Indian Melodies

Composer: Thomas Commuck
Harmonizer: Thomas Hastings
Publisher: G. Lane & C. R. Tippett, New York, 1845
Denomination: Methodist Episcopal Church
Language: English
Notes: Hymn numbers are from CHUM1821: A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the Methodist Episcopal Church (1821)
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
7Come, sound his praise abroadPEQUOTPage Scan
8aLet all who truly bearSHENANDOAHPage Scan
8bFather, I dare believeCUMMANCHEPage Scan
9aAnd am I born to dieQUAPAWPage Scan
9bBlest be the tie that bindsHURONPage Scan
10Blest are the sons of peaceFLATHEADPage Scan
11Glory to God on high ; Our peace is made with Heav'nIROQUOIPage Scan
12Lord, in the strength of graceMONTAUKPage Scan
13aMy Saviour's pierced sideFOXPage Scan
13bFather, in whom we liveOSHKOSHPage Scan
14Almighty Maker, GodJERSEYTextPage Scan
15O Jesus! full of graceMUNSEEPage Scan
16O come, and dwell in mePAWNEEPage Scan
17Almighty Maker, GodSENECAPage Scan
18Jesus, my Truth, my WayYAMASSEEPage Scan
19aLord of the harvest, hearDELAWAREPage Scan
19bLord, in the strength of graceKYOEPage Scan
20Blest are the sons of peaceMISHWAUKIEPage Scan
21See how the morning sunOKAWWUCKPage Scan
22aGive me a sober mindQUINNEBAUGPage Scan
22bI lift my soul to God!BRALTONTextPage Scan
23Saviour of all, to thee we bowSCATAKOOKPage Scan
24When, gracious Lord, when shall it beOTTOEPage Scan
25Peace, troubled soul, thou need'st not fear!YARACOPage Scan
26aThe spacious firmament on highSTOCKBRIDGEPage Scan
26bThe morning flow'rs display their sweetsCREEKPage Scan
27From all that dwell below the skiesWABASHPage Scan
28aShow pity, Lord, O Lord, forgiveTUSCARORAHPage Scan
28bHappy the man that finds the graceAPESPage Scan
29Jesus, thou everlasting KingWAMPANOAGPage Scan
30The spacious firmament on highKICKAPOOPage Scan
31Lord, how secure and blest are theyOCCUMPage Scan
32Sweet is the work, my God, my KingBROTHERTOWNPage Scan
33aAgain our weekly labors endMUNPONSETPage Scan
33bIf now I have acceptance foundPONTIACPage Scan
34Eternal depth of love divineKEWANOWUTPage Scan
35Jesus, the sinner's friend, to theeMISSISSIPPIPage Scan
36Master supreme, I look to theePASSAMAQUODDYPage Scan
37My sufferings all to thee are knownMILWAUKIEPage Scan
38He comes! He comes! the Judge severe!TOTOSONPage Scan
39Lord, we are vile, conceived in sinPAUTUCKETPage Scan
40Father of all, by whom we areWINNEBAGOPage Scan
41He wills that I should holy beSHAWNEEPage Scan
42Arm of the Lord, awake, awake!PEORIAPage Scan
43Fain would I go to thee, my GodTONAWANDAPage Scan
44Away, my unbelieving fear!MIAMIPage Scan
45How do thy mercies close me round!YAZOOPage Scan
46Why should we start and fear to die!KISKARRAHPage Scan
47The morning flow'rs display their sweetsSASSAMONPage Scan
48aEternal Source of ev'ry joyALGONQUINPage Scan
48bJesus shall reign where'er the sunWETAMOEPage Scan
49aGod is in this and every place!MOHEGANPage Scan
49bMy God, the spring of all my joysMOHAWKPage Scan
50a"Shepherds, rejoice, lift up your eyesUNCASPage Scan
50bO Jesus! at thy feet we waitGROTONPage Scan
51aO 'tis delight, without alloyCHIPPEWAYPage Scan
51bCome, let us who in Christ believeCHEROKEEPage Scan
52I know that my Redeemer livesPOWHATANPage Scan
53How happy every child of graceTETONPage Scan
54Come, let us join our cheerful songsCOMMUCKPage Scan
55aO for a thousand tongues to singANNAWONPage Scan
55bWhen all thy mercies, O my GodWYANDOTPage Scan
56See Israel's gentle Shepherd standPOCASSETPage Scan
57Happy the souls to Jesus join'dMISSOURIPage Scan
58aGive me the wings of faith to riseASSAWOMSETPage Scan
58bThy ceaseless, unexhausted loveSECONETPage Scan
59When I can read my title clearOTTAWAPage Scan
60aLord, I believe thy every wordSACPage Scan
60bMy Saviour, my almighty friendPOKANOKETPage Scan
61Lord, all I am is known to theeCADDOEPage Scan
62aFather of me and all mankindWAUPUNPage Scan
62bAm I a soldier of the crossMICHIGANPage Scan
63Glory to God the Father beOLD INDIAN HYMNTextPage Scan
64aJesus, shall I never bePOCAHONTASPage Scan
64bDepth of mercy! can there beLITTLE OSAGEPage Scan
65aGod of love, that hear'st the prayerMAGNUSPage Scan
65bLord, we come before thee nowMOOANAMPage Scan
66aJesus, Lord, we look to theeSCHOHARRIEPage Scan
66bGod of love, that hear'st the prayerPESSICUSPage Scan
67Hearken to the solemn voiceCHICKASAWPage Scan
68Meet and right it is to singTISPAQUINPage Scan
69To the hills I lift mine eyesSUSQUEHANNAHPage Scan
70O almighty God of loveMENOMINIEPage Scan
71Jesus drinks the bitter cupWAUSHARAPage Scan
72God of Israel's faithful threePAUGUSPage Scan
73Maker, Saviour of mankindPATCHAUGPage Scan
74Come, thou almighty KingPISCATAQUAPage Scan
75Jesus, lover of my soulPHILIPPage Scan
76Hark! The herald angels singPIANKASHAWPage Scan
77Hark! A voice divides the skyMANDANPage Scan
78Peace be on this house bestow'dCANONECHETPage Scan
79Come, and let us sweetly joinNETOPPage Scan
80You that have been often invited to comeOSCEOLAPage Scan
81Rejoice evermore with angels aboveCALUMETPage Scan
82Though troubles assail, and dangers affrightNATCHEZPage Scan
83Expand thy wings, celestial doveNARRAGANSETPage Scan
84Come, O thou traveler unknownTECUMSEHPage Scan
85Surrounded by a host of foesWESSAGUSSETTPage Scan
86Come on, my partners in distressONEIDAPage Scan
87O God, thy faithfulness I pleadWATCHAUGPage Scan

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