius Bonar, D.D. (Author)3
'Tis not for man to trifleHoratius Bonar (Author)4
'Tis the Beloved from the glory calls!Horatius Bonar (Author)1
'Tis thus they press the hand and partHoratius Bonar (Author)1
To have, each day, the thing I wishHoratius Bonar (Author)1
To him who spread the skiesHoratius Bonar (Author)2
To Jehovah, God of mightHoratius Bonar (Author)1
To know the Christ of GodHoratius Bonar (Author)2
To the kingdom promised longHoratius Bonar (Author)3
To the name of God on highHoratius Bonar (Author)9
To thee and to thy loveHoratius Bonar (Author)1
To thee, to thee alone, Lord, would I hearkenHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Today 'tis Elim, with its palms and wellsHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Too soon we rise, the symbols disappearH. Bonar (Author)11
Trip along, bright feet of MayHoratius Bonar (Author)1
True Bread of life, in pitying mercy givenHoratius Bonar (Author)13
Trustingly, trustingly, Jesus, to theeHoratius Bonar (Author)29
Tu faz aquí Señor, alcanzo a verHoratius Bonar (Author)Spanish2
'Twas Summer, and its youngest kissHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Ua lohe au iko Iesu he'aRev. Horatius Bonar (Author)Hawaiian3
Unchangeable Jesus thy praises we singRev. H. Bonar, D.D. (Author)5
Up and away, like the dew of the morningHoratius Bonar (Author)79
Up, drowsy hopes and loves!Horatius Bonar (Author)1
Up now, my soul, 'tis dayHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Upward where the stars are burningHoratius Bonar (Author)English123
Waste not thy being, back to himHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Watch, brethren, watch, The years are flyingHoratius Bonar, D.D. (Author)5
We close the weary eye, SaviorHoratius Bonar (Author)2
We give Thee glory, LordRev. Horatius Bonar (Author)3
We hear the words of love, we gaze upon the bloodHoratius Bonar (Author)3
We praise thee, O God! For the Son of thy loveHoratius Bonar (Author)English9
We sing the praise of Him who diedHoratius Bonar (Author)English2
Welkt, Erdenfreuden, hinHoratius Bonar (Author)German4
Welkt ird'sche Freuden nurHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Wenn der Menschen muede ScharHoratius Bonar (Author)1
What a friend we have in Jesus, All our sins and griefs to bearH. Bonar (Author)English170
What a world, with all its sorrowsHoratius Bonar (Author)2
When I shall [a]wake in that fair morn of mornsHoratius Bonar (Author)English54
When I awake in that [the] sweet morn of mornsDr. H. Bonar (Author)17
When the leaves of life are fallingHoratius Bonar (Author)2
When the weary, seeking restDr. H. Bonar, 1808-1889 (Author)English114
Where the cross, God's loveHoratius Bonar (Author)2
Where the earth faded flower shall freshenHoratius Bonar (Author)4
Where the faded flower shall freshenHoratius Bonar (Author)14
Why stand I lingering withoutHoratius Bonar (Author)4
Why walk in darkness? Has the dear light vanishedHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Work for time is flyingHoratius Bonar (Author)9
Wrap thyself up in night; speak low, not loudHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Wrapped in a Christless shroudHoratius Bonar (Author)3
Yes, for me, for me He carethHoratius Bonar (Author)125
Yes, for me the Saviour carethHoratius Bonar (Author)1
Yes, he is risen, who is the first and lastHoratius Bonar (Author)3
"Yet there is room:" the Lamb's bright hall of songHoratius Bonar (Author)English44
Yo traigo mi pecadoHoratius Bonar (Author)Spanish3

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