Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the use of Christians

Publisher: John W. Scott, Philadelphia , 1803
Denomination: Christian Church, General Convention
Language: English
Notes: Hymns are numbered by the page number they start on. If two hymns start on the same page they have "a" or "b" behind the page number
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3By faith in Christ I walk with GodTextPage Scan
4Nay, I cannot let thee goTextPage Scan
5When Joseph his brethren beheldTextPage Scan
7By whom was David taughtTextPage Scan
8How blest the righteous are!TextPage Scan
9The lion that on Sampson roar'dTextPage Scan
10When Hannah press'd with griefPage Scan
12When first my soul enlistedPage Scan
14Come, my soul, thy suit prepareTextPage Scan
15By the poor widow's oil and mealTextPage Scan
16Before Elisha's gateTextPage Scan
18Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound)TextPage Scan
19Sweet was the time when first I feltTextPage Scan
20How tedious and tasteless the hoursPage Scan
21What a mournful life is mineTextPage Scan
23How sweet the name of Jesus soundsTextPage Scan
24I will praise thee ev'ry dayTextPage Scan
25How lost was my conditionPage Scan
26Once perishing in blood I layTextPage Scan
27Poor sinners! little do they thinkTextPage Scan
29Jesus Christ, the Lord's anointedTextPage Scan
30Encourag'd by the wordPage Scan
32Physician of my sin-sick soulTextPage Scan
33What think ye of Christ, is the testPage Scan
35When descending from the skyTextPage Scan
36Legion was my name, by natureTextPage Scan
38Mercy, O thou son of David!Page Scan
39One awful word which Jesus spokeTextPage Scan
40Once a woman silent stoodTextPage Scan
42My barns are full, my stores increaseTextPage Scan
43The church a garden isTextPage Scan
44Zaccheus climb'd the treeTextPage Scan
45Beside the gospel poolTextPage Scan
47Hark, my soul! it is the LordTextPage Scan
48'Tis a point I long to knowPage Scan
49Fervent persevering pray'rsTextPage Scan
51A believer, free from careTextPage Scan
52I would but cannot singPage Scan
53Write to Sardis, (said the Lord)TextPage Scan
54Time by moments steals awayTextPage Scan
56Hark! how time's wide sounding bellTextPage Scan
57Sin has undone our wretched raceTextPage Scan
58Gracious Lord, our children seeTextPage Scan
59Thy message, by the preacher, sealTextPage Scan
60When Paul was parted from his friendsTextPage Scan
61Sweeter sounds than music knowsTextPage Scan
62The Lord our salvation and lightTextPage Scan
64How welcome to the saints when press'dTextPage Scan
65Saviour visit thy plantationPage Scan
66When on the cross, my Lord I seeTextPage Scan
67Let me dwell on GolgothaTextPage Scan
68In evil long I took delightTextPage Scan
70Precious Bible, what a treasureTextPage Scan
71Oh, may the pow'r which melts the rockTextPage Scan
72See the gloomy gath'ring cloudTextPage Scan
74Oft as the bell with solemn tollTextPage Scan
75John, in a vision, saw the dayTextPage Scan
76When a black o'erspreading cloudTextPage Scan
78No words can declareTextPage Scan
79Stop, poor sinners! stop and thinkTextPage Scan
81Sinner, are you still secure?TextPage Scan
82Ah, what can I doTextPage Scan
84Sinner, hear the Saviour's callTextPage Scan
86aMy soul is besetTextPage Scan
86bYe that pass by behold the manTextPage Scan
88aJesus the Lord, our souls adoreTextPage Scan
88bThe fountain of ChristTextPage Scan
90Jesus, at thy commandTextPage Scan
92Glory to God on high!TextPage Scan
93My brethren from my heart belov'dTextPage Scan
94Come, ye that fear the LordTextPage Scan
95Behold that great and awful dayTextPage Scan
97O that I had a bosom friendTextPage Scan
99Behold the awful trumpet soundsTextPage Scan
100Saviour, I do feel thy meritPage Scan
101The time draws nigh when you and ITextPage Scan
102Brethren farewell I do you tellPage Scan
103Lord! when together here we meetPage Scan
104O blessed estate of the deadTextPage Scan
105When I can read my title clearTextPage Scan
106Come, let us lift our voices highTextPage Scan
108Curst be the man, for ever curstTextPage Scan
109Now begins the heav'nly themeTextPage Scan
110A solemn march we makeTextPage Scan
111O don't you hear the alarmTextPage Scan
113Wake up my muse, condole the lossTextPage Scan
114Listed into the cause of sinTextPage Scan
116Now the Saviour stands a pleadingTextPage Scan
118My thoughts on awful subjects rollTextPage Scan
119How happy every child of graceTextPage Scan
121Hail the gospel jubileeTextPage Scan
123aVital spark of heavenly flameTextPage Scan
123bBurst ye em'rald gates and bringTextPage Scan
125aThe trumpet of GodTextPage Scan
125bLo! he cometh! countless trumpetsTextPage Scan
126In what confusion earth appears!TextPage Scan
127Approach, my soul, the mercy-seatTextPage Scan
128Tis my happiness belowPage Scan
129When my Saviour, my Shepherd is nearTextPage Scan
131Begone, unbeliefTextPage Scan

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